10 Behaviors Women Do That REALLY Turn Men Off

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Let’s get into these traits that women do that turn men off.  But before we get into it don’t forget to check out my video below for more traits that turn men off directly from the book Art of Seduction (which you can click here to buy).  And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well by clicking here

1. Traits That Turn Men Off ~ Being Insecure

It can be very easy for women to be insecure.  Women are the type of people that will unrealistically tear themselves apart for no reason.  And if you are insecure it will show and it will turn men off.  So what does insecurity look like: 

  • Picking yourself apart. 
  • Needing others to validate you because you are not able to do that for yourself. 
  • Not feeling you are attractive. 
  • Not feeling like you are worthy of love. 
  • Being clingy to a man. 

Insecurity is not a permanent way of being.  You should be confident in yourself, confident in your abilities, and confident in who you are.  If you are insecure not only will it turn men off but it is a quick way to be taken advantage of by narcissist men which will then in turn create more insecurities in you.  Also, check out my video below on how to be more confident and attract men. 

2. Traits That Turn Men Off ~ Being Self Absorbed

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have being self-absorbed.  You want to be confident, yes but you do not want to be arrogant or cocky.  Some of the signs of being self-absorbed is that: 

  • You are always talking about yourself. 
  • You feel like you are God’s gift to men. 
  • You never want to give in a relationship and feel that everything is about you. 

Some women think that it is cute to be self-absorbed and to tell men how awesome they are and how lucky the man is to be with them every five seconds. That is not an attractive trait. You do not need to beat his brow and tell him how awesome you are every 5 minutes just so that he can appreciate you.  That will actually have an adverse effect and turn men off.

3. Traits That Turn Men Off ~ Lack Social Skills

In this day and age of social media and always texting people, we have a hard time with social skills.  When you lack social skills you lack the ability to have an actual conversation. Some women feel like the only way to talk to men is to just talk about sex or to flirt all the time.  

These are not social skills.  You should be able to have an actual conversation with a man that does not revolve around something superficial.  One of the main ways that you can tell that a man is starting to like you is when he actually wants to talk to you.  As in have an actual conversation with you for more than 20 minutes and the conversation is not focused around sex.  You can check out my blog on how to sound smart so that you can learn social skills that can help you out.  

4. Traits That Turn Men Off ~ Being Rude

Some women think that being rude and talking to men in any type of way is an attractive trait.  It isn’t and it is a sure way to turn men off.  Some women do not even know that they are rude when they speak to people.  I have a video that you can watch down below on “why men are not approaching you” where I give several examples of behaviors that I have noticed of women being rude. 

And this does not just include being rude to the man that you are with but also being rude to other people, being rude to the waiter if a man takes you out on a date, or just having a rude disposition overall.  All of this turn men off. 

5. Traits That Turn Men Off ~ Selfish

So many women are selfish and they do not even know it.  As I said in my book for single women (which you can click here to buy) is that if BOTH people are stuck on giving to one another then the relationships that you are in will be more balanced.  But instead what many women do is go into relationships thinking:

  • What they can get from a man.
  • How they can use a man.
  • What the man is doing for them.
  • Or how they can benefit from the relationship. 

There are two people in a relationship and the relationship is not all about you.  And thinking that the relationship is all about you will turn men off.  

6. Traits That Turn Men Off ~ Too Stuck In Your Ways

I have an entire video on dating traits that women do that turn men off and this is one of them. 

  • Being too stuck in your ways.
  • Being stubborn,
  • And not wanting to try anything new. 

Some women become too stuck in their ways to the point that they are not even fun.

Case in point: 

I had a friend that was too stuck in her ways.  Not only did her attitude turn men off but she also turned me off.  Every time when we would try to go out and eat it would literally take us an hour to find somewhere to eat.  Because she did not want to eat this, she did not want to try that, she did not like eating in this part of town, and she has never done this before and therefore she doesn’t want to start now. 

Being too stuck in your ways is annoying and it is also a massive turn-off.  Some women will refuse to travel with their men because they do not want to get on a plane.  Some women refuse to try something new because they have never done it before.  No man wants to get with a complainer and a woman that is so stuck in her ways that she never wants to try anything or doesn’t know how to have fun. 

7. Traits That Turn Men Off ~ People Pleasing

The please pleasing woman is typically a codependent woman.  And they feel like agreeing and doing everything that a man wants them to do means that the man will stay.  And that is so not true.  No one wants to talk to a robot of a woman that simply agrees with everything a man says and does everything a man tells you to do.  This woman is otherwise known as a pick me, which I have a video on that you can watch down below.  

8. Traits That Turn Men Off ~ Being Confrontational

Some women will jump in a man’s face, smack him, and try to fight him every time she does not get her way.  Your relationship should not be a WWE smackdown nor should it look like you should be on an episode of the Bad Girls Club.  Being too confrontational or argumentative is not something that you should be in a relationship. 

That is otherwise known as a toxic relationship.  If you have something to express to a man you should be able to do it without being overly argumentative, loud, confrontational, and you should never be putting your hands on anyone.  This is a trait that will turn men off. 

9. Traits That Turn Men Off ~ Being Controlling

Being too controlling is a big trait that turns men off AND it is a trait that so many women have.  Women want to control:

  • Where their men go.
  • Who their men talks to.
  • Where their men work.
  • How their men talk.
  • How their man eats.
  • What clothes he wears.
  • And how often he does xy and z. 

All of this spells that you are way too controlling.  A man is supposed to your man, your equal partner, and he is not your child.  You should not be trying to tell a man who, what, where, when, and why and always feel like he should do what you say or else.  If that is the case, get a dog that you can boss around.  Because a man is not going to be that for you. Not unless he is a pushover which I have a video on down below. 

10. Traits That Turn Men Off ~ Trying To Change A Man

This is another trait that so many women do.  And the fact is, is that if you want to change the man that you are with then you need to find another man.  When you choose to be in a relationship with a man you should see both of his good and bad flaws and accept him as is. 

If for some reason there is a flaw that your man has and you don’t like it and you don’t feel like you can deal with it then find another man.  Men are not play doe where you can just conform and make them be the way you want them to be because you don’t like who they are. Either you are going to accept him as he is or you can choose to walk away.  Because trying to change a man will turn a man off. 

These are the 10 common traits that turn men off and if you enjoyed this post be sure to share it with someone.  Also, don’t forget to pick up my book for single women “Fix It Jesus For Single Women Only” just click here to buy.   

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