Cure Your Anxiety By Writing A Letter To God To Get Your Prayer Answered

The Easy 5 Step Guide On Exactly How To Write A Letter To God Writing a letter to God can be one of the best ways to start communicating with God. Letting writing is a wonderful way to speak to God and to form a relationship with God.

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One of my favorite things to do is to write a letter to God. I know it may seem a little weird BUT I promise you it can be therapeutic, serve as your personal prayer, AND the best part is that a letter to God is something that you can always refer back to time and time again to see how God is answering your prayers. Also, click here to see my suggestions on Christian journals that can help you during that process.

That is why in this post not only am I going to teach you exactly how to write a letter to God but show you an example of how it is done. Also, check out my video on how to hear from God to assist you with this process and click here to subscribe to my channel for more content.

Are you ready? Let’s get into it.

1. How to write a letter to God ~ Remember The point

When you write a letter to God it should have a point to it.  Don’t just write a letter talking about something random that really is not going to make a difference.   I mean I am sure that God would love to hear from you either way, but He is not going to want to hear about something silly and superficial. An example of this would be “God make Bob love me and make him be my man.”

Remember, this letter is something that you are going to refer to time and time again, also check out my blog on Bible journaling. It should have a point, a purpose, or even a specific type of prayer.  The whole point of the letter is to have an opportunity to communicate with God in a different way and at a different level. So gear your letter in the same way that you would gear a verbal prayer.  Two-way communication between you and God. Make it the letter have a point, a purpose, make it mean something between you and God.

2. How To Write a Letter To God ~ Be Real

You are not writing another version of the Bible so you can skip all of the art thous and other King James Version way of speaking. Do not write a letter to God trying to be fancy or being someone other than who you are. God created you and He is your father, do not offer up a fake version of yourself to God.

Do not write a letter pretending to be someone different, wanting something different, and speaking differently from how you normally speak because you feel that it is the “religious” thing to do. If you go about talking to God that way no matter if it is through a verbal prayer or in writing, it is really not going to help strengthen your communication with God.

3. How To Write a Letter To God ~ Let It All Out

I know there are times with God where you just want to write a letter and you just want to complain and yell at God. You want to tell him what He is not doing for you and just write an angry letter to God.  And really there is nothing wrong with that. If you are upset then write it out and let God know you are upset.

If you are disappointed then let God know that you are disappointed. Once you let these things out in letter form (remember your letter is like your prayer). Once you let them out you are inviting God in to come and heal all of the things that you are going through. I have been there before being angry and selfish in my prayers. 

I have discovered that raw emotion with God (even if it is negative emotion) is better than just being fake and pretending like everything is okay. I have letters that I have written years and years ago in which I just had just let it all out in such a crazy and negative way.

And when I go back and read them now I realized that I am in such a different place because when I wrote those letters I allowed God to come in and fix my problems and He did. Sometimes when we vent verbally to God we forget about it. When it is in a letter you can literally read the frustration you were in and as time passes and your situation changes you begin to see how God has acted in your life. I have a great example of that in my video below.

4. How To Write a Letter To God~ Be Thankful

I encourage you to let out everything that you have with God even if it frustrating but also remember to be thankful.  No matter what situation you are in right now I can almost bet that there is someone in this world that would be willing to switch places with you.

I can almost bet that there is someone in this world that is praying to have the same things that you just dismiss.  So when you write God. Do not just come to him with all of your issues and your problems. Come to Him with acknowledgment and thanking Him for the things that He has done for you.

5. How To Write a Letter To God ~ Say A Prayer

God is not some genie and you can come to Him with any request that you have but still it is not like going to just snap his fingers and make all your dreams come true. But even if God is not a genie, you can still pray for things. If there are prayers or things going on in your life that you want God to answer then feel free to write it down and ask Him. As I said before, when you write a letters, especially to God you can always refer back to them and see how He has answered your prayers or even if your prayers have changed.

Oftentimes, when I write God, will reveal to me certain ideas, thoughts or even answers as I write the letter.  So once you are done writing the letter if you feel God speaking to you during this process.  Then go ahead and write these thoughts as they come.  Because they may be God’s answers to your prayers in those exact moments.

6. How To Write a Letter To God ~ Case In Point (my letter to God).

 I am going to give you an actual example of my letter to God so you can get a better idea of how to structure yours.

Dear God,

I know I am and have been very far from being perfect. There were times that I was wrong, there were times that I did you wrong, and there were times that I blamed you for all the wrong things that were going on in my life. There were times that I saw you as my enemy over being my friend.

 I remember, when I  used to just sit and cry over the fact that I did not have the life that wanted, I did not have the money that I wanted, and I did not have the relationship that I wanted. But it was with your (God) wisdom I have learned better.  I have learned that life is not all about being married or what OTHER people can give me.  Although marriage is a joy and there are things in the world that can bring me joy, you taught me to be happy and be content in all things. And not based on what I have or do not have (Philippians 4:11-13).

You know that I have fears.  Fears that I won't get the things that I want out of life. BUT you  have taught me that fear is not perfected in love (1 John 4:18). And with all of my fears, I learned that I cannot make anything happen any sooner than it is supposed to.  I cannot make something happen if it is not meant to happen, and the past times when I did try to make it happen I only made things worse. Therefore, I trust you and I trust your timing regarding ALL things that I want in my life.

Even though I do not have everything that I want, I do have everything that I need. I am thankful for my son, I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for the wonderful people you sent in my life that encourage me everyday, I am thankful for the good times, and even though I would NEVER EVER want to repeat them I am thankful for the bad times too. Because it was through the bad times that I became stronger.  If there is anything lesson that you (God) has taught me, it is that you can only take one day at a time.  Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  And so I have to live today for today.  And each day I want You to show Me what I can do to maximize my day and to glorify you in that day. I want you to show me what I need to do everyday get closer toward the purpose that you have for me. I pray that everyday I wake up that you guide my steps so that I start to live in the purpose and the life that you have for me.

Your Child,


Notice in my letter I have several of the certain key points that I have mentioned above. My letter is just an example BUT your letter can be what you want it to be as long as it serves the ultimate purpose of getting closer to God.

I want to take an excerpt from my Single Mom’s Devotional (click here to buy) so that you can see exactly what I mean.

Have you ever just talked to God? And when I say talk to God, I mean have a conversation. Just let out all of your frustrations, grievances, hurts, pains, and anger even if you are angry at God Himself? What I have come to learn about God is the more you let it out to God, the more you are inviting God to come in and heal your pain. So do not be afraid to offend God by what you are saying and how you feel. He already knows, and the sooner you talk to Him about it,
the sooner He can heal you.

In order to help you out, I also have a Christian Manifestation Guide in a journal ebook.  With 29 affirmations and Bible verses to go with each affirmation AND space for you to write a letter to God as you say the affirmations.  Click here or the picture below to buy.

Also, if you know someone that needs to read this post then feel free to share it with them.


  1. Beautifully written. I really like your blog posts , you have a unique voice and I just wanted to encourage you:)

  2. Benn reading through your work and it has changed how I feel about myself.. and I am more eager to start building that personal relationship with The Father, our Father, my Father. Thank you for reminding me that He is and will always be there to embrace me everytime, anytime. Be more blessed!

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