4 Rules When Dating That High-Value Women Must Follow

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There are some rules when dating that need to make a comeback. I recently read an article that named 17 ridiculous dating rules of the 1950s. As I read through them I thought to myself some of these are not so bad. In fact, some of them NEED to make a comeback.

I am a career-oriented woman that is highly educated and I also refuse to accept is the idea that chivalry is dead or that it should be dead. I also refuse to believe that because I want or like these things that I want to throw women back into the 17th century.

I like for men to hold the door open for me. Yes, I have arms but I want him to do it. I do not think that this makes me any less woman or any less progressive. And so that is why I am bringing to you 4 Rules When Dating As A High-Value Woman.

4 Rules When Dating As A High-Value Woman

Rules When Dating NO NO #1 Approaching a man

This is a classic rules when dating that is not going to change that so many women have trouble with. If you think the best way to get a date is to just walk up to a man and ask him, don’t do it.  I do not care how scarce the dating world is, there are some things that a woman should not be doing. Approaching men is one of those things.  I do not care how many experts encourage a woman to approach a man and ask for his number. Don’t.

Men will date anyone.  They will give their number out to anyone.  The fact that they are willing to accept your number and go out with you means nothing.  Men will sleep with you and have no interest in you whatsoever.  This is why women should not approach men for dates because they will go out with you simply because they are bored and simply because you asked.

But a man who approaches a woman and asks her out.  This means that he is interested in her.  It is true that the interest could mean “I want to go out and have sex with you.” But just because he is asking you out on a date does not mean that you have to sleep with him.

It is better to know that a man is interested in you and that is the reason why he is asking you out as opposed to going out with you because he has nothing better to do. Make him chase you, not the other way around (see my blog here on making him chase you).

Also, as an additional tidbit check out my video on how to spot BS on a date, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

Rules When Dating NO NO #2 Going Dutch.

The second of the rules when dating is to never go dutch. A man coming out of his pocket to take care of dinner never hurt anyone. From personal experience, I have gone this route and the relationship turned into something I did not want.

First, it starts with paying for dinner, then his gas, then shoes, co-signing for the new car that he wants, and then making the payments on the car that he had you co-sign for, and then you are paying for his apartment.  No thank you. Read my blog (a man who does not work does not eat).  

And even look at the story of Ruth and Boaz, she was capable of providing for herself but Boaz took pride in providing for her and helping her because he was interested in her.  According to the article I just listed above they state:

“If a woman tried to pay for a date in the 1950s, it would be humiliating to guys. But dating can be expensive these days, so perhaps splitting the check is the nice thing to do.”

My take on this is that he can just take me somewhere or plan something he can afford.  I think that you can gauge a man’s interest if he wants to take you out on a date and pay for it.

Also check out my video below on a man child, if a man just wants you to take advantage of you and never pay for anything he may be a man child.

Rules When Dating No No #3 Picking a man for a date

I can see if you do not want the man to know where you live, then fine meet him there.  But actually, going to his house on a date and picking him up and then carrying him on to the date that you planned?  Are you going to hold the car door open for him and let him sit down too?

I once went on a date where I met him at his house and then he was trying to get in my car for me to drive on the date, and he wanted me to drop off his cousins at the store first.  I politely locked my doors and told him I would be unable to drive us where we needed to go.

Needless to say, the relationship did not go anywhere. I personally liked being picked up and I enjoy having the door being opened for me. I like for a man to come to knock on my door and be waiting for me with some flowers.  It is not called being anti-feminist it is called romance.

As I said in my video below a man who had good intentions for you will profess, provide, and protect.  And if a man does not do that they may just be wanting sex not an actual relationship.

Rules When Dating No No #4 Not taking you out on a date at all.

Netflix and chill is not a date (click to read my blog). Now if you have been going out for a while then going over each other’s house to see a movie is fine.  But he should at least make an effort to do something.  When I was dating a man for a while he came over to watch my favorite movie “Gone with the Wind” with me.  He brought some food that he paid for with him, that is the least you can do.

This whole dating woman but not taking her anywhere is a new school mentality. I once met a guy that said he never dated a woman. But he was surely inviting them to his house to sleep with them. How is that fair? Why should a guy have your body if he does not even want to be seen with you in public?

I have turned down a man for wanting to come over to my house,  suck up all my air conditioning, have me cook for them, and cater to them while they do absolutely nothing.  I think not.  I can sit at home by myself and do that. AND waste fewer dishes doing it.

My point is why you would want to go out with a man who wants to sit up in the house and be in your face all day trying to have sex with you?  That is not a date.

That is an “I am trying to have sex with you.” That is a “let me put forth the least amount of effort possible by getting out of taking you on a date.” You are already in the house, he has easy and open access to the bed, and you are making it easy for him.  No effort required.

My last video is my personal favorite and it speaks about how us women need to take our power back when it comes to men who do not want to put for any effort. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel here.

There is a dating and there are rules of dating that all high value women should be following. I would prefer the old school dating rules.  Like the article, I mentioned about the 1950’s dating rules being insane. Well, I would say that at least the divorce rate during that time was not at 50% so maybe they were on to something.

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