How To Date Yourself, Have Fun Alone, & Learn Treat Yourself Right

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When people talk about dating yourself it can sound depressing. Like you have no friends, no man, no one wants you, and now you have resorted to going out on a date with yourself because you have no one to hang out with. If you look at dating yourself that way then that is how you will come across, as a desperate lonely person with no friends and no man. Instead, you need to look at dating yourself as something different.

Something fun, a chance to have fun with yourself, do what you want, and give yourself what you deserve.  This is why I am going to give you ideas to date yourself at ANY time of the day. That includes morning, noon, and night. I know that everyone does not have the same free time AND I also know that some people may feel more comfortable going out in the morning over going out in the middle of the evening where everyone is coupled up while you are on a date by yourself.

Ideally, dating yourself should be fun not something that gives you a panic attack or something that you dread. Also, you can check out my video below on places to find good quality men, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

How To Date Yourself In The Morning:

Dating yourself in the morning can be the most fun and least awkward. In the morning, there are more likely people who are also at your location by themselves.  Many people like to stop at coffee shops or breakfast places before work by themselves. And if they are there alone then you being there alone can feel less awkward. AND if they are alone it is possible that they may strike up a conversation with you which gives you a chance to meet other people. It’s a win-win.

Places to go to when dating yourself in the morning

  • Bookstores 
  • Coffee shops
  • brunches
  • popular breakfast spots 

Since you are dating yourself there needs to be an actual benefit to yourself.  Choose to read and/or work on personal development. Journal or write a letter to God. These places are normally quiet and they can give you time to think and be alone with your thoughts.  The best thing about a morning date is that you can do it before work and during your self date you can get your mind right, and get it prepared for the day.

How To Date Yourself in the Afternoon

If I am really treating myself and want to spend time alone then I will actually go to a restaurant and get a table for one, sit alone, and enjoy my lunch.  More often than not I enjoy a cocktail as well. You can also choose to sit at the bar if you would like.  If you choose to sit at the bar and eat then you will more than likely strike up a conversation with new people.

But since you are dating yourself I highly recommend just getting a table, sitting down on your own, and ordering your food.  Once again if it is really strange for you then you can bring a book or a tablet or something to focus your mind on. Remember the point of dating yourself is to really have a good time by yourself.

Not just to sit there and wait until someone else approaches you. If that happens then great BUT more than anything you need to get comfortable with yourself and making yourself happy.  Choose to order something expensive on the menu and wine and dine yourself just like you want a man to. Treat yourself kind and get used to a certain type of treatment. Once again if you don’t do it then who will?

Another good option is a movie. The movies are one of the easiest things that you can do alone.  You are sitting in the dark watching a screen, so for me, I do not feel as awkward being alone in the movies because I am too busy watching the movie to care what anyone is doing.  You can even catch two movies in one afternoon if you have time because it is normally cheaper. If you are nervous about going out and being seen alone, try the movies because once the lights go out no one is going to notice that you are by yourself.

True Story. I went to the Alamo Draft house where they serve you food and drinks in your seat. I watched a movie, ordered food, and drinks and wined and dined my own self. It was amazing.

Dating Yourself In the Evening

For the evening you can choose to eat dinner at the house. This is a good option if you want to save money or just do not want to spend money eating out.  If you heard of a Netflix and chill date with other people. You can always have a Netflix and chill night with yourself.  One of the things I like doing in the evening on a date with myself is to treat myself to an at-home spa (click here to see how to do an at-home spa night).

That means putting on a face mask, painting my nails, giving myself a pedicure.  Typically when I am taking a bath I take time to talk to myself and God. And since it is a date with yourself, remember to wine and dine yourself. Get some candles and a bottle of wine. Make it look nice. Make yourself feel special.

Hold a movie night in your house with some snacks or order out if you do not feel like cooking.  If you enjoy cooking you can go all out and make a nice gourmet meal.  You are dating yourself, so you mine as well treat yourself to five star food.  I also typically like to watch movies that no one would want to watch with me.  But take advantage that your movie night is ALL about you. No one will bother you, hog the remote, or distract you from the movie.

Another option for the evening is to go to a hotel for the evening and stay over for one night.   It could be around the corner where you live or even a staycation. I have done this before. Order room service and really feel like you are treating yourself. Going to a hotel is a chance to get away from the house and that way at least you feel like you are somewhere else besides your home.  Kind of like a mini-vacation.

What is the point of dating

The best thing that happens when you date yourself is that you start to recognize how awesome you are.  And if you are willing to go all out for yourself, when you go on a real date then you get accustomed to how you want the date to go. Remember the saying that you can do bad all by yourself well think of it this way you can do good all by yourself to and when a man comes in he at least needs to date you better than you date yourself. And besides, spending time with yourself allows you to get to know yourself and what you want. So even when you date yourself don’t just sit there like a bump on a log. Make it fun and make it productive.

Dating Yourself Final Thoughts

Put some effort into your appearance.  Just as if you are were going on a real date you would get all dolled up, get all dolled up for yourself. Just because you are not meeting a man, does not mean that you should look a mess (click my blog here). I am a firm believer that you should always look good for yourself and not just other people. And looking good for yourself will help you be confident as you go out. And besides, you never know who you might meet (click my blog here).

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  1. I am not single, but this is really good for ANYONE! I need my alone time, it is essential for me to not kill my husband! Lol, thanks for the tips!

  2. Good for you! I have such a challenge trying to do anything alone. I’m a total shut in most the time. If not for my work, I may never leave the house

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