13 Empowering Quotes For The Independent Woman

Here are 13 empowering and independent quotes for a woman that you are going to love and that will give you encouragement.

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1. Independent Quotes For Women (Real Queens Don’t Fear And We Don’t Bow Down)

This is a reminder that as a queen people may come against you but you do not need to be scared of them but you need to remember who you are.  Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more quotes.

independent quotes for woman

Real Queens Don’t Fear  

And We Don’t Bow Down

She Has Worked Too Hard

She Has Come Too Far. 

She Is Sitting Too High

She Is Reaching For The Sky

So They Could Never Take Her Crown

They Are Still Stuck On The Ground

While Her Head Is Up In The Clouds 

Making Her Father Proud

This is a reminder to also be about your God-given purpose and to not worry about other people who are against you.  See my video above for this poem and get the necklace that represents this poem “Real Queens Don’t Fear” by clicking here. 

Did you now know that I must be about my father’s business? Luke 2:29

2. Independent Quotes For a Woman (You Are A Queen No Matter What) 

Even if you are single, remember that you are still a queen even if you do not have your king, YET. 

A queen is a queen. Even without the presence of a king. 

independent quotes for woman

3. Independent Quotes For Women (Dare To Be Different) 

When you are independent you realize that you are you. And because you are you, that means you are awesome so why to try to be like the next chick. 

Conformity is boring.  Fitting in to appease others is BASIC. I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for trying to imitate another CHICK. 

independent quotes for woman

4. Independent Quotes For  a Woman (Independent Women Still Expect Chivalry) 

Just because you are an independent woman does not mean that you do not want an independent man.  You still expect chivalry to be taken out on dates, and you can still expect to be courted.  Also, check out my other blog post where I talk more about that. Click here

I love being a strong and independent woman.  I also love for a man to open my door, for him to pay on dates, for him to even take me out on a date, and not make excuses.  I expect him to be the man.  What we need to learn is that one does not circumvent the other. 

independent quotes for woman

5. Independent Quotes For Women ( Your Dreams Matter)

You can be, dream, and do anything that you want.  Even when others don’t think that you can reach your dream.  This is a reminder to focus on your goals and forget everyone else. 

She dreamed she was a queen.  

Even though no one else could see. 

She started about her journey. 

To reach her destiny.

When she reached where she was meant to be. 

She forgot those who didn’t believe in what she could achieve.  

independent quotes for woman

6. Independent Quotes For Women (The Secrets Of A Confident Woman) 

The secret of a confident woman is that she knows her worth. 

She does not have to fight over a man to claim her turf. 

She doesn’t have to brag about who she is to all of her friends. 

She simply exists in the space she is in and she is who she is. 

She does not need validation from the outside world. 

Neither the worth of her value lies in the things of the material. 

Her true value and comes from herself and radiates from within. 

And she knows how to operates and master her own space that she was born in. 

7. Independent Quotes For A Woman (Becoming The Woman God Wants You To Be) 

Don’t ask yourself “who does God say I am” Ask yourself “Who do I need to do” to become the person God intended me to be. 

independent quotes for woman

8. Independent Quotes For Women (Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators) 

If someone does not see your worth or want to help you out, remember to use that energy toward your own success. 

If someone rejects you, doesn’t see your worth, or doesn’t want to help you; don’t let that deter you.  Let it motivate you. 

independent quotes for woman

9. Independent Quotes For Women (You Can Be It All)

You can be smart, successful, and even humble.  Remember this: 

You is Smart

You Is Kind
You Is Important

And You Is Beautiful

independent quotes for woman

10. Independent Quotes For Women (I ain’t never scared)

Being an independent woman requires that you walk in the face of the unknown with confidence, trusting your own God-given ability. 

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me. Psalm 23:4

Or in layman’s terms: I ain’t never scared. 

independent quotes for woman

11. Independent Quotes For A Woman (You Have A Right To Remove People From Your Life) 

You have the right to remove people from your life. No explanation needed. 

Seeking outside validation is pointless because real value comes from within.  

Your worth is what you determine it to be. 

And if people in your life don’t see your worth, why are they there? 

You have the right to promote, demote, and fire people as YOU see fit. 

independent quotes for woman

12. Independent Quotes For Women (There is no changing the past)

We all have mistakes but no matter how many mistakes we have made or regrets we have about the past there is no changing it.  Also, check out my blog post here for more on that. 

No matter how much you think about the past and no matter how much you regret the past, there is nothing you can do to change the past. 

independent quotes for woman

13. Independent Quotes For Women (When You Are A Queen It Takes A lot To Maintain That Position)

Crowns get crooked

Crowns fall off. 

Crowns Get Stolen. 

It takes a lot of effort to become a queen but even more effort to maintain that position. 

independent quotes for woman

Here are the 13 independent quotes for a woman. For more positive quotes and affirmations consider checking out my Christian Manifestation Guide ebook. Just click here. 


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