How To Glow Up Fast & On A Budget

6 Amazing Beauty On A Budget Tips For Hair, Makeup, Nails, & Fashion If you want affordable beauty hacks, to learn fashion on a budget, frugal beauty hacks, or frugal fashion tips then this post is the ultimate resources for getting beauty tips on a budget.

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In today’s blog post let’s talk about how to glow up and I am going to tell you how to do it on a budget. If you follow my Instagram then you know that I am the self-proclaimed thrift store queen.  Y’all know I am cheap BUT I don’t like looking cheap. This is why I am going to teach you budget beauty tips for your hair, makeup, nails, and of course your clothes.  Also, be sure to check out my video below for more tips on leveling up. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

How To Glow Up ~ Tip #1 Get Inspired

The first tip is that you need on how to glow up fast is to figure out what the heck you are doing.  Did you know that I rarely go to hair salons? And the reason why is because I have mastered the art of doing my own hair AND having it look just as great as the salon.  You can do many of the beauty trends on your own AND you can make them look good and professional. But you will not get there by just stabbing in the wind on makeup, hair, and fashion and hoping that it looks good on you.

Instead, you need to study what you want your glow up to look like. Great places to get inspiration for makeup, nails, and hair tutorials are:

  • Youtube
  • Beauty blogs
  • Instagram
  • Or just watching your regular stylist or nail tech and imitating their process. (this is legit how I learned to do my own hair)
  • Pinterest

The point of all of this is that you need to learn to do a lot of your own beauty regime and I can promise you that it will more than likely save you $100s if not $1000s a year.

How To Glow Up With Your Hair #2 Your hair

Of course, my best tip “how to glow up” tip for you is to do your hair yourself. I learned how to do a roller set by watching my stylist. And I learn how to do so many hairstyles just by watching tutorials. If that is intimidating to you, there are also the options of wigs and weaves and everything in between.  If you keep reading you can see how to pull off each option for the cheapest price possible.

How To Glow Up With ~ Wigs

 I have become a huge fan of wigs, making wigs, and even wearing wigs.  You can get affordable synthetic wigs at a very affordable price and that is also good quality. And the easiest thing about them is that you just pop them on your head and go. Check out some of my wigs reviews below so you can get some ideas.

How To Glow Up Fast & On A Budget ~ The 6 Step Guide

Click here to see my full review on this wig and click here to buy.

How To Glow Up Fast & On A Budget ~ The 6 Step Guide

Click here to see my full review on this wig and click here to buy. 

These are just a few of my wigs, just to show you how versatile they are and neither of them was over $50. And since you can wear wigs time and time again, keeping them for years if you take care of them.  They can really be worth the price, which is why wigs are my best affordable hair tip.

How To Glow Up With ~ A Weave

A weave can make you look like you went to the salon when really you just put some weave in your head. And once again all of these styles are so easy that you can do from home and they are beginner-friendly as in anyone can do them. For example, these ponytail looks.  They look great right.  Literally, I just clipped them in my head and it looks less than 5 minutes and the cost of the hair was under $20. Once again the hair can be used time and time again so you get your money’s worth.

How To Glow Up Fast & On A Budget ~ The 6 Step Guide

Click here to read my review and click here to buy.

How To Glow Up Fast & On A Budget ~ The 6 Step Guide

Click here to read my full review and click here to buy. 

How To Glow Up Tip #3 ~ The Makeup

Do not fool yourself into thinking that you need to go to Sephora and Ulta and spend a whole lot of money on makeup.  Drug store makeup works just fine and it is nowhere near the price as high end makeup.  You could even go to the Dollar Tree and actually get some name-brand makeup for a dollar.  I actually buy more affordable makeup than I do really expensive makeup and I always get compliments. Check out my blog on affordable makeup must-haves for beginners.

Some of the places that you can check for affordable and quality makeup are.

  • the Dollar Tree
  • CVS, Rite Aid, & Walgreen’s (A bonus if you have a discount card to go to these places). 
  • Family Dollar
  • And Walmart

I have found really good-quality makeup at many of these places. And once again YouTube can be your friend.

How To Glow Up ~ 4: Nails

I use to get my nails done all the time and had the brightest most extravagant designs on them.  I used to have matching toe designs as well.  I also used to spend a lot of money on them as well. But you do not have to spend hours in the shop or spend a lot of money in the shop to make sure that your nails look good.

Fake nails can work wonders.  They even sell them at the drug stores and it literally takes little to no effort to learn how to apply them.  The designs can look just as good as the salon for a whole lot less. You can check out my video below to see how I put on fake nails.

Go natural. I have started going natural with my nails because my nails are naturally long. The only thing you need to do is just do your own personal manicure at home to get a professional natural look. See the video below to see what I mean.

I also have another blog on how to do poly gel nails at home as well.  You can click here to read it and don’t forget to watch my tutorial below.

How To Glow Up  #5: Eyebrows

I used to get my eyebrows waxed all the time.  So much so that my eyebrow technician perfected the art of making my eyebrows look perfect, despite the fact that I have thin short eyebrows. Then one day I just decided to try doing them myself and I got good results. I know eyebrows at home can seem intimidating but it really isn’t. I have a full post on how to do your eyebrows at home  (click here to see my post on how to do your eyebrows). Or you can also watch my video below.  And don’t forget to click to get the eyebrow kit that I recommend. 

How To Glow Up #6: Your clothing

Cannot afford high-quality brands?  Guess what, me neither. I am too cheap to buy it.  I can remember when I first heard of the thrift store, I was in shock.  You actually wanted me to go and buy clothing that someone else has already worn! But now it is my favorite place to shop.  You can literally find high fashion name brand BARELY USED clothing for very cheap.  Keep in mind that not all thrift stores are created equal. This is why I highly suggest you read my blog post on how to shop at the thrift store.  

And you can also get my free ebook that will teach you how to make a year-long stylish capsule wardrobe.  Just click here, and you can also watch my video down below for some of the outfits from the ebook.

That is about it and I really hope that this post showed you that you can be a frugal fashionista.  It is so possible. If you know another woman who needs some beauty tips and may not have the money to do it. Then go ahead and share this post with her.

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  1. Great post. Very inspiring. I can totally relate tot his post as before I had my child I had all the time and resources to get things done and outsource them. The trouble now is lack of time. My husband has a travelling job so sometimes even if i want to take care of myself and it gets hard. Phew!!!

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