7 Ways To Deal When You’re Tired Of Being Single

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Are you the only single friend left in a crowd of couples? Are you sitting there wondering why am I always the single friend? And wondering how to deal with being the only single friend in the group?

Everyone has a date, everyone is making plans, everyone is this happy couple and here you are sitting around being single and looking all lonely. Instead of getting all bent out of shape about being the only single friend left. I am going to tell you how to be happy single when all of your friends are in a relationship.

I am going to give you tips on how to enjoy your single life so much that it is not going to matter that you are the only single friend left. In fact, your friends that are a couple are going to look at you and think about how awesome you are and wish they were single.  Not that the goal is to make anyone jealous. But I am just saying. Anyway, here we go.

When You’re Tired Of Being Single #1 Make Your Life Better

“There are a lot of good things about being single, so take advantage of your singleness, and your life will be a lot more fulfilled”

Before I get into my tip I also want you to check out my video on how to chase your purpose and not the man below. So you can get a better understanding of what I am about to say.  Also, subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

What makes me an expert.  Well, I am single, I am probably the only single friend left in my group, I am a nationally certified counselor, I have a master’s in marriage and family therapy, and I have a Ph.D. in human behavior. I did not just spout out my credentials to establish credit as an expert but to also show you that doing something with your single life is possible.

All these degrees, certifications, and education I have; I did while I was single. My advice to you is to not only make the most out of your single and do things that you really want to do. But always focus on making yourself better and growing as a single person.

Before the super educated woman that you see in existence today came about I was a mess. I would not have attracted the same type of man now that I would have 7 years ago. I am not the same person. I am a better person. Sometimes you have to grow into a better version of yourself so that you can become the right person for the one that God has planned for you.

Trust the process. Being single is not the end of all eternity and no matter what other people say and how they make you feel. It is just a relationship status, not a personal identity.

I have learned how to be single and not lonely I have learned how to have a happy single life.

I want my life to be great no matter what my relationship status is.  And more importantly, I have learned not to care what other people have to say about my singleness. Also, check out my blog on other women that have made the most of their life and are not married by clicking here. 

When You’re Tired Of Being Single #2 Don’t Be Embarrassed for Being Single

When you’re tired of being single remember this, according to Gurl, there’s nothing wrong with being single, but I understand how it’s easy to feel embarrassed about something when you’re the odd one out. Don’t let yourself feel weird about it. You’re not the first person to be the only single friend, and you certainly won’t be the last.

Also do not feel like the grass is greener just because your friends are in a relationship. It’s easy to look at things we don’t have and romanticize those things as if they’re the greatest.

In reality, that’s not always true. Sure, some of your friends might be in genuinely great relationships, but not all of them are. Don’t assume that being in a relationship is 100 percent better than being single because that’s not true. Everything has its ups and downs.

In the end, you just need to be happy being single. There are so many advantages to doing things on your own, and you just have to take advantage of it while you can!

I also have a video on how to be purposeful and single meaning that you are always doing something in your singleness that will prevent you from feeling all stagnant lonely and single if you are elevating yourself.

When You’re Tired Of Being Single #3 The Grass is Not Greener

When you’re tired of being single remember this, according to Verily Mag, everyone who is not content with their current relationship status has a reason to think that life on the other side is better. We look at what we don’t have” freedom, companionship, romantic love, radical independence” and long for it, even if what we do have is pretty great. We can’t help ourselves.

So when you start to ache for a relationship in a way that fosters bitterness and envy toward your coupled-up friends, remember a few things. First, relationships are not without their challenges, and the most insecure people in them will often posture the most.

The ones who tease you, who make you feel like a freak or a show pony” they’re usually the most unhappy. Second, it’s OK to desire marriage” it is a really awesome thing! But remember that in a lot of ways, coupled people are just like you.

They overly promote the good stuff (on social media and in conversation) and play down literally everything else. Enjoy the perks of singlehood now, knowing that there will definitely be things you will miss when you are coupled up later (no matter how perfect your happily coupled friends’ lives seem).

Being the last single girl doesn’t have to be a nightmare from which there is no escape. Your friends don’t have a license to put you in a box just because they’re checking a different one on their tax return.

And even though they surely love you, they may forget how to behave sometimes. Stand up for yourself, be kind to yourself, and remember that altering social situations and conversations in small ways can make a big difference.

Also, check out my video below on what to do when you are feeling single and hopeless.

When You’re Tired Of Being Single #4 Go And Love Yourself

According to the expert at Bikini.com, they state I truly believe that you learn the most about yourself and grow as a person when you’re on your own and single. I thought I had learned everything about myself during college, but living on my own afterward has shown me that there’s really no end to this learning process.

Instead of hating the situation that I’m in, I’ve taken all of this extra time to do some of those things on my bucket list that will be harder to do once I have other commitments, i.e., marriage and kids: plan a safari trip to Africa, go on spontaneous road trips to new towns, explore new places in the area where I live, join fitness clubs to make new friends, take up a hobby, volunteer, and do whatever it is that makes me the happiest.

I’ve learned that doing these things now will make me feel happier once I’m settled down because I won’t feel like I wasted my time during my single days.  Also, check out my video below on how to be single and wait with purpose.

When You’re Tired Of Being Single #5 We Do What We Want

According to the experts at Seventeen, they state One of the many perks of being unattached is having all the free time in the world ” and getting to spend it exactly as you please. You can literally do ANYTHING you want.

Listen to all of 1D’s greatest hits with the volume at full blast, take that summer internship in another city without worrying about missing bae, save all the money from your summer job instead of spending it all on dates with bae, binge watch YOUR fave shows, spend hours mindlessly scrolling Tumblr. Literally ANYTHING you can do anything by yourself at the drop of the hat, without anyone’s help. And that makes you feel pretty friggin’ powerful and amazing!

When You’re Tired Of Being Single  #6 Don’t Hate

The experts at Popsugar give the following advice. Try not to let the situation cause problems or resentment between you and your pals. Instead, find the silver lining. With all your friends attached, their significant others are bound to have some single friends. Make it a point to continue to hang out with them, especially in group settings ” it’s the best way to meet new people, after all.

While you shouldn’t ditch your friends, this is the perfect time to branch out and meet new people. Take up a new hobby or start going to dance classes ” moving past your comfort zone is exciting, and you’re never too old to make new friends. Plus, who knows where it will lead?

When You’re Tired Of Being Single #7 Make Everyone Your Friend

According to Jezebel When your close friend enters a relationship, it’s reasonable to still want one-on-one time with him or her. But it’s also great if you can get comfortable hanging out with the new significant other.  Show a friendly interest in both your girlfriend and her partner.

Try your best to develop a true friendship with your friend’s significant other that allows you to have discussions with that person that are meaningful in their own right, independent of your friend so that you’re not always directing questions at both of them.

(Having all your conversations be 2 on 1 is a sure way to feel like the odd woman out.)  Alright, there you have it, ladies, when you’re tired of being single a clear way on how to be happy single when all your friends are in relationships. Even if you are the only single friend left in your group, so what there is still plenty of stuff that you can do to make you happy.

If you know a fellow single woman that feel like she is the last single friend in her group then go ahead and share these tips with her.

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  1. Well Hello , I am a single woman in my late 20’s and a mother to a 3 Year old boy. I can relate so much to your experiences. Thank you for writing this. The last paragraph is everything!!

  2. I am a single woman, a mother, a Christian and enjoy being single. I am celibate its now two years. I am a Legal coordinator and study part time. I enjoy cooking and baking.

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