6 Tips How To Be Flirty With A Guy & Not Be Desperate

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I want to give you tips on how to be flirty with a guy without going over the top.  As I said before I do not believe in chasing men but also as I said before I do not believe in men just reading your mind and knowing that you are interested.  

As a Christian woman, I do not think that there is anything wrong with being flirty provided that you do it right.  You can also check out my video below on how to put yourself in a position to be found by a good quality man as well down below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

Now back to how to be flirty with a guy.  I want to run some don’ts when it comes to flirty.  I think that many women can confuse being flirty with being overly sexual and having an overly sexual conversation.  Yes, that is technically flirting but it is also a quick way to get a man to see you as just sex.  

1. How to be flirty with a guy the wrong way:

  • Mentioning sex in a conversation in any way shape or form. 
  • Having overly and inappropriate physical contact.  Such as touching a man between his legs or on his butt. 
  • Inviting a man to touch you in an inappropriate way.  On your breast, between your legs, or on your butt. Especially in a public setting or in the first meeting.
  • Making sexual innuendos.  As in you sucking a banana and imitating oral sex when you are talking to him. 

Now that you have all of the how-tos NOT be flirty tips I have a treat for you and that is my video on an actual case study of what was done on the dos and don’t of how to be flirty.  You can watch the video below. 

You may laugh or you may be a perpetrator of this.  But overall when talking about how to be flirty you are just being open and showing a man that you are interested in him.  Being too open or overly sexual will have him categorize you like a one night stand or just sex.  And once a man classifies you as just sex it can be hard to turn that around (which I have a separate blog post on that you can click here to read).  So now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about how to be flirty the right way.  

2. How To Flirt With A Guy ~ Remember To Smile. 

We all laugh when we hear about the resting B face.  But when you are trying to get be flirty with a man smiling is the number one thing that you can do.  Consider smiling when you are around a man that you like, smile when you are in a room because you NEVER know if a man is observing you from afar.  And you smiling allows him to feel more comfortable approaching you.  Also, check out my video below on why men may not be approaching you.  

3. How To Flirt With A Guy ~ Second have open body language

Overall body language is what speaks louder than words.  So you can be saying something positive but if you have your arms crossed, a frown on your face, and you are rolling your eyes then that is the opposite of having good positive open body language.   

Instead choose to not cross your arms, face someone straight on, making eye contact to show that you are engaged in what the man is saying.  By looking open in your body language it sends a subconscious message to the other person that you are open to them, what they have to say, and you would be open for them to ask for your number. 

4. How To Flirt With A Guy ~ Light Touch

The power of touch is a heavy flirting tool.  But as I said before do not go for vulgar.  But a light touch.  That is as you are speaking then feel free to touch an arm.  Put your hand over his hand while you are talking. But just for a moment.  Do not linger because then it gets weird.  If a man is telling you a joke, while you are laughing at his joke then it is a good idea to do a quick tap and playful tap on his arm (this is not supposed to hurt so do not do it hard).

5. How To Be Flirty With A Guy  Be Funny Or Laugh

Having a sense of humor is probably the number one way on how to be flirty with a guy.  Men like women who do not take themselves too seriously and have a sense of humor to them.  But as a warning don’t try too hard otherwise it will just come off as fake. 

If a man tells a small joke, then give him a small laugh.  What you should not do is to overly laugh out loud at a joke that was just kind of sort of funny.  Because then it just looks real extra and thirsty.  Just naturally laugh especially if you know the man you are speaking to has made an attempt to be funny. 

Also, don’t be afraid to joke back.  Humor can really bind people together.  Natural banter, which is NOT rude or demeaning, is okay.  What should not be done is to make a joke about insulting him as a man, a person, his looks, or his clothes.  That is just mean and he will not take that as you trying to flirt but rather make fun of him. 

6. How To Flirt With A Guy ~ Dress To Impress 

You can learn how to be flirty with a guy with what you wear.  Try wearing a feminine outfit but do NOT go overboard.  Meaning that being OVERLY sexual in your dress will not come across as flirting.  He will just look at you as the type of woman that is using provocative clothes as a way to get attention from any man.  You can watch my video down below on the type of attention-seeking women. 

Instead, make sure you wear something that makes you look nice and feminine but do not have your breast overly exposed.  Do not show too much skin, as if you are showing your shoulders then try to cover your legs.  Dressing this way is not only sensual but it also helps you to be taken more seriously when you do flirt. 

It will allow a man to be attracted to you but it will also show him you have some class and you are not interested in going home with him that night if you have some sort of modesty to you.   To help you out I have me FREE capsule wardrobe ebook. Which you can click here to download for free.    

This ebook will not only teach you how to create a year-long capsule wardrobe but it will give you appropriate suggestions on what to wear on dates.  One that is still feminine and sophisticated but does not go over the top with over showing body parts that should not be shown in public. Check out my video below on how I used some of the pieces on my capsule wardrobe ebook to create different looks. 

I really hope that you were able to get some tips on how to be flirty without going over the top.  Remember less is more and it pays to settle over the “all of in your face” type of flirting.  You are just giving a man the signal that you are interested in and allowing him to take further action depending on his interest in you. 

If he does not respond to the flirting then trust me, he knows you are flirting.  But if he does not show interest back then just accept that he is not interested.  Do not try to flirt harder and do the most so that you can show your interest in him.  Last but now least if you are a single woman then don’t forget to buy my book specifically for single women “Fix It Jesus For Single Women Only” that you can click here to buy.

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