How To Make Christian Women Clothes Stylish & Modest

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Who says that just because you are a Christian woman your clothes must be boring? You can learn how to dress modest and still be fashionable.  I know I am a fashionable woman and I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect Christian women clothes that were fashionable, stylish, reasonably modest and still appeasing to the Lord and free of judgment.

It’s not that I care about what other people think but I would be lying if I said did not go to church before and faced judgment by the “elder” Christian women that may have thought my outfit was too fitted or short. And to be honest with myself in my youth days I may have worn something that was not 100% church appropriate in an effort to still look fashionable and not like a nun. But as I got older and stepped into my full classiness mode, I really learned the art of how to dress like a Christian without compromising my love for stylish fashion and modestly. And I want to teach you how to do the same thing.

Before we get into how to dress modestly and fashionably, I need to first explain how Christian women should dress:

How To Dress Modestly Bible Verse

I want women to adorn themselves modestly and appropriately and discreetly in proper clothing. 1 Timothy 2:9

Christian Women Clothes  how to dress modestly how to dress modest

How To Dress Modest The Point Of This Post

What I am not going to sit here and do is to give you a definite definition of what modesty is but instead ask you to use your own common sense. Some people want to cover their entire arms and legs, some people feel comfortable showing their legs and their arms.

But just remember it must be appropriate, so a rule of thumb is:

  • That if you would not wear it in front of God Himself and you know that God would give you the side-eye and tell you to cover up then don’t wear it.
  • The second rule of thumb is thinking about a respectable person: your boss, your child’s teacher, principal, your pastor; or whoever. If they caught you outside with what you were wearing if you would feel the need to cover up then don’t wear it.

To make it easy for you I have created a FREE yes 100% free eBook the Sophie-sticated year long capsule wardrobe for Christian women, for all seasons, and occasions, that are super stylish, and I even show you outfit examples and how to put together your own outfits. I highly suggest you download it. Just click here or the picture below.  Now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s get into some quick stylish Christian women clothes do’s and don’ts.

1. How To Dress Modest ~ Stylish Christian Women Can Wear Color

I don’t care if people think red or pink is too loud. It’s not that serious. Just because you are a Christian you don’t have to wear monotone colors and that doing so somehow makes you more Godly. Christian women’s clothes do not mean NO color says who? Therefore, don’t be afraid to wear colors.

It is the clothing item that matters. Getting a red blazer is okay. No one is going to punish you for showing up to work in a blazer unless it has a penis or something crazy on it. Once again common sense is your friend. You can feel free to wear whatever color and even patterns that you want to wear, just pay attention to the style of the clothing item and as long as the fit is appropriate then you are good.

 how to dress modestly how to dress modest

As far as church, the only caution I would say is that I would not wear all colors to church and the reason being is because you are there to worship and if your outfit is so eccentric while the rest of your church is more conservative then it can be rather distracting to other people.

Once again this also depends on your church. So you have to use discernment. But you don’t want people to be too busy looking at you are wondering why you are so bright when everyone else is toned down. And although that is their problem, the last thing you want to do is to cause distractions in church. So even when you wear color to make sure it is appropriate for the place in which you are going to and it does not cause distraction. For the rest of Timothy 2:9 states:

How To Dress Modestly Bible Verse:

Not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.

The hidden context of this is to NOT TO be doing the most to show off. If people naturally pay attention to you fine, but it is not something that you should just set out to do because you want attention from everyone. Wanting to be fashionable is one thing wanting to just put on something for a shock factor is another.

2. How To Dress Modest ~ Christian Women Clothes Do Not Have To Be Showy Or Expensive

The important thing about Bible verses is that you must take it all in context. Is the Bible saying that you can never wear pearls or gold, no that is not the case? What the Bible is saying is talking about materialism. And materialism is a no no for Christian women clothes and here’s why.

Hence the “costly attire” in the Bible verse. All the items in my free eBook are affordable. Heck, I will tell anyone I shop at the thrift store. Just because I want to be stylish does not mean that I want to show how much money I have or display brands on my clothes, nor do I feel to just buy very expensive clothes to keep up with what the world thinks of me. Therefore, doing so is a HUGE don’t for stylish Christian women.

If you can afford them then great, you can’t take money with you when you die. But do it for you. There is no need to show it off to the world, or your friends, or to flash labels on your social media to show what you can afford or how much money you have.

There is no need to buy something you don’t like simply because the world says it is stylish and you want the clothes solely because it is was on the runway of New York fashion week. That is when you are crossing over into the state of approval and materialism.

When you want to be stylish do it for you and do not go broke trying to keep up with some fashion trend or to show others how classy you are based on how much money you spent on your clothes.  Also check out my video down below to see what I mean.  And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

3. How To Dress Modestly ~ Christian Women Clothes Should Never Show Too Much Skin

The basics for Christian women clothes is modesty. Now I know I told you I would let you determine what modestly is BUT I do want to give some guidelines. Because something can appear okay but even showing too much skin at once can give the appearance of not being modest. I personally have no issue with a Christian woman showing her arms or legs, or whatever. But that coupled with something that is a little too short, and a neckline that is a little too low, equals way too much.

Christian Women Clothes  how to dress modestly how to dress modest
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Therefore, in whatever way you choose to be stylish remember that if you choose to show your arms then perhaps it would be best to have a longer over the knee dress or skirt. Because showing too much skin at once (even though you feel 100% okay showing these body parts) may still give the appearance of doing too much. Just a rule of thumb. And I think it should go without saying that wearing the proper undergarments are a must.

It is probably not a good idea to wear a tight see through shirt with no bra (seems like common sense but I have seen people show up to a job interview like this). It is probably a good idea to wear underwear.

I do not care how many people say how freeing it is or panty lines, remember the above Bible verse be appropriate. As Christian women, we just have to use common sense that when you go outside you need to wear panties, and any type of pants in which one can see the imprint of your body parts, vaginal lips, nipples, or anything of the like is a no go.

4. Christian Women Clothes ~ Your Clothes Can Be Fitted But Not Too Fitted

Even as a Christian woman I do feel that it is okay for your clothes to be fitted but just know that there is a difference between an outfit being fitted and looking tasteful and an outfit looking like a second pair of skin. So, make sure that you can find a balance. No one is telling you to be ashamed of the body that God gave you so wearing clothes that show off a figure in a tasteful way is not sinful.

You are a woman and even in the Bible, it points out how Esther and Rebecca had a shapely figure so their bodies must have been noticed to some capacity in what they were wearing. BUT wearing clothes that people can tell EXACTLY what you look like when you are naked because your clothes are too tight is not what you should be aiming for.

Christian Women Clothes  how to dress modestly how to dress modest

5. Christian Women Clothes ~ Be Mindful Of Your Body Type

As a thick woman myself, YOU DO have to be mindful of your figure. I have a butt and the fact of the matter is that there are some shorts, skirts, and dresses, that skinny women can wear that will look fine and completely appropriate on THEM whereas if I would put it on my big booty self, half of my butt would be hanging out.

Maybe you have larger breast and you may not be able to wear certain shirts because it would look very inappropriate. I am a smaller chest person myself but after I had my son and was breastfeeding him my breast BLEW up. And I can relate to this.

All of a sudden all of my shirts that I wore pre-pregnancy that were completely appropriate were all of a sudden very provocatively looking because they were not able to hold in my new BIG boobs. That was something I had to accept and adjust to.

So instead of saying to yourself that a piece of clothing looks good on someone else, you also have to understand and take an honest assessment on that same article of clothing may not look so appropriate on you because your physical features may be different. Being in denial about that is not doing yourself any favors.

So, I really hope this helped to give you some awesome tips on how to dress stylish and fashionable as a Christian woman and what makes good Christian clothes and no so good Christian clothes. And the best part is that it gives you some flexibility for YOU to decide but all of these are guidelines for you to make the right decision on what stylish and appropriate looks like for you.

And remember my Christian my 100% free ebook, the Sophie-sticated Mom Stylish, Chic, & Modern Christian Women’s Year-Round Capsule Wardrobe Plan. Be Godly, frugal, relatively modest, chic, stylish, on a budget and look good doing it (you know all the things we talked about). Outfits for all seasons (spring, winter, fall, and summer) and most occasions work, casual, dates, gym, chilling or whatever and you will still be fashionable. Just click here or the picture below.

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