Beginner Friendly Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial – 6 Easy Steps

I have recently fell in love with pre loop crochet hair, because it is faster, easier, and less time consuming. Crochet hair can be so versatile and there are so many styles that you can do BUT it can also be time consuming.  And so since I like doing crochet hairstyles but I do not like sitting for hours and hours on end doing my hair and so I have been on a search for an easier yet faster way to do crochet.  

I have tried the braidless crochet which you can see my full video tutorial below on that.  I do like the braidless concept BUT it is a lot easier for the crochet to slip and the hair style does not last as long.  You can see my video below and click here to subscribe to my channel. The following tutorial was when I did not use the pre loop crochet and I noticed it was a lot harder to get the hair to stay in place with the braidless method. 

I have also done a braidless crochet with the pre loop crochet hair, in the below case it was curly crochet hair and I loved the style. But the braidless aspect of it once again the style did not last as long as it would if you were to do smaller cornrows, which I did a post on here. 

BUT, at last I did find success using this straight crochet pre loop hair. It was a combination of using cornrows (but not as small) and the braidless method.  The pro to this method is that it solves my problems of the style not lasting as would be the case with the braidless method AND it solves my problem of the crochet being very time consuming.  The reason being is because. 

Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial

A. The pre loop crochet hair is so much easier to work with. You do not have to use as much hair, you can space the hair out, and the hair is not going to slip off as much and stay in place. 

B. Because I used bigger braids (cornrows) in the front and loose braids in the back the preparation of the hair was a lot less time consuming making the overall style easier to do.  This is good if you are not the best braider. Since I have VERY KINKY natural hair, to sit and cornrow my hair (in small braids at that) can be a nightmare. A nightmare to part and go through and my arm gets tired.  I do not like it at all. 

C. Because the hair is in very few cornrows as opposed to no cornrows (like the braidless)  the style does last longer. Thus a happy medium is found. 

In this post, I am going to go in step by step on how to do a straight style using the pre loop crochet but also check out the video below and it will give you a more detailed tutorial on how to get this done. 

1. Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial ~ What you will need (Affiliate Links):

2. Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial ~ Your Braid Pattern

You can see my braid pattern below and it does not have to be exactly like this. You can braid however big or small you want to but the key is, that if you want a part you need to braid to create a part on either side of the middle.  As long as your braid pattern includes where you want your part to be you are good. 

Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial

And if you look at my braid pattern only the front part of my head is cornrowed and the back is just placed into braids making things a lot easier and a lot less time-consuming.  I found that by doing the front this way, it is easier for the pre loop crochet to last longer and in the back since it won’t be seen you do not have to be as meticulous about your braiding pattern.  I literally just put two braids and pinned the hair back.  

3. Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial ~ Crochet

It is going to be hard for me to try to explain exactly how to do the crochet which is why I recommend you watch the video above for a step by step demonstration and also look at the picture. Because of the pre loop crochet, it is really easy. You do not have to worry about knotting and tying and doing some complicated technique.  All you have to do is loop it under itself and then pull it through itself and that is it.  

Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial Pre Loop Crochet human Hair Tutorial

Since we are doing the modified crochet you are not just going to wrap the crochet around the cornrow.  You will do that for some crochet of course but since the cornrows are so spaced out then you have to put the crochet in between the cornrows.  Because if you just put the crochet hair around the cornrows it is going to look crazy and you are going to have a lot of spaces in your head because the cornrows are so spaced out.

If you are confused about what I am talking about, it is very similar to the braidless technique. You have to crochet the area around the braid and not just through the braid. If that sounds confusing I explained it in the video and you can just watch it. 

4. Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial: Put In The Highlights 

The colors that I used for my hair (Click here to buy) are below.  You can choose to use my colors, one color, or use a mix as the Zury Sis hair has many colors that it comes in so you can get a little creative. 

Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial Pre Loop human Crochet Hair Tutorial

If you decide to use more than one color I suggested putting in each color one at a time unless you want to work with all packs of hair, if you start from the back to the front. I highly suggest you put in the colored hair first (since those are the highlights) and then go for the 1b hair (since that will be the main color of your hair). 

Of course, if you just want your hair to be one color then this is not an issue. When you buy the hair from Amazon (click here) then you actually get three packs of hair which is enough for you to use on your entire head. I ended up using 4 packs because I had to be extra. But 3 is fine enough.

Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial

I used one pack of the burgundy and one pack of the 27/30.  With each pack, I just spread the pre loop hair around my head.  I did end up putting a lot of colored hair in the back because the packs actually come with a lot of hair and I only wanted my highlights to peek through.  I did not want to have an overkill of color on my head but did not want the colored hair to go to waste to it helps to put the highlights in the back and the main color will need to be used more so for the front.  

5. Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial ~ The Main Color

Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial

Once you have put in the two packs of hair, then use the main color in this case (two packs) to fill in the rest.  Make sure you fill in around the parts and any empty spaces. Since the front part of your head is what you are actually going to see you want to use the remaining two packs to cover up the parts of your hair that are unflattering, which is why I suggested using the colored hair for the back and saving the main color for the front.

Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial

Since this is pre loop crochet I did not do any fancy technique to cover the part like you would in traditional crochet because the pre loops can make it a little harder.  You can always pop the rubber bands if you want to hide the parts but I personally did not care what much. Instead, just crochet really close to the part to give it a better effort. 

Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial

6. Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial ~ Finishing Touches

And of course, in all of my videos, I do the finishing touches or what I like to call “logistics” meaning that if there are aspects of your head that are looking busted then now would be the time to fix it. For me, that is mostly making sure that the part of your hair that is showing is slicked down.  Since you are not putting the hair in really small cornrows your hair has the potential to become very frizzy very easily.

Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial

This is why I used this (click to buy) to slick down both my edges and my cornrows to help the hair stay in place especially around the edges where you want it to look nice and neat. Finishing touches can also include adding a little baby hair.  Baby hair makes any style elevated and even using the product mentioned above will legit make your hair stay in place and it is not going anyway. To help you out, you also need to use an edge brush to help tame the edge of your hair, sleek it down, and to also make those baby hairs swirl. 

And that is about it. This style is really not hard because the pre loop crochet hair is really easy to use, put it, and beginner-friendly.  And remember your braid pattern can legit be anything that you want it to be and whatever works for you. The hardest thing about this style is going to be the time.

This style took me hours on end.  Granted I was watching YouTube while I was doing my hair and that may have slowed me down a bit but this style was time-consuming, mainly just putting in the actual straight pre loop hair. Although easy to put in, I find that straight hair is a lot harder than the curly hair. You can hide a lot with the curly hair which the straight pre loop crochet hair no so much.  

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Pre Loop Crochet Hair Tutorial

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