Jumbo Crochet Twist Tutorial (5 Easy To Follow Steps)

Two Ways To Wear Havana Mambo Twist

In this post, I am going to show you step by step how to do the Havana mambo crochet twist. The specific type of hair I am using is the Janet Collection Havana Mambo twist (Click here to buy). In this post, I am going to show you two different types of ways to use this hair.

The first way is to do the traditional Havana mambo twist crochet, meaning that you wear the hair twisted. And the second method is still a crochet method but it is where you let the hair loose and wear it. Giving you a new style entirely.  So when I saw these Havana Mambo Twist I just knew that I had to try them.

It reminds me of the Big Poetic Justice type of braids.  But the last time I decided to braid my hair individually it took way too long to complete.  Two days to be exact.  You can watch the video down below to see the full tutorial and also read the step by step as well.

Jumbo Crochet Twist Tutorial – A Review Of The Hair

The hair that I chose to get was the 24-inch hair.  I have done my hair like this before in traditional braids and this was my first time doing it in crochet braids. My first thought was that the Janet collection hair was a lot more lightweight than the actual traditional braids.

Which I thought was a plus because traditional braids can really weigh down your head and get all your nerves, this twist basically felt like feathers.  The twist is pretty much set and they are going to stay in as twist unless you unravel them. The twists are lightweight but extremely full and very thick. The Havana mambo twist crochet braids only took about two hours to put. As compared to like 12 hours if I were to do these twist the traditional way. Click here to get the hair.

Jumbo Crochet Twist Tutorial  ~ What You Will Need

For this jumbo crochet twist tutorial the only two things that you really need are:

Jumbo Crochet Twist Tutorial ~  Step By Step

jumbo crochet twist

  • Step One: First you need to cornrow your hair. You do not have to be an expert in braiding because the cornrows will be covered up anyway by the twist. You can just braid your real hair straight back. 
  • Step two: Crochet the Havana twist into your real hair.  You can look at the video on how to do this. Make sure that you put each twist at least about an inch apart.  I used about 6 packs of hair on my head total and the style was VERY thick. 
  • Step Three: Ensure that all of your real hair is covered by the crochet braids, you can also feel free to slick down your edges if need be. And that is ALL!

You can use the below to check out how I did the tutorial.  It was really easy, all you need is the hair and the crochet needle and you are good to go.  I used a lot of packs in my hair (like 9) but it really was not needed if you do not like the fuller look.  I think I ended up keeping the Havana Mambo Twist in for about two weeks before unraveling them. Which will bring me to my next point.

Jumbo Crochet Twist Tutorial ~ Second Style Option (To UnRavel) 

Another great option to do with the crochet twist is to simply untwist the hair and it will give you an entirely different look.  That I will teach you how to do below.

jumbo crochet twist

  • Step One: Unravel the twist. Try not to be too rough. The last thing you want to do is to unravel the twist and have them start to tangle.  Then you will just look crazy. 
  • Step two: Once your twist is unraveled depending on how much hair you use, your hair at this point may be looking crazy and unruly.  So what you want to do is simply get some scissors and trim up the bottom to shorten it and to share it. And literally, that is it. 

These are the two jumbo crochet twist tutorials that I have for you that were super easy and that basically anyone can do.  If you like this hairstyle, then share this post with others.  Also, don’t forget to check out my other blog post for more easy crochet hair tutorials.  Clik here.

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Quick & Easy Step By Step Tutorial Using Janet Collection Havana Mambo Twist Learn crochet hairstyles using these janet collection Jumbo havana twist crochet braids. Here is a full tutorial teaching you about mambo twist.

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