How To Take A Good Selfie In 5 Actionable Steps

Learn How To Take The Perfect Selfie In 5 Easy Steps These 5 selfie tips and tricks will teach you how to take a good selfie and how to take good pictures right away. These are the easiest tips for taking a good selfie and will improve you taking a selfie game.

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In this post, I am going to teach you how to take a good selfie. I may not be the absolute best at taking selfies but I am not too bad. You can check out my Instagram to see that I do know a little something-something. NOW you may not look like someone who has 1 million Instagram followers BUT you can be the best version of yourself with the following 5 tips.

You ready, let’s get into it!

How To Take A Good Selfie Tip 1: The Lighting

Lighting is important. Actually, it is the MOST important. If you do not have the right lighting then you don’t have a good picture. Some of the basics of lighting when taking a selfie include:

  •  Always have the light source facing toward the subject.  Meaning that if you are trying to take a picture of your face, sit in front of a window to get natural lighting facing you.  If you have no windows, sit in front of a bright lamp and make sure that the light is turned toward you.  Remove the shade if you have to.
  • Have the light source in the back on the camera.  If you are taking a selfie in front of a window, then you want the light from the window to be behind the camera.  A camera is a lightbox and having the camera directly in front of the light source will add additional lighting to your picture.

How To Take A Good Selfie how to take the perfect selfie

How To Take A Good Selfie Tip #2: Photoshop

Even celebrities photoshop.  But now with the wonderful invention of apps, you too can photoshop your picture right from the comfort of your own phone.  The app that I use is YouCam Perfect (its free!) and Facetune.  You can contour your face, slim down your body and face, hide blemishes, AND they even have an add-on app where you can apply makeup to your selfie.

As an FYI, when learning how to take a good selfie don’t get carried away with this app, the whole point is to improve your picture so you can look like the best version of yourself.  Do not photoshop your picture so much that you look like someone else or unrealistic. Some common things that I do to my pictures are hide blemishes, smoothing out my face, or make certain colors appear brighter on the photo.

How To Take A Good Selfie how to take the perfect selfie

One of my favorite videos on how to photoshop your selfie is by Bri Hall. You can check out the video below to get tips on photoshop. Also, click here to get the shirt I have on the picture.

How To Take A Good Selfie Tip 3: Know Your Angles

Knowing how to take a good selfie means you have to play with angles to make the perfect selfie for your face.  I like taking side selfies because I feel it is my best angle.  I recommend taking a lot of selfies and playing with your angles and facial expressions.  You do not have to post them, but this way you will see what angles and what facial expressions work for you. Some of the angles I tend to do are, tilting my head to the side, taking a picture from the side, and using different expressions in my selfies.

How To Take A Good Selfie how to take the perfect selfie

Some angles you want to prevent are:

  • Tilting your head too far into the camera, because it will make your head look bigger.
  • Putting the camera too far down and then looking into it.  This can make you look bigger than you actually are and give you a double chin effect.

How To Take A Good Selfie Tip 4: Do not make it look like a selfie

We all know you are taking a selfie, but you can get creative so that it does not look like you are taking a selfie.  I have perfected putting my arm at an angle so that you cannot see it when I take the picture.  I also do something else with the rest of my body, play with my hair, or do something with my clothes.

This way it does not look like the typical selfie and the variations of posing give your pictures variation.

  • You can also try a selfie stick if you want to be able to have more freedom posing.

How To Take A Good Selfie how to take the perfect selfie

How To Take A Good Selfie Tip 5: Do you

With every selfie that you take, make it your own. That is what makes a real selfie is when you are doing something that no one else is doing. Do not feel pressured to pose half-naked or with your butt facing toward the camera.  Do not feel pressured to do the stereotypical duck face selfie poses.

Make your own selfie signature pose and do something that works for your face, your style, and who you are. Also, taking selfies in “action” also helps give your selfies more versatility. Like if you just take pictures over and over with the same pose, same angle, and same face then it can be boring and redundant. Instead, take a picture of you doing something. Make it look more candid (even if it is posed) and that can make the selfie ten times better.

How To Take A Good Selfie how to take the perfect selfie

Now that you have the most fundamental 5 tips on taking the perfect selfie, just know that in the end practice makes perfect. Keep taking selfies, practicing, and improving and soon you will be taking the perfect selfie in no time.

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  1. What a great post! I loved all your tips. I am not taking selfies for dating, but I do sometimes for my blog, so I scooted on over here to get some advice. Thanks! ~Jeanine

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