How To Use The Flip Over Method Step By Step Guide

In this post: The flip over method using curly or straight weave which is an amazing hairstyle for black women. Can be worn half up half down and even in a ponytail.

If you want a weave that is natural looking and one that is easy to do yourself, from home, then the flip over method is your best bet. Before I get into the ins and outs of how to do the flip over method let me tell you what is it, the benefits of it, and why you need to try it.

What is the flip over method?

You can look at my video below to see how it all plays out and I will walk you through how to do it step by step. But basically the flip over method is where you have either a quick weave (click here to see my post on how to do a quick weave) or a sew in. But no matter which way you choose, leave the edges (the front) of the hair out. Once you install the weave all you do is flip the front part of your hair over the weave hence the flip over method name. If that sounds confusing then watch my video below from Instagram. Don’t forget to follow me too on Instagram (click here) for more hair tips, inspiration, and tutorials.

Pros of the flip over method

You don’t have to worry about a closure. Because often times doing closures and having it look “natural” takes a lot of skills, practice, and it has the potential to be an epic fail if you don’t do it right. No so much with the flip over method. You are probably not going to fail.

Your hair will look more natural. In the flip over method, you are using your real hair to cover up the tracks. And since your real hair is showing (growing from your scalp) the hairstyle will look more natural like the hair is actually growing from your head.

It is beginner friendly. Literally, anyone should be able to do this, there is no parting or cutting of the cap (like a u-part weave) so if you are thinking about installing your own weave as a beginner, then I would try this method first.

Versatile parting and styling. Depending on how much hair you leave out in the front will depend on how deep your part can go. But you can wear your hair to either side or even in the middle. Which is a change from many wigs or pre-parted closures. As you can see from my picture below you can also pull your hair into a half up and half down style, which I personally love. I love it so much that it was featured in my quick hairstyles for busy moms blog.

In this post: The flip over method using curly or straight weave which is an amazing hairstyle for black women. Can be worn half up half down and even in a ponytail.

(PS, in the picture below I am NOT wearing a real Hermes belt but it looks like DOESN’T IT. Click here to buy the belt or to read my full review on it by clicking here).

Let’s get into some of the cons of the flip over method

If you don’t get the best weave to match your texture then this method could be an epic fail for you. I do have natural hair and I got curly hair on purpose because I thought it would be easier to blend. But even then I had 4c KINKY KINKY hair so even blending my real hair with the curly weave was a challenge due to the changes in texture. The same can be said if you get bone straight hair knowing your hair is not bone straight or cannot get bone straight. You will see both the textures that are not blending well and that equates to a hot mess hairstyle.

Since you are blending your real hair into the weave you want to get a similar color and a similar texture so you can avoid the hot mess situation we talked about above. If by chance you want to get a colored weave then try to get tracks where the roots are dark (AKA an ombre or balayage). That way if your weave has dark the roots it will blend into your actual hair if your hair is also dark, and then fade into the other color making it still look natural.

Flip over method ~ How Long Did the Style Last?

I took the style out after two weeks because the hair that I had was beginning to tangle. I used the Bobbi Boss Miss Origin Human Hair Blend wavy hair that I got for about $20. If you can get better quality hair then you will be able to wear the style a lot longer.

Flip Over Method What You Will Need ~ Post Contains affiliate links

In this post: The flip over method using curly or straight weave which is an amazing hairstyle for black women. Can be worn half up half down and even in a ponytail.

Since I did a quick weave with glue it is important to protect your actual hair so the glue does not get in it. If you are using a sew-in, you will not need the protectant products.

If you want the freedom to style, curl, or dye your hair then getting human hair is the best option.

If you want hair that stays in the same pattern, is cheaper, and is low maintenance, you are not concerned about curling it, or you are on a budget then consider getting synthetic hair.

Flip Over Method ~ Step 1 Prepare your Hair

The first thing you want to do is to keep the edges out and make sure it does not get trapped under the cap. Because that will be the flip over part. Then you want to cornrow or pull back the rest of your hair and apply the molding gel on top of it as well as the protective shield, and then spray Got2B glued spray on the hair before putting on the wig cap. Sit under the dryer for about 30 minutes until fully dry. As the product dries it will create a protective barrier over your head that keeps the glue from getting on your hair and also keeps the wig cap attached to your head.

In my video, I am using a thicker dome cap so the above method was enough. But if you are using a stalking cap or wig cap, I recommend after putting on the cap putting another coat of protective shield on the actual cap and sitting under the dryer again.

Remember: to keep your edges out during this process (AKA the flip out part). Only do this to the hair that will be covered by the weave.

Flip Over Method ~ Step 2 Quick Weave

For the next step, just premeasure the tracks, and then glue the tracks down starting at the back of your head. You want to place the tracks going across the head so that way when you flip your hair back it lays in a natural way.

Bonus Step: The pack of hair that I received came with a pre-parted closure. Instead of letting it go to waste, I simply cut it through the middle of the closure (where the lace is) and placed it in the front of my head right behind the parts. Using the closure in this way will help your style look more seamless and keep tracks from showing in the front in the front. But this step is optional as not all hair comes with a closure.

Flip Over Method ~ Step 3 Get Your Edges

The last step is to blend your edges, I often twist mine to keep them out of the way as I am doing my quick weave. If you have a curly weave like I have in my video consider using the G2B glued curl mouse and then edge control to help blend your hair with the weave.

In this post: The flip over method using curly or straight weave which is an amazing hairstyle for black women. Can be worn half up half down and even in a ponytail.

If you are using straight hair for your weave then using a small flat iron on your edges to get them straight and then lay your edges using an edge brush. And that is it. The flip over method is super easy to do. And hopefully, this post taught you how you can do it step by step by yourself at home. If you know someone who wants to know how to slay their hair at home then go ahead and share this post with them.

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