4 Amazing Methods For Studying The Bible

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Let’s get into the guide to studying the bible.  Because if you are a Christian studying the Bible is something that you should be doing.  I am gonna be so real with you.  I have met so many Christian that has not read the Bible (at all).  And the fact of the matter is, is that how can you learn to hear God’s voice if you don’t even know what God’s voice sounds like. 

As a Christian, it is your responsibility to get closer to God.  It is your responsibility to know God’s word, and it is your responsibility to actually read the Bible.  For the word says: 

Studying the Bible verses: But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And on His law [His precepts and teachings] he [habitually] meditates day and night. Psalm 1:2

The only way that you can you meditate on the Lord’s law is if you actually know what it says.  The main point of studying the Bible is because it is a living document from which we can learn.  So here are the top 4 methods for studying the Bible.

1. Methods For Studying The Bible ~ Get Rid Of What You Think The Bible Says

I can read the same Bible story one year and another the next year and God will reveal to me different lessons that I can get from it.  Yes, we can listen to pastors and preachers but if you want God to talk to you about your specific situation in what you are going through right now then when studying the Bible be open to what God is trying to say to you. 

I have gotten a nontraditional meaning from studying the Bible.  And even though it may not resonate with everyone else, it was the meaning that God gave me.  For example, if you watch my video on Leah and Rachel this was a great example of when studying the Bible God gave me a different look at their relationship that was not traditionally taught.  You can watch it down below and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. 

My point is, that the Bible can say whatever God tells you it says.  And oftentimes you may get meaning from a story that you have never ever heard before.  And it is through this method that you can study the Bible for your own and allow for God to speak you through His word and get rid of any preconceived notions of what you think it says. 

  • Also, check out my video on how to hear from God.  This will help you test the spirit and ensure that the interpretations that you are reading is from God. 

2. Methods For Studying The Bible ~ Read The Bible In Chronological Order

The second in guide to studying the Bible. Would you ever pick up a book and just start picking out random passages in it and expect to know what the book was saying or what the story meant? Probably not, so why do so many people randomly pick up the Bible and take little verses from here and there without knowing the context of the entire story. 

Instead, start reading the Bible like any other book.  And read the Bible from beginning to end so that you can begin to understand the context of each book of the Bible. Because all of it is connected (which you can click my blog post here to read more on that).  And it is important to also understand both the old and new convenient.  I have a video that you can watch down below.  

Even as Christians it is important to not just focus on the New Testament but instead read the book entirely.  Once you have read the Bible you can always choose to revisit certain stories and/or scriptures but at least you will have a foundation of the overall book of the Bible when you pull specific scriptures. 

3. Methods For Studying The Bible ~ Pay Attention

As someone who suffers from ADHD, I know how hard this can be.  Often times I find myself listening to or reading the Bible and thinking about what my son is doing, what I am going to do the next day or a bunch of unrelated thoughts flowing around in my head and before I know it I read the Bible but I did not actually pay attention to any of it. 

Guide to studying the Bible ~ The definition of studying is to: 

A. devote time and attention to acquiring knowledge on (an academic subject), especially by means of books.

B. to look at closely in order to observe or read.

Therefore, skimming over the Bible without actually absorbing anything much is not actually studying the Bible.  You must read and also absorb the information so that it actually teaches you something. 

4. Methods For Studying The Bible ~ Get A Bible That You Can Understand

I have an entire blog post for other tips on how to read the Bible and this is at the top of the list.  Get a Bible that you can understand.  It can very hard for someone to start studying the Bible from the King James Versions if they are not familiar with the art thous and whatnots. 

Personally, I like the amplified Bible and you can click here to get the one that I read from.  But the main point is to really get a Bible that you understand and that you can read.  An added bonus can be when a Bible comes with questions or additional teachings.

That is why I personally like the Joyce Meyers Amplified Bible.  Not only does it give such an expansive explanation of what is going on but also Joyce Meyers has several of her own teachings in there from the Bible verses.  And sometimes this can be: 

  • Confirmation for me of what I just read. 
  • Add additional meanings and interpretations that I just read. 
  • Or can make me see something within the scripture that I may have missed before.  

As you start studying the Bible you can read and compare different verses from different versions of the Bible.  This can also help give you a deeper meaning.  So here are my top four tips for studying the Bible. Also, consider checking out my Christian Manifestation Guide with 29 Bible Verses & Affirmations to help guide you in specific areas of your life.  Click here to buy.

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