6 Ways To Handle Toxic People Like A Boss

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There are so many toxic people and there may be a lot of toxic people around you.  Which is why, right now, in this moment, I am going to give you permission to get rid of toxic people out of your life and tell you why it is a must.  For the Bible clearly says:

Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.” 1 Corinthians 15:33

Meaning that even if you are not toxic then entertaining yourself with toxic people or even toxic relationships means that you will be corrupted over time.  I have a sperate blog on how other people’s issues can make you have your own issues which you can click here to read. In this post I am going to go over: 

  • toxic people traits
  • toxic people signs
  • toxic people meaning

1. Toxic People Traits & Toxic People Signs ~ Let us get into how to identify toxic people.

The fact of the matter is that even I have been blinded by the word “friend” or even “boyfriend.” When in all actuality they were just as toxic as the sky is blue.  When someone is close to us, we have known them for a long time, or when we want someone in our lives we will tend to overlook their toxic behavior and even excuse it because we do not want to give up our friends or our boyfriends.

But the fact of the matter is that having toxic people in your life can make things worst for you.  I have let go of friends that I have had for years due to them being toxic and me being in denial about them being toxic because I did not want to lose my friend or even my boyfriend at the time.  But when I did end up letting them go, even though I thought it was going to be hard, and sometimes it was, my life ended up being so much better.  Because just like the Bible says:

Do not give that which is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, for they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces. Matthew 7:6

Meaning that if you are a normal healthy person and you are trying to go above and beyond to keep your friend or even your boyfriend knowing that they are toxic they will hinder your blessing.  As I said in my video below, having the wrong people in your life can hold you back.  And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

2. Toxic People Meaning ~ Case in point:

I used to work with a so-called friend at my job or at least I thought she was my friend.  Little did I know that she was going behind my back to the boss and other people, sharing my personally business and talking about me in a negative way, and even plain lying. 

She did this to make herself look like a better employee over me because did not want me to get a promotion or a raise over her. And here I was wondering why I was getting passed over for a raise and a promotion.  It was because of my own friend’s toxic behavior.  So never just think that a toxic person’s is just limited to themselves.  No, often they make it their mission to spill their toxic nonsense to you as well. Thus messing up your blessings in the process. 

3. Toxic People Traits & Toxic People Signs ~ Here how to identify a toxic friend or relationship:

There are probably too many traits of toxic people to run them down, but I am going to make it very simple for you.  And that is to pay attention to how they make you feel. If being around your toxic friend or relationships, you feel:

  • Sad, Angry, Defensive, Argumentative or a sense of doom when dealing with them. 
  • Like you are always giving and no matter what you give it is never enough.
  • You can never say the right thing to them or it is always an issue.
  • The toxic person is always arguing with you or making you feel bad about yourself.
  • The toxic person is always messing up their life and wanting you to come in and fix it.
  • The toxic person is reckless, or a danger to you, and even themselves.  This can include drugs, attempting to steal from you, or they participate in replace behaviors that can otherwise get them killed, hurt, in jail, or arrested. And you with it.  
  • Whenever you try to talk to them about their behavior they will just gas light you or play the victim even when they are wrong, they will never admit it. Also check out my video below on fake friends for more signs. 

4. What To Do About Toxic People

I know this is going to be easier said than done because you may be telling yourself that you have known this person since the second grade, or they may even be your family.  And I get that, and we all have toxic people in our lives that we find it hard to distance ourselves from.  But you still must distance yourself.  As the Bible states:

Do not even associate with a man given to angry outbursts; Or go [along] with a hot-tempered man,  Or you will learn his [undisciplined] ways And get yourself trapped [in a situation from which it is hard to escape]. Proverbs 22:24-25

Because in the end what I am going to tell you is that you need to get rid of toxic people from your life.  As I said before I had plenty of toxic friends that I wanted to hang on to and I did for a long time, giving them many chances even after they showed me exactly who they were. But the outcome was always the same, them being toxic time and time again bringing their negativity into my circle until finally I had to cut it off and when I did my life ALWAYS 100% without a shadow of a doubt better.

5. Toxic People Traits ~ You can always try to tell them

When dealing with toxic people you can always try to tell them what the issues is.  But do not just come out and say that they are toxic because that will probably not go well.  You can start by listing the issue with your friendship or relationship and tell them what you want things to change.  

Here’s an example:  It is really difficult being your friend when you are always arguing with me every time I am around you so from now going forward if it is always going to be an argument when we speak then perhaps we both need to consider if we should continue our friendship.  

At this point, if the toxic person that you are worried about continues to argue with you or in the future you see the same behavior you NEED to cut yourself off from them or if they are family and they have to be in your life you need to limit their access to you.  

6. Toxic People Meaning ~ Case in point:

We all have a toxic family member myself included.  My toxic family member argues with everyone in the family all the time.  She once even tried to curse me (yes you heard me correctly).  I understand that I cannot avoid my toxic family member.  But what I do is limit my phone calls with her, text, interactions, and when I do see her, and her toxic arguments start up I just dismiss myself from the conversation.  Which you can watch my video below for more on how to communicate with difficult people.

So, I do get that not all toxic people can be cut out of your life.  But if you can then cut them out then do so, if you cannot then limit your interaction with them.  If this is someone you are in a relationship with then this should go without saying that he needs to go ASAP, see my blog post here on how to do that.  More than anything what we learned is that toxic people’s toxicity can spill over to you.   

People who are toxic will ruin you if you allow it, and often times we have to choose ourselves for our own sanity, for our own blessings, and for our own future. And speaking from experience when you alleviate yourself from toxic people you will feel so much better in the end.

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