5 Reasons Why Competing With Another Woman For A Man Is Stupid

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Competing with another woman for a man has become the norm. And because it is the norm I think that women are way too blind to realize how stupid this actually is.  I have written a blog on how to not be a woman fighting over one man, which I also highly recommend you read. But in this post, I am going to tell you why you should NEVER, EVER under any circumstances AND I MEAN EVER be competing with another woman over a man.

I mean it seems like common sense and something that women should NOT want to do. But you would be shocked at how much of a justification women give to the world as to why she feels the need to prove herself and compete with another man over a woman. For more tips on this topic, be sure to check out my video below on why you should not compete with another woman, and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

So, without further delay, let’s get into it.

1. Competing With Another Woman For A Man Is Stupid Because The Man Is Winning Not You

When you compete with another woman for a man you think that you are in competition with the other woman, the other woman is in competition with you and the man is over here having his cake and eating it too. Each woman thinks they are winning but BOTH of them are losing to each other. Only the man is winning. That is legit the main reason why competing with another woman for a man is just plain stupid.

He has two women fighting over him, he has his pick of the women, and he is probably having sex with each woman. The biggest lie that a man can convince a woman of is that he is the prize, women need to fight each other over him, while he has no real consequences but to reap the benefits of their body and play them against each other. All women lose in this situation, the man is the only one that wins.

2. Competing With Another Woman For A Man Is Stupid ~ If He is Not Sure About You Then Why Be Sure About Him.

If the man does not want you then why should you want him? If he is not sure about you then why are you sure about him? If he cannot pick between you other women or several other women then why should you choose him? Why is he the prize to be won and why are you allowing him to openly play you to your face (also see my blog on signs he is playing you). Instead of competing, you need to adopt the mentality that if you are not his everything then you need to be his nothing. Do not give your all, your body, and your love to someone who cannot even choose you over another woman.

Competing With Another Woman For A Man Is Stupid

3. Competing with Another Woman for a Man Is Stupid Because You Can Do Bad All By Yourself

The fact of the matter is that some women think that being single is worse than death (see my blog here) and instead of being single they rather be with a man even if he is a man that she is sharing with someone else. And if this is the way you think you need therapy and some self-esteem classes pronto.

You can do bad all bad yourself. You do not need a man, his drama, and the drama of the other women that he is messing with in order to have a relationship. If being with a man makes your life worse, brings more drama, or is more stressful then why be in it? You can do bad all by yourself, you do not need a man, and all the baggage of his life making your life worse.

Competing With Another Woman For A Man Is Stupid

4. Do You Want To Win A Man By Default?

I cannot tell you how many women have gone round and round the mulberry bush with the same man battling other women for YEARS! Recently, I bumped into an ex and his girlfriend. She flaunted their relationship on how in love they were.  She was proud that she outlast me, proud that she outlast other women, and proud that after years of being the gladiator champion going against other women that she was now the champ. Proud that after 5 years he finally decided to leave the other women alone (for now) and be with her. Because she is his “ride or die.” That whole ride-or-die mentality is complete bull.

“Why would you want to win a no-good man just because you were silly enough to sit around, wait long enough, and be the least likely woman to tire of his nonsense?”

Do you really want to get married to a man that has exhausted all his options and now you are the only one left? (hint: your answer should be no).

5. Competing with Another Woman Is Stupid Because You Are Settling For Less Than What You Deserve.

So often times women want to blame men for what they do, but women need to start blaming themselves for the choices they make.  For choosing a no-good man (Click to read my blog on changing what you accept). For competing with another woman for a man. For staying in a jacked-up situation.  The longer you stay fighting with another woman that is time wasted that you could be using toward a better man that actually wants to give you (and only you) a good relationship.

I encourage you to check out my video if you are trying to prove yourself to a man.  Because oftentimes when you put yourself in these three-way relationships, you are left jumping through hoops (both women) doing everything for him while neither woman is getting 100% dedication from him.  So really that means you are keeping yourself away from a man that really does want you.

6. Competing with Another Woman for A Man Is Stupid Because It Just Is

I did not call you stupid I just said you were thinking stupid.

“At some point, you need to stop blaming her, stop blaming him, and stop blaming all the chicks that won’t stay away from your cheating man. Blame yourself for staying.”

Because on any given day you can use your common sense and walk away. I do not want to hear it is too hard to walk away because you are in love, because even if you are, he is not in love with you.  Love does not do that to people.  Real love is about two people being dedicated to one another and willing to work on the relationship so they can make it better for both of them.

Not him working on a relationship with other women and then when he gets around to it working on a relationship with you. If the relationship or situation that you are in is like this. Then this signifies a problem.  Stop thinking stupid and think logically, it makes no sense.

Are You Competing with Another Woman For a Man?

A woman should not compete with another woman for a man.  Do not allow your loneliness to lead you down a path of desperation and toxic relationships. And most importantly do not let your competitive nature and not wanting to lose to another woman cause you to waste valuable time on a man that is not worth your time.  Bow out gracefully.

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