A Review Of The Best & Most Affordable Clip Ins On Natural Hair

If you are looking for the best and most affordable clip ins for natural hair then you are going to be so happy to check out these natural hair clip ins by Zury Sis. They are 100% human hair comes in textures 3c “ 4 (from curly all the way to kinky). Which makes it extremely versatile for whatever type of natural hair you have.

Before I get into why these are the best clips in for natural hair I have to tell you that they were personally tested and approved by me.  I actually went into the beauty supply store and had the woman pull out various natural hair clip ins and I can proudly say that these were the BEST AND MOST affordable natural hair clip in. I mean if you want to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars then I am sure that you can find better quality clip ins. But these are the most bang for your buck I should say.

To see the 3c to 4b options then click the affiliate links below:

Why these  kinky curly clip in hair extensions get my vote for being the best.

You only need one pack:

As I will demonstrate below in the hair tutorials I made, you only need one pack of this hair in order to complete your entire head and I still had clip ins left over. When I looked at some of the other brands you would need two packs for your entire head. Therefore, using the Zury sis clip ins save you money. On top of the pack having more clip ins then the average pack the wefts are a lot thicker than other packs as well.  Which means that one pack will give you a fully and thicker style.

These Really Are Kinky Clip In Hair Extensions

Some of you may have that curly 3 to 4a hair. Which is wonderful, I do not shade any hair texture.  BUT my over all point is that there are a lot more clip in options for the 3 and 4a hair textures BUT not that many for hair like mine. Which is a 4b/4c. And whenever I have attempted to use the curlier over kinkier texture, my hair does not blend well into the clip ins. BUT for these clip ins, I used the 4b pack and as you will see from the pictures and the videos you cannot tell the clip ins from my natural hair.

Now that I have went on and on about these clip ins, I want to get into some natural hairstyles that you can do with them.

The first hairstyle I am going show you is a half up and half down.

Here is the video below from my YouTube Channel (which you can click here to subscribe).

For this hairstyle you can choose to blend your own hair into the clip ins or you can do like I did and choose to braid and tuck your natural hair and use just a small part of your own hair for the leave out. As you can see my natural hair was tucked away and all of these clip ins were think enough to look very full on my hair.

Directions for getting this natural hairstyle with clip ins.

Step: 1

Section off the hair by making a U at the top of the head for the bun. For the rest of your hair you can cornrow it down to your head, blend the clip ins into your natural hair, or you can do like me and simply braid the hair and pin it down to your head.  The way that I chose was the fast way. So if you are looking for something that is not time consuming just braid your hair in two and pin it to your head. No one will be able to tell the difference.

Step 2:

Pin the clips in to the back of your hair. Be sure to cover your own hair underneath so that it looks more natural. I found that by placing the clip ins closer together helps anyone from seeing through the clip ins and gives it a fuller effect. Once you are reach the top off your hair near the part, get a section of your hair to cover the clip ins at the top.

Step 3:

Once the clips are attached you are going to have to comb the hair according to your texture. As these clip ins are a 4b already, if you are more of a 4a/4b then you may not need do as much combing. As a 4c chick, I really did comb the hair a lot so that it would blend better with my hair texture which is a lot frizzier over curly.  The hair was really easy to comb through and did not tangle.

Step 4:

At this point your hair should be combed out and you have leave out at the top at which point you need to blend the two textures.  I used this type of Ecostyler Gel (click to buy ) and apply it generously to blend out the two textures.  You can use a blow dryer with a diffuser on very low heat to get the curls to stay in place.

Step 5:

Once the back of your hair is complete put your natural hair at the top into a bun. Get the remaining clip ins and wrap it around your bun and secure it.

And viola that is it. Below are the finished results.

Click here to get this “I Reign Supreme Crop Top”

Click here to get the crop top I have on in the picture above. 

The second hairstyle is a front flat twist tutorial with no leave out

You can watch the video below to see how to do the style.

I decided to do this protective styles because I was tired of dealing with leave out.  Even though this hair blends well with my 4c hair, as the days past my 4c hair got dry and frizzy and it became harder to blend it until I was able to wash out all the gel. But I still loved the clips in so much that I wanted to wear them the following week.

So after washing the clip ins, I did a style where I did not leave out any hair at all and it made the style super maintainable as all I had to do was tie the hair up at night (see my bonnet suggestions below on the best scarfs to sleep in and maintain your hairstyle). Wake up and go about my business.

Here is how you get the style.

Step 1:

Part the top portion of your head straight across. Start on either the left or the right side your head and then make an additional part going straight back and these are going to the sections for the twist.

Step 2:

You can get creative with this section. You can do braids, twist, or whatever is it you want to do.  You can even get creative with the parting. For myself, I decided to do a semi curve part just to keep it from looking to plain. And the flat twist for me are way easier and faster than cornrows.

Step 3:

Is an optional step but I just wanted to add some more flavor to the style by simply getting braiding hair, hair jewelry, and adding them to the sides of my hair.

Step 4:

Just like the above style you want to braid and tuck your hair on both sides. Then you will just apply the clips ins to the black of the hair all the way until you get to the part.

Step 5:

Unlike the above style there is no leave out.  One you apply the clip ins you will see that there is no hair to cover the top of the clips in. At which point you are going to get braiding hair, braid it separately from your head, apply hair jewelry/string, and then attach the braid across to cover where the clip ins and your hair meet. Bobby pinning the braid to your head.

The following is the finished results of these style.

Now that you have seen these clips in, tell me that are not BOMB. And the price is bomb because on Amazon they are $69 for an entire pack of human hair clip ins and one pack will do your entire head.  You can view the following hair texture options for the curly and kinky options these clip ins come in:

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Clip in extensions for black women African American natural hair. Using Zury sis clips 3c 4a 4b clip ins. Curls. Plus two hairstyles tutorials using these kinky curly clips in.

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