Beginner Friendly Two Low Ponytails With Weave Tutorial

I want to get into how I did these two low ponytails with weave that turned out to be fire in my opinion. I really loved this hairstyle; which is why I want to share it with you because I feel like you will love it too.  Not only is it a great protective style and what is even better is that you do not need and glue or sew or do anything really complicated to apply these ponytails.  Trust me. 

When I set out to do this hair tutorial, I wanted to make it as simple and as beginner-friendly as possible, on top of the fact I just did not feel like spending hours to do my hair and this is the style I came up with. And I want to teach you how to do the same style.  If you want to do two ponytails with weave then, of course, I have an entire video below that will show you step by step and I will tell you how to do it step by step in this blog.  For more hair tutorials and advice, you can also feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here

Two low ponytails with weave ~ What you Will need for your two ponytails with weave

I do have natural hair and so it can be a bit of a trick to slick all my stuff down.  A sistas hair does not want to lay flat at all.  But the products that I feel work best are the (affiliate links below):

  • Eco Styler Black Castor Oil (which you can click here to buy). I personally love this kind of Eco Styler because it smells so FREAKIN good like you do not even know.  And it is just an easy way to have your hair smelling good and to gel your hair down.  A win win to me.  
  • Black Castor Gel Hold (click here to buy): This is good for slicking down the hair and keeping it into place. It is strong and works well with natural hair and works great on your edges. 

The hair that I used was the:

Shake n go Super Wave Mastermix (click here to buy).

And the braiding Hair (click here to buy) which is used for the decorative accents for your two ponytails.  

Two low ponytails with weave ~ Step One.

Give yourself a side part or if you prefer a middle part. It really does not matter, whatever you prefer and use a comb and a brush to slick down your hair. For me personally, I tend to do it in sections, you can watch the video above to see what I mean. This way, it allows your hair to lay flatter on your head. Once you slick down your hair put it in two lower buns, making your real hair as small as possible.

Two low ponytails with weave ~ Step two.

Now you are going to get ready to apply your two ponytails with weave and it is extremely easy. First, get the Shake and Go hair which you can buy here. It comes in three bundles and you are going to use one bundle for each ponytail.

To make this easy, just unwrap the bundles halfway and place bobby pins in them.  I placed three but you can feel free to place more. One on each end and one in the middle.  However many bobby pins you choose to add take one end and start to wrap it around your real hair.  Pinning the bobby pins into place as you wrap. You can feel free to add more bobby pins to secure your ponytail if you feel the need to. Do this on each side.

two low ponytails with weave

Two low ponytails with weave ~ Step three.

For the next step, you are going to take some braiding hair and simple make two braids. The braids can be as small or as big as you want. Then you are going to add the hair jewelry to the braids. For me personally, I like to be so extra so you know I tend to add a lot of hair jewelry. But you can feel free to do what you want.

two low ponytails with weave

Two low ponytails with weave ~ Step Four

Now you are going to add the braids to the two weave ponytails. To make it easy, just leave one end of the braid out and then wrap one end of the braid around. This is hard to explain but you can watch the video if you need to have a better understanding of how to do this. But overall, you should have an end of the braid dangling by the side of your ear. Not only does the braid accent cover the track of weave over your ponytail but it elevates a boring two ponytails with weave style to make it a lot more stylish in my opinion.

two low ponytails with weave

Two low ponytails with weave ~ Step five

This step is optional but once again it is one little step that can make your overall hairstyle look a lot better. And that is to lay those baby hairs.  I tend to use an edge brush which you can buy here, and it makes it a lot easier.

Finished Two Ponytails with Weave Look

two Ponytails With Weave two low ponytails with weave

And that is about it, it is amazingly simple, right? No glue, no-sew, and it can be done pretty fast. I kept this hair in for about a week, I could have kept it in longer if I wanted to.  If you wrap it up well at night with a good satin scarf, which you can click here to buy, you can get away with probably making this style last for about two weeks. And that is it. If you know someone who would love to do this hairstyle then share this post with them.

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