5 Step Formula That’ll Teach You To Follow Your Dreams

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Are you afraid to follow your dreams? Then I want to tell you this:

“Not following your dreams is the same as failing because they both get you the same results. “

And those results are nothing. I do have posts about getting to your goals BUT more importantly, I want to talk to you about why you should follow your dreams & how you can do it.

1. Follow your dreams ~ Let go of self defeating thoughts

“If you place limits on yourself then you will always feel limited in what you can do.”

 A great book to read on this is the Alchemist (click to buy) (read my book review here). The reason why I love this book is because it speaks about a boy who dared to dream and achieved his dream, without limits. On the way, he meets a bunch of ordinary people who had dreams but never went after them because they always felt that they could not do it.

Motivational inspirational quotes How, When, & Why To Follow Your Dreams Follow your dreams and Follow your heart. Learn how to go after your dreams and how to go after what you want by getting over self-doubt and self defeating thoughts.

According to Psychology Today self defeating thoughts they have prevented you from seeing opportunities and maybe even discouraged you from trying at all. If you are afraid to follow your dreams or you feel that you do not have any dreams, then self defeating thoughts may be the root of your problem. Here is how to handle self defeating thoughts.

Step 1: Write the limiting belief down. Play detective and follow your thoughts and emotions to discover the limiting beliefs that hold you back. Put them on paper and stare them in the face! You might note how strong each belief is and what emotions they elicit in you.

Step 2: Acknowledge that these are beliefs, not truths! This is often the hardest step. “But, but, my limitations are real!” Here’s the place where choice comes in. Which are you more interested in: defending your limitations to the death or achieving your goals and desires?

Step 3: Try on a different belief. Use your imagination and try on a belief that is aligned with what you want. Instead of saying that you will not achieve your dream start to to talk and behave like it will.

Step 4: Take different action. If you avoid taking any steps based on your new belief, you will just feed your old limiting belief. Taking action, even the smallest step, will help solidify your new un-limiting decision. (source).

You should never place limits on yourself and think that your dreams are never going to happen, because they can AND they will happen,  if you work hard enough (see my blog here).  What is the danger of dreaming big? What is the danger of closing your eyes and imagining the best life that you can imagine?  What is the danger of going after that life?  The fact of the matter is that most people do not dream big because they are afraid.  And they allow their fear to paralyze them, which leads them to not acting on their dream and even being scared to dream.

2. Follow your dreams ~ Dreams were meant to be followed

“Dreams are placed in your heart so that you can try to achieve them.”

The wonderful thing about human beings is that God gifted us with this wonderful thing called an imagination.  If God thought so much as to give us the process of having pictures and even dreams in our mind do you not think there is a reason for that.

What I dream about and what I want out of life is not the same thing that you dream about and what you want out of life. Each of us are able to come up with and dream according to the desires and gifts that God has given us (read my blog here on God given talents), and you have to believe that God will not give you a dream or a gift that He does intend to help you achieve.

Trust that your dream was given to you for a reason and trust that dreams were meant to be followed. Also, check out my video below about overcoming roadblocks to get to your dreams. And click here to subscribe to my channel.

3. Follow your dreams ~ Finding Your Gifts

Lets say that you want to follow your dreams but you don’t know what your dreams are or what you are even good at.  Here are 5 way to help you find your gifts by asking yourself these questions. Remember, finding your gifts is one of the first steps to finding your dream.

  • How did you love to spend your time as a child? What did you enjoy doing the most? How would you pass the days and what types of activities were exciting to you? What are you passionate about as an adult? What lights you up and gets you totally motivated? What kinds of things do you enjoy geeking out on? When you lose track of time, what are you doing?
  • What is important to you about life? When you think about the different areas of life (e.g., health, career, family, relationship, personal development, spirituality/religion, fun), make a list of all the things that are important to you in each of these categories.
  • Ask your family, friends, and co-workers. Think of the five people you spend the most time with and identify one or two things that those people are gifted at. You should be able to come up with at least one talent or gift each person has or does that is unique to them. Likewise, the people who know you well or whom you spend the most time with will easily be able to share with you the qualities they see as being your strengths. So just ask around. (Source)

4. Follow your dreams ~ How To Start

Motivational inspirational quotes How, When, & Why To Follow Your Dreams Follow your dreams and Follow your heart. Learn how to go after your dreams and how to go after what you want by getting over self-doubt and self defeating thoughts.

So some of you may be ready to follow your dreams and you may have even found some of your gifts but you just don’t know how to start or where to start the whole process of following your dream.  Here are some tips that will get you started on how to follow your dream.

  • Once you’ve identified your special talents, it’s time to put them to work by exploring ways of building your life around them. You can do this by discovering what it is you’re good at and getting creative with how you can use those talents to serve yourself and others. (source). 
  • Close your eyes and imagine your perfect life.  This is what your dream is and this is what you should try to pursue. 
  • All you have to do is take baby steps. Each day do something that moves you toward your goal and that way you know that you are getting closer and closer toward your dream. 
  • Make tangible goals. You can read my blog here on goal setting and how to make a one year plan.  The goal here is to make a road map to your dreams.  If you can write out what you need to do then you become a lot more likely to do it. 

In this post you have learned why you should follow your dreams, what is stopping you from following your dreams, and how to follow your dreams.  At the end of the day you only get one life and you should want to use it wisely.  Taking time to reach and achieve the biggest goals and dreams that you can imagine is how you should spend life. Because you only get one and you want to make it as amazing as possible. It may sound cliché but remember:  If you can dream it then you can achieve it.

If you know someone who needs to  learn how to follow their dream then please feel free to share this post with them.  Also, consider checking out my Christian Manifestation Guide for positive affirmations and Bible verses that will help you follow your dreams.  Click here to buy.


  1. I love doing vision boards. I was surprised when my daughter asked if we can make new boards the other day. It’s a great activity. I’m a single mom too and know how difficult everything can be, but I’m so happy to see how positive and inspiring you are. It is so important to dream!

  2. I love dreaming big too, why not shoot for the stars? I hope you achieve everything you’re dreaming of.

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