How To Become More Attractive In 5 Easy Steps

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I am going to teach you some ways on how to become more attractive. Or I should say how to become more naturally attractive. This will not be a post full of plastic surgery tips but rather tips that everyone can do to enhance your own God-given features. I believe that any and EVERYONE can become more attractive naturally.

The fact of the matter is that beauty is subjective, meaning that it is in the eye of the beholder. Any woman can be beautiful to anyone at any time. What is one person’s 10 is another person’s 1, which why I am not going to teach you how to look like someone else or imitate someone else’s beauty BUT what I will teach you is how to capitalize on your own personal beauty and how to become more attractive in your own way. Which I talk about in my video down below.

1. How To Become More Attractive ~ Know That Attraction Runs More than Skin Deep

The first thing that you need to realize is that you do not need to just relay on outside attraction. There is a lot of pretty in the world and there are a lot of pretty women relying on their pretty that are as dumb as a box of rocks and cannot hold a conversation. And how many times have you seen a pretty woman that is either mean, has no intelligence, is just about her looks, or has no personality. I can almost bet that all of a sudden that attractive woman’s attractiveness goes down by like 5 points.

How To Become More Attractive ~ Case in point:

In the book Played or Be Played (which you can click here to buy and a disclaimer it does have some profane language in it BUT GREAT advice). In any case, the author classifies women into 5 different levels but I want to focus on the top two because both are attractive but one (the B class female) ONLY relies on her looks for attraction.

How To Become More Attractive ~ A-Class Females (Beauty, Brains, Intelligence, & an Actual Personality).

The A-class female, also known as the top-notch female, is the lady that other women aspire to be. The most admirable thing about the A-class female is that she could have easily re-lied strictly on her beauty to get whatever she wanted out of life, but she chose to make that extra effort to upgrade her herself.  That means being smart, successful, having a personality, being confidence, strong-willed, and even having a sense of humor. When it comes to attraction these are the type of women men want by their side.

How To Become More Attractive ~ B-Class

The B-class female is an attractive female who relies solely on her looks to get by in life. The B-class female will usually get the basic necessities out of life. They think all they have to do is to look good and people will pay them for it. But the B class woman rarely comes up in life. When it comes to relationship these are the type of women men will have sex with because their attraction is only skin deep.

How To Become More Attractive ~ What’s my point?

My point is that attraction is more than just what you look like. You can never out pretty someone because there is going to always be someone out there that is more attractive then you physically BUT there are a lot fewer women who are the complete package. And a woman that is the complete package is more attractive. Also check out my video down below where I talked about the different classes of women from the book.  And subscribe to my channel here.  

2. How To Become More Attractive ~ Love The Skin Your In

I in my 30s all day every day but I bet I do no look it. Now some of these are genes of course. But it is still important to do what you can do and to be good to your skin and being good to your skin will keep you looking young and attractive.  Here are my tips:

Acne & Hyperpigmentation:

I have suffered from both as an adult and now I don’t. I use Curology. You can see some of my before pictures above I personally love Culorogy because it is like having a personal dermatologist. You send your before pictures, without makeup, give a profile of your skin, and a nurse practitioner comes up with a formula for whatever skin issues you have. It is like having your personal prescription.  Click my referral link here to get your own bottle. 

How To Become More Attractive: Keep your skin tight:

My mother taught me a great secret from a young age. That when you apply any lotion or skin cream on your face, always rub up against or outward. Never down because you will be pulling the skin down over time and therefore making your skin sag.

3.  How to Become More Attractive With Your Body

I talk about my journey of gaining and losing a lot of weight and no it was NOT fun. But you should not be morbidly obese. I get this whole, people are attractive at any size and they are BUT being morbidly obese is not healthy for you. I am not one of those people that are going to tell you to look like a stick figure, I think that with eating the right things and being active then your body will take on its natural shape.

And your body is in the natural shape in which it was meant to be in, is what makes you attractive. I have been too fat and I have been too skinny, and I have felt unattractive both ways. I have felt and looked my most attractive when I allowed my body to be healthy when I ate the right things and even drank the right amount of water. Also check out my video down below where I talk more about this.

4. How To Become More Attractive ~ The Definition Of Attraction

Where most people go wrong when trying to become attractive is that they literally look at other people and try to look exactly like them. And that is when you are going to fail because you are not them. You may look very close to the real thing but deep down when you get close and look at it, you are not the real thing.

So instead of trying to find the world’s view of attraction why not become attraction.   Attraction is what you say it is and if you say, and if you believe it enough and pull it off well enough then other people will believe it too. IT will be very hard for you to compete with anyone or for anyone to compete with you if you are in your own lane. As I said, beauty is subjective. Everyone is beautiful to someone and you can convince people of attraction by finding your own personal style, having high self-esteem, being that class a woman that we talked about, and having confidence.

Case and point: Slick Woods

When I first heard about her I became obsessed with her because I think she is so pretty because she is her own pretty. She was literally homeless and her model boyfriend thought she was attractive, said she should be a model, called in all his model people, and she became a model.

What is my point?

No one looks like her, so who says she fits the prototype of a model? She did, and her model boyfriend did? So why can’t you do the same thing, be in your own lane, don’t just be attractive BUT become the definition of attraction and you be the only person that can fit that definition.

5. How To Become More Attractive ~ Be Put Together

You do not have to wear the most expensive outfit, you do not have to go to the hair salon to get your hair done, and you do not even have to go to the nail salon all you have to do is look put together. And be put together.

Your hair:

how to become more attractive

Simply doing something with your hair can take you a long way. That can be something as simple as a sleek bun or even a ponytail.  Dull hair that is not taken care of with straggly dead-end is not a good look even if it is long. That is a mistake that I made. I wanted to grow my hair long and was afraid to cut off the dead ends. The result was long, frizzy dead-end hair that was frizzy all the way up to the shaft.  If you can take away any tip for your hair remember to condition, especially deep conditioner. No matter what your race is, your culture, or your hair type; you probably need to deep condition


I also suggest finding your own personal style. And not a personal style where you just look like a crazy person, but an actual style that is fashionable and put together. And more than anything ALWAYS remember to dress for your body type. Clothes that are too tight, do not fit right, not the right shape, make you look fatter, or out of style. You can see someone in a busted outfit and you can see someone in a put-together outfit. Your attraction toward them will be on two very different levels based on how they present themselves and how to put together they look.

These are all of my 5 tips on how to become more attractive. From both the inside and the outside. For additional tips on leveling up your look or on how I leveled up check out my YouTube video below, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

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