Don’t Settle In Life ~ Be Basic Or Follow This Advice To Become Great

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Don’t settle. You have to dare to be great or settle for becoming nothing much. Have you ever heard that old song “if you don’t have a dream, then how you gonna make a dream come true?” Meaning that if you do not want anything,

“if you do not want to be anything, if you do not dream about anything, or want anything for your life then you will go after nothing.”

Mediocrity will become your reality because that is all you feel that you are deserving of. This is why I say don’t settle and this is why I am going to explain to you that either you can dare to be great or you can settle for being nothing much.

Don't Settle In Life ~ You Can Stay Basic Or Become Great

A dare can be something like jumping off of a bridge or sky diving. And most people are willing to take on the dare because it is fun to do and then you can say you are fearless blah blah and who cares. But once you do that then what?  That experience lasts for a few minutes at best and then it is over.  A better dare is to be great. Because it is not something that is going to be over in a blink of an eye but rather it is an ever-evolving way of life.

  • A dare to be great is a dare for you to try to stretch yourself and your imagination to the limits and really think about what you can achieve in your life AND have courage enough to go after it.
  • A dare to be great is one of the biggest things that you can do because it requires LONG term endurance in the face of adversity and being told no.

It requires that you believe in yourself when other people may not believe in you. And it requires that no matter what obstacles you face you overcome them as opposed to giving into them.

Don’t Settle In Life ~ Why So Many People Don’t Try

Sometimes we do not let our minds really think about what we can achieve.  Because it is too far out there or we are too afraid of success (see my blog here on fear of success). We get afraid of what may be required out of us, we do not want to work hard, we do not want to step out on faith, we are entitled and we think that everything should be handed to us. And so although so many people WANT to be great they lack the desire, work ethic, and push through to make it happen. Check out my video on how to step out on faith below and click here to subscribe to my channel. 

Don’t Settle ~ Case In Point

I got both a Masters’s degree and a Ph.D. as a single mom.  I made a pact with another single mother who did not yet have a bachelor’s but she wanted to go back to school. I told her that we can start school together. She started on her bachelor’s degree and me starting on my master’s degree at the time.

She took one class and dropped out. During the course of her one class, I tried to help her, encourage her, because we had made a pact. And she still dropped out. Because really what it all came down to is that she wanted a degree but she was NOT willing to put in the work.

After she dropped out she used to tell me I would not finish either my Masters or my Ph.D. because I was a single mom. She said even as a single mom she could not finish her bachelor’s and therefore who did I think I was.

But what she failed to realize is that I was not her, I do not live by what other people think I can achieve. I was willing to push through something hard because I had already dared myself to be great and I did not care what anyone else thought about it. So now, I and the rest of the 2% of the population have a Ph.D. While my friend does not even have a bachelor’s. That is a don’t settle moment. You can choose to do something hard or you can refuse to grow and stay the same.

Don't Settle In Life ~ You Can Stay Basic Or Become Great

Don’t Settle ~ What’s My Point

  • When you dare yourself you willing to commit to it. Not just say it because it sounds nice.
  • God gave you a dream on what you can achieve sometimes that dream is only for you and other people will not support your dream (see my blog here) and may even try to discourage you in going after what you want. 

Don’t In Life ~ Stay Basic Or Become Great How To Be Great

A great don’t settle moment was when I was talking to my friend the other day and they told me they did not know how to be great, they did not know what they are supposed to do, and they did not know how they were supposed to find their “purpose” in life was.  You can also read my blog on finding your purpose, but a great place to start is to just use your imagination.

How can you know what to never settle on if you are not even sure where to go. Think about what makes you happy and then go after that life with everything you have. Do not place limits on yourself because once you do that, you won’t get anywhere. God gave us imagination and He gave us gifts. The same thing that you want is not the same thing that I want.  Because we are not the same. Therefore, if you can dream something then know for a fact that it is YOUR dream. That God gave you and that He wants you to pursue it.

Don’t Settle ~ Last But Not Least

It pays to have a positive outlook on ourselves, our lives, and what we can do. How can you really dare yourself to be great if you feel like you suck and you are not worthy of anything wonderful? That is exactly the reality that you will live out if you think that way.

  • If you get anxious, dare yourself to be a conqueror.  Know that you can overcome it.  Believe it and have no doubt in your mind.
  • If you are struggling financially.  Dare yourself to do something about it.  Believe that it is not meant for you to be poor and struggling all of your life. (see my blog on the spirit of poverty

Don’t settle.  Dare yourself to be great over basic. Not only dare yourself but also believe it.  Believing that something is impossible is called faith.  And faith without works is dead.  So if you only believe it, but you do not dare yourself to achieve it, then you will not go anywhere.

And if you are not going anywhere then what in the world are you doing with yourself and your life. Either you are going to take this amazing life, dare yourself to be something great, and make something of yourself. OR settle into mediocre not really doing or being anything much.  You choose.

If you know someone who needs a little dare to be the best version of themselves then share this post with them.

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  1. I LOVE your dare to dream series. They are so inspiring! I love that with faith after daring to dream comes the opportunity for dreams to happen. Keep on being inspiring and sharing joy with others. You are fabulous.

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