How To Find Your Personal Style 7 Tips & Tricks

Here are going to be 7 tips for how to find your personal style. Finding your personal style can be important because when you walk out into the world people are going to see you, they are going to see how you dress, how you look, and even though it may not be right they will more than likely judge you based on how you step out of the house. Personal style can determine if you look homely, if you take care of yourself, and if you care about what you look like.

Someone who has no personal style who is mismatched or who is coming out of the house looking any kind of way; may give the impression that they do not care about their appearance or how they step out of the house. For example, someone who dresses very modestly may give off the perception that they are more conservative in nature and someone who dresses too sexy may be telling the world that this is all they have to offer. I did not say the perception was right, I am just keeping it real with you that this is what people when they look at how you dress.

That is why I am here to help with your own personal style. One that you can be proud of, and one that you would be happy for the world to see. Before we get into it, you can check out my video down below for more on how to find your personal style by learning to add accessories to an outfit.

You ready? Let’s go.

Finding your personal style ~ #1 What do you want to say to the world.

The first step to finding your own personal style is you have to ask yourself what you want to say to the world. Do you want the world to think that you are a professional, do you want the world to think that you are fashionable, do you want the world to think that you worship the devil (I hope you don’t want this but I have seen some people that make me wonder). In any case, whatever perception you want to put out into the world is what you need to dress like.

Remember, when people see you they judge you. And so if you want people to think that you are a sophisticated woman over 30 that has an amazingly professional job, then you need to gear your wardrobe to that fit that persona.

How To Find Your Personal Style Case in point:

My personal style examples and what I want to project.

It just so happens that I am a professional woman over 30. I am educated and I have a great job. I am also a blogger that includes fashion, beauty, and hair on her blog. Therefore, that is the perception I need to give out. Can you imagine if I was pitching to a beauty brand about working with them and my hair was matted, my makeup was all over the place, and I just threw on some pajamas? Do you think they would want to work with me? Probably not. And the reason is that what they perceive needs to match what I put out. If I am saying I am a blogger that talks about lifestyle issues including fashion and beauty. I need to look the part. Therefore, I want you to look at the outfit below. Doesn’t it say all the things that I just mentioned?

7 Secrets To Transforming Your Fashion By Finding Your Personal Style  These are 7 tips on how to start finding your personal style, learn how to find your own fashion, learn tips for how to have fashion sense, and learn how to be fashionable. All in one article.
  • Do I look professional?
  • Do I look fashionable?
  • Do I look like someone who speaks about lifestyle and beauty topics?

That is what I mean when I say that you need to look like what you want to put out into the world. Look like the woman that you want other people to think you are.

Finding your personal style ~ #2 Find Style Inspirations

The way you can find your style inspiration is by using Pinterest and starting a board with all of the fashions and styles that you admire. If you want to see my Pinterest board about the fashion that I admire then you can click here. Once you start your board you can begin to try to imitate their style or you can mix and match two styles that you admire and you get your own unique look.

How To Find Your Personal Style Case in Point ~ How I Implemented Pinterest Style Inspirations

I pinned two imagines on my Pinterest board that I really liked. In the first picture I really liked the shirt in this picture. I like the playful look of the printed sweatshirt.  And the second picture, I like how she paired the red boots with the jeans and I was also feeling the white trench coat as well. (source).

How To Find Your Personal Style & Personal Style Example ~ Option #1 Imitate

Now if you look at this picture below my outfit is really close to the second picture with the exception that I have on a red shirt (click here to buy) instead of a white one. But everything else is pretty much a match and guess what? I did not even have to go out and buy these things, I just paired clothes that were already in my closet. When you are trying to do your own personal style, sometimes it is just a matter of knowing what in your wardrobe goes with what. Looking at style inspirations can give you ideas on pairing items that you already own.

How To Find Your Personal Style & Personal style example Option #2 You can Mix and Match

To get an idea of how you can buy pieces to mix and match you can watch my video down below. See how a simple mix and match can change up the style altogether.

The point is to find some style inspirations that you really like. You do not have to buy exactly what they have on but you can choose to mix and match things from your own personal closet or you can choose to buy things that are similar.

Finding your personal style ~ #3 Find Your Style Icon

Finding a style icon means looking at a celebrity that you really admire and trying to dress like them. Now, remember this is about finding your own personal style so you do not want to be their clone. Just gather inspiration from them and then change it up a bit to go with your unique looks.
You can also choose a style icon that has your skin color, your shape, or features that are similar to yours. Because if it looks good on them then chances are it can look good on you. It will give you an idea on how to dress for your specific features.

How To Find Your Personal Style Case in Point: My Style Icon Jennifer Hudson

Although I am a professional woman, I do not always want to go out in work clothes. Therefore, I tend to look for casual style inspiration in which I came by Jenner Hudson whom I love. If you check out some of her pictures below you can check out her street style and see how she wears blacks, greys, and a trench coat. That is what I loved about her casual style and what I sought to imitate.

Now, look at my look below. Notice it is not exact but enough inspiration was gathered from her to imitate her casual style but still make the look my own.

Finding your personal style ~ #4 Go Timeless

If you are one of those people who do not like trends, do not know the trends are, or just want to have a wardrobe that you can keep over time. The remember to just go timeless. Now timeless can be different depending on what era you are looking at and what style you want to imitate. But a timeless fashion will be in now and forever, and you can determine how to make it your own by choosing different colors and patterns.

How To Find Your Personal Style Case in Point ~ How To Make Timeless Fashion Your own.

I decided to gather inspiration from Pinterest by finding these timeless photos. One to illustrate the scarf and the other to imitate the cape.

Now notice my picture, it combines the cape and the faux fur scarf. But it is still my fashion based on the colors that I chose and that is a way to make it my own personal style.

7 Secrets To Transforming Your Fashion By Finding Your Personal Style  These are 7 tips on how to start finding your personal style, learn how to find your own fashion, learn tips for how to have fashion sense, and learn how to be fashionable. All in one article.

Finding your personal style ~ #5 Go With An Already Established Style

There are so many personal styles and trends that are coming up each and every day. Like for example, if you look out my outfit below I really wanted to try this hobo chic look. Which is a real thing by the way. It is basically where you look like a hobo. What can I say? I was cold outside and I wanted to try something new.

My point is NOT that you have to try the hobo chic look, my point is that there are tons of other personal styles that you can try. Here are just 10 from the website Stylewe that you can check out. 

  • Vintage Fashion Style.
  • Bohemian Fashion Style.
  • Chic Fashion Style.
  • Artsy Fashion Style.
  • Sexy Fashion Style.
  • Casual Fashion Style.
  • Sophisticated Fashion Style.
  • Tomboy Fashion Style.
  • Rocker Fashion Style
  • Preppy Fashion Style

What I recommend you do, is to pick a personal style, learn everything that there is to learn about that style then just imitate it.

Finding your personal style ~ #6 Get Clothes From Unique Places

Anyone who knows me knows that I love going thrift store shopping. Not only because it is affordable but also it makes you develop your own style. When you go to a large department store you can almost bet that everyone is buying the same exact thing, buying what is in season, and you are going to look like everyone else. Which is the opposite of personal style?

Some places that I like to go is the thrift store, vintage shops, and even the beauty supply store. Because they just have really unique things that you cannot find anywhere else. This would work if you want to stand out and develop your own personal style that is not like anyone else’s. Also, check out my blog on how to shop at the thrift store.

How To Find Your Personal Style Case in point ~ Personal style examples

If you look at this outfit below, this jacket looks amazingly unique, doesn’t it? Not very warm but really unique. I actually went into the beauty supply store and picked up this jacket. It is really cute and I have not seen anyone else that has it. Which gives me a personal style that is all my own that is unlike anyone else because I choose to shop places that other people don’t.

7 Secrets To Transforming Your Fashion By Finding Your Personal Style  These are 7 tips on how to start finding your personal style, learn how to find your own fashion, learn tips for how to have fashion sense, and learn how to be fashionable. All in one article.

PS if you love this skirt, they are super affordable and come in a pack of 4 click here to see my full review. 

Finding your personal style ~ #7 Remember Do What You Love

As you can see I give many tips from getting style inspiration from other people. But even in those cases I still make the style my own. At the end of the day wear something that you like to wear and what you think is going to look nice. You can choose to do DIY (click here to see my ideas on that) to spice of what you already have or just pick out pieces that you like and put them together. Either way, you can develop your own personal style by just being you.

Now as a disclaimer some of you may not have good fashion sense. So when you do what you love then you can gauge on if your fashion sense is on or if it is off by getting the reactions from other people. For example, if other people tell you:

  • You look nice today.
  • They like your outfit.
  • Ask where you got a certain item of clothing.
  • Or tries to dress like you the next day.

You will know you have done a good job by defining your personal style based on the people’s reactions toward you.

But if you get a bad reaction from people such as:

  • People looking at and your clothes like you are crazy.
  • Asking you did you have a rough morning because you look crazy.
  • Asking did you get dressed in the dark.
  • Asking you if you want to go home and change.
  • Or comparing you to uncle Fester or any other member of the Adams family.
  • Then you know that you have failed and you need to go back to the drawing board.

These are all the 7 tips that I have for you for how to develop your own personal style. If you know someone that needs help with their own personal style then don’t forget to share this post with them.

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  1. I really love these tips. It can be so hard to find your own style. You can wear things that are cute, but it’s hard to find what’s really YOU.

  2. At the age of 40 something I lost my style a while ago and really want to find a look that is mine……I tend to live in jeans and a jumper, especially at this time of year

  3. Those are really good fashion tips, I will definitely try to apply some of these on my style and will also share this with my friends.

  4. Lol, I love your reference to Uncle Fester! I really need to work on finding my personal style in 2019. I admire women (and men!) who have really defined senses of fashion.

  5. It is self-knowledge and self-confidence expressed through what you choose to wear, a life-affirming expression of your character and spirit. And for that reason, it always suggests that you are in control of your personal environment.

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