5 Bad Boy Traits & Low Value Men To Stay Away From

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I used to be the good girl that really loved to date bad boys and low value men. That is until I found the error of my ways. For some reason, women are attracted to certain bad boy traits but I learned that getting with a man that has a bad boy personality can be all fun, new, and exciting until he cheats on you, starts talking down you, and does not have anything real to offer you.

Then all of a sudden all of those bad boy traits that were once so sexy become the downfall in your relationship. Which is why I am going to get into common bad boy traits that you need to stay away from when you are looking for a relationship.

You ready? Let’s Get Into It

1. Bad Boy Traits & Low Value Men The Cheater

I feel like this is such a common-sense trait that you do not want. And do not feed into the hype that men cannot be faithful, that they need to share their sex with anyone and everyone but low key they still love you. That is a bunch of crap.  I know there are some women that can forgive their boyfriends and husbands for cheating on them BUT I am not one of those women.

Now I cannot tell YOU what to do but I will ask you to consider this. The Bible teaches us that if one person commits adultery in a marriage then that is grounds for a divorce.  And I think the reason for this is because even God knows, it is such a violation of trust that some people, myself included, cannot recover from.

And when it comes to bad boy traits and low value men, they may not even say sorry for the cheating but just excuse it.  Like, tell you that he is a man and he has needs. Or that the woman that he is cheating on you with means nothing to him. No thank you. You deserve to have your own man who wants to share his body with you and only you.

Also, consider checking out my video on why you should not be competing with another woman for a man.  Often times women will know a man is cheating and instead of letting him go they will start to compete with the other woman over a man.  Also don’t forget to check out my video and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

2. Bad Boy Traits & Low Value Men ~ The Liar

When a man lies it is a big indicator that he is not yet a man.” Lying is such a low value men type of trait.  Because if you were really on your grown man status you would not lie to other people OR better yet you would not do anything that would require that you lie about it. Just like the Bible says:

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 1 Corinthians 13:11

 The reason why lying is such a terrible bad boy trait is because when a man lies he has something to hide, they feel like they can get over on you, and deep down it is an insult on your intelligence at the fact a man is just going to lie to your face and think that he can get away with it. For a man to do that to the woman he loves, it really does symbolize such a lack of respect that he has for the woman and relationship.

I think the reason why women are attracted to this is because a liar can feed illusions of what you want to hear but it is not really the truth.  This is why it is important to pay attention to what the man is doing and not just what he is saying.  And if his words do not match his actions it does not matter how much he lies to try to show you something different just let him go.

Bad Boy Traits & Low Value Men

3. Bad Boy Traits & Low Value Men ~ Someone who lacks motivation.

A lack of motivation encompasses a lot of things.  It could include a man that does not work (see my blog on a man does not work does not eat), a man who is comfortable where they are and does not want to move up, who does have any long term goals or plans, or a man that complains as to why he is never getting anywhere and never does anything about it AKA the poverty mindset (click here to read my blog on the poverty mindset).

AND a man that wants to blame everyone and everything for the problems in his life when his life sucks because as I said he lacks motivation.  If you are with a guy then it may seem cute at first that he is home when you get there because he has no job. Because he does not work and does not have anything better to do you can spend all the time in the world with him. That seems cute until it isn’t.

Meaning that when you want to buy a house or you need help with the rent that your man cannot even help you because he is not doing anything with his life and is not making enough income to help you out. That your man always has to ask you for gas money or the fact that you have to pay for all of the dates because he only works five hours a week at a job and makes about $100.  He cannot even pay for your meal or buy you a birthday present.  Not so cute anymore huh? Also, check out my video below on the man child to see exactly what I am talking about.

4. Bad Boy Traits & Low Value Men ~ No Social Skills

“A man who lacks the ability to have a meaningful conversation is a big turn-off. “

Many women get turned on by the fact that the man wants to talk dirty to them. BUT really, I do not want to talk about sex or what I am wearing underneath my clothes. The fact that a man cannot have a conversation outside of something sexual shows how limited he is, what he values as a man, and how he sees you. As sex.

A man telling you how fine you are, how much he wants to do you can make you feel wanted in the moment, but that is not what makes a relationship meaningful.

5. Bad Boy Traits & Low Value Men ~ The Criminal

Everyone has a past and no one is perfect, but his illegal activity should be and STAY in his past or better yet if he is not doing something illegal at all then even better. You should not be with a man that is selling drugs, stealing, or having some side hustle that makes him money BUT is not legal.  I know because I was a serious committer of this in my youth.  Dating drug dealers or men who like to fight.  For some reason, I thought this was cute and it was anything but.

Because it is only a matter of time before they get caught and what type of future is that for your relationship. I know because I dated a few men that ended up in jail and And if you are his girlfriend the last thing you want to do is get questioned by the police because he was using your house as a trap house to smuggle drugs.  This is a BIG bad boy trait that you want to stay away from. And more than anything dating these types of men will never lead to a long-term relationship.

Each woman is different.  Your deal breakers may not be my deal breakers.  But all of the things that I have mentioned are bad boy traits and they are traits that no one should want in a future husband or even a future relationship.  Bad boys can be fun on the outside but when it comes down to it they always bring trouble and will more than likely lead to you being unhappy and unfulfilled in the relationship.

If you know a single woman that loves bad boys then share this post with her.

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  1. I am 100% with you on your dealbreakers especially cheaters eww. I would also add bad hygiene as a big no no ie not taking care of teeth, or jacked up feet lol I can’t.

    • lol I did not even think of that. BUT YES. Bad hygiene is a no go. But at least you can fix that with a dentist and a shower. Personality defects you cannot fix.

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