21 Ways On How To Look Expensive On A Budget

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Are you tired of looking busted or want to upgrade your look but you do not have the money to do so? If so, you have come to the right place because I am going to tell you how to look expensive. And trust me, I am the queen of cheap so I know that no matter what your budget is I can make you look expensive on it. Also you can check out my video below for more tips on how to transform your outfit to look expensive on a budget. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

I am going to share with you ways that you can make your outfit look more expensive and really what it comes down to is mastering the art of getting clothes that look expensive and being able to recognize what styles, fabric, and colors that look expensive. For this reason, I really encourage you to check out my blog on how to find your own personal style. There are different ways to look expensive and you really just have to find one that gels with your own personal style so you know what to add to your outfit to make you look more expensive.

For example, I like Sex and the City and so often I tend to gear my taste on more colorful outfits like Carrie Bradshaw and many of my styles are inspired by that.

In any case, that is enough of the small talk we have a lot to cover let’s get into it shall we? (post contains affiliate links).

How to look expensive ~ Tip #1 Matching Shoes and Bag

how to look expensive
Your shoes and your bag don’t have to be an exact match but you can at least coordinate them. And when you do you can have amazing results. Like in the picture above literally my shoes are from Payless and my bag is from some off brand store. But because it is somewhat coordinated it has a more expensive feel to it.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #2 Draping Your Coat over Your Shoulders

how to look expensive
My Outfit Coat Is From The Thrift Store

If you have a coat or a jacket try draping it over your shoulders because often times that is a trait of looking expensive. In reality, I got this coat from the thrift store. (Also check out my tips on how to look expensive when shopping at the thrift store). Find a plaid or even a solid colored dress coat and drape it over your shoulders to get the expensive look.

how to look expensive
More Expensive Jacket

Here are some of my coat suggestions to pull off this look.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #3 Pick A Dupe

A dupe is different from a replica. A dupe is an article of clothing that looks like a more expensive item of clothing but a replica is a knock off. A dupe will have the right brand on it while a knock off will have a Gucci logo on it and it is not actually a Gucci. You can get a dupe belt, handbag, shoes or whatever. Once again having a style inspiration is key so you can know what look you are going for.

For example, in the picture above this is an Aldo bag, it is a dupe for the Gucci bag (click here to see my full review). In fact, as I was carrying this bag around someone actually mistook it for a Gucci bag. This Aldo bag cost $60 (click to buy) while a similar Gucci bag cost thousands.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #4 Blanket Scarf

My Look

A blanket scarf is a great way to look expensive and it is super affordable and versatile. You can literally wear it different ways which give you more bang for your buck. The best way that in my opinion is to just put a belt around the scarf as I did in my picture.

More Expensive Look

How to look expensive ~ Tip #5 Faux Fur

My Style

Back in the day, it was very expensive to wear real fur, it still is actually but the trend of wearing real fur is out (because of animal cruelty) and wearing faux fur is in, even among the rich.  As I said before when trying to look expensive it can be important to actually find someone that is rich and get inspiration from their style. By the way, my shoes are from Payless and my jacket is from Target.

Angela Simmons

How to look expensive ~ Tip #6 Solid Colors

You can choose to wear all black, all white, all mauve, or even all red. These are the best colors that can make you look very elegant and expensive especially when paired with the right fabric.

Expensive Pink Outfit

How to look expensive ~ Tip #7 A Little Black Dress


A little black dress is something that is very simple and that can look very elegant. For example, I wore this dress at the MGM Grand and it was a dress from some inexpensive shop I found online. And I had it for years. But the right little black dress is timeless and classy. The Little Black Dress coined by Coco Chanel the queen of elegance. To perfect this look get one that is fitted well and not too short. Such as the one worn by Marilyn Monroe. I could still wear her style of dress today and it be in style.

See some of my suggestions for the little black dress below by watching my video on how to spice up a little black dress.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #8 Trench Coat

Having a tea length coat or a trench coat in a solid color such as black, cream, or even white can provide a luxury looking experience. Having a double-breasted coat and using fabrics that look more expensive are key to learning to look expensive on a budget. Click here to the one I have on in the picture. 

How to look expensive ~ Tip #9 Pleated Pants

Anything pleaded tends to give the look of being more expensive especially if it is a more satin or even velvet type fabric. I would stay away from the cotton type of pleats. My coat is from the thrift store, shirt is from Amazon (click here to buy), and my pants are from Target.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #10 Tailor Your Clothes

Having your clothing tailored to fit you well can give a plain Jane, dress, pants, skirt or article of clothing a more expensive feel. Take for example this dress below, it is from TJ Maxx and cost about $10. But because it is fitted pretty well on me, it looks a lot better than one off the rack and that is not tailored.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #11 Satin or Silk Fabrics

Learn how to look expensive on a budget and how to make your outfit look classy with these 23 tips.

Since this is how to look expensive the article of clothing that you choose does not have to exactly silk but you can get articles of clothing that feel like silk, satin, or have that the same texture as these more expensive fabrics. Take for example my shirt above, it is from the thrift store. It looks shiny and expensive but it isn’t.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #12 Leather or Faux Leather bag

Having a leather bag is an expensive thing to do but if you cannot afford a leather bag then you can go for faux leather. For example this red back is a great example of a bag that is not real leather but looks more expensive. You can click here to get my dress in the above picture and also see my other affordable work dresses blog by clicking here. 

How to look expensive ~ Tip #13 Pop Of Color

Do not have color overkill by having a rainbow all over your clothing. In fact, that is the opposite of looking expensive. But having a nice tailored outfit such as the dress and a pop of color can make you look expensive. And as always the right type of fabric and style is key.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #14 Pleated Skirt

Much like the pants the pleaded skirt brings an expensive looking element if it is done right and made out of the right types of fabric. Click here to buy the skirt I have on in the picture.

Expensive look

How to look expensive ~ Tip #15 Poncho

fashionable on a budget pancho and shorts

You can choose to trade in your jacket for a poncho to give you a more expensive look. Check out my separate blog post where I talk about how to transform clothes. And to get the above look.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #16 Replica

So remember how I explained that a replica is different from a dupe. A replica is something that claims to be an actual brand. For example, in the picture I have on this belt that looks like a Hermes belt and it even came in a Hermes box but it cost me like $30 while the real one cost about $815. You can click here to buy the belt or click here to see the review of the belt. You can get a replica Chanel, Gucci, or whatever it is your heart desires. Basically, get a replica of an expensive brand to look expensive.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #17 Lace Fabric

You do not have to use really expensive lace but the fabric that looks like lace will do the job will give you that lace look.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #18 Tulle Skirt

fashionable on a budget new years

I love tulle skirts and I have so many of them. You can get some for really cheap and some are really expensive but of course, we are going to use the cheap option. In fact, this tulle skirt was similar to the one Carrie wore on Sex and the City. For this particular tulle skirt, I got it from Rue 21 for like $5 because the store was going out of business.

Click Here To Get The Tulle Skirt I I Have On 

How to look expensive ~ Tip #19 Fitted Blazer or Jacket

Once again having something fitted really helps. And a blazer or some type of button up fitted jacket can really make you look more expensive. Once again make sure that it is a thicker fabric more quality that holds its shape and not some flimsy fabric that will fall apart when you wash it.

 Tip #20 Scarf

You can wear a scarf on your head, around your neck, or even on your purse. In fact, I got this scarf because it came with my Aldo bag. As you can see from the look below wearing a scarf can be elegant. Here are some scarfs and even some Aldo bags. The great thing about the Aldo bag is that you get a dupe and you get a scarf that has a multi-use.

How to look expensive ~ Tip #21 Tucked Shirt

The last tip to make your outfit look more expensive is to simply tuck in your shirt. It will give you a more finished and polished look then having fishtails hanging over your pants. If you look at the picture above I got these pants from Amazon, they came in a set of 4 for like twenty something bucks. Click here to see the full review or click here to buy.

There you have it. Twenty-one tips on how you can change up your outfit to look more expensive and ALL of them are budget-friendly, ones that anyone can afford, and you have various options depending on the look you want to go for. If you know someone who needs to upgrade their look but does not have a lot of money to do it then go ahead and share this post with them.

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