6 Amazing Tips On Online Dating That’ll Give You The Advantage

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In this post, I am going to give the ultimate tips on online dating for women. And this is not just any online dating advice but it is dating advice so that you will maximize your online dating experience and meet the right man instead of just meeting a bunch of losers that want to waste your time.

Perhaps you have never dated online before and you just need help figuring it out. Perhaps you have dated online before and for whatever reason, you have not been successful and you are wondering what you can do to make your online dating experience better.  Whatever the case is, trust me I have you covered.

Tips On Online Dating #1 Fill Out Your Profile And Fill It Out Right

So this may seem like common sense but an incomplete or nonexistent profile is not going to get you anywhere. If you have no information about yourself or no pictures then you will not meet anyone.  No one is going to message someone that they do not know anything about or know what they look like.

Some people can get nervous or even embarrassed about putting their information online, but just think of it this way. When someone is looking at your profile they are online too so there is nothing to embarrassed about.  Now that you have gotten the hint that you have to fill out your profile let’s talk about what to put in it that will draw men’s attention.

Tips On Online Dating ~ Here are some general ideas on things to include in your online profile.

  • What you like.
  • What you are looking for.
  • Your Hobbies
  • If you have kids (be truthful) and if you want any more kids.
  • Be yourself and do not pretend to be the person you think someone wants. (see my blog  here for more on this topic). 

Most of all your profile represents you. If you are funny then make your profile funny or if you have a strange sense of humor then add that as well. Your profile is a chance to show potential dates what you are about. So NO cookie-cutter information that everyone else seems to have on their profile. No vague information about “I like to travel” I mean everyone puts that.

Even if you like to travel try to make it more unique and more about why you like to travel and you can even name some places that you have been to. Check out my video below on an online dating app I tried on the Hinge, so you can get some ideas of what I filled out on my online dating profile. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

Tips On Online Dating #2 Get Your Picture Right

This is probably the most important online dating advice that I can give you. Your online dating profile picture needs to be right. Do not put a picture up of someone else or a picture up from 15 years ago.  Do not try to trick someone into putting up a picture that is a non-representation of you.

If you go out on a date you do not want him to wonder why you are 35 years old now and you look like an 18-year-old in the picture.  If someone is going to be attracted to what you look like let them be attracted to the real you. Meaning that you can chill out on the excessive photoshop apps on your phone and do not put pictures up that have a bunch of filters, cat ears, and other random nonsense on it.

Put up a nice picture of yourself, ideally a nice candid photo or a picture where you are in your element. For example, if your profile says you like to travel then add a nice picture where you were actually out traveling is a good idea. It adds the authenticity that says you are who you say you are.

You can (click here for my tips on how to take a good selfie). But you want to have good lighting, nonblurry, a clean background, one where you are dressed nicely, and nothing too provocative or sexually suggestive.  Check out my video below for my online experience on Luxy to see some of my picture suggestions.

Tips On Online Dating #3 Ask The Right Questions

With online dating, some people want to hurry up and meet in person.  The danger of this is you could be meeting an insane psychopath, someone you don’t like, or someone that is not a good fit.  One of the benefits of online dating is that it is supposed to be easy and convenient.

But it can quickly turn into a headache if you get sucked into talking to a bunch of men that are not a good fit.  It is okay to use the chat feature in online dating and to chat back in fourth.  It is also okay to talk on the phone a few times and see what type of vibe you get from the person and if they are who they say they are.  Some of the things you are listening for is

  • Do they have a job?  What do they do? 
  • Do they have children? Or do they have a wife they are hiding away somewhere?
  • Why are they dating online? Are you looking for sex or something serious?

Remember you do not have to be direct in your questioning, but finding these things out through casual conversation. No one wants to feel like they are being interrogated but the whole point of the conversation is to make sure that you are not getting catfished and to make sure this person is even worth your time.

Tips On Online Dating #4 Stay away from sex conversation

If you actually want to have a healthy dating life or a relationship then stay away from the dirty sex talk. If when you talk to a man online he just wants to talk about sex, if he wants you to see half-naked pictures, wants you to have phone sex, he sends penis pictures, or if he suggests that the first date you go on be at his house at 11 pm at night. Then please run.

Tips On Online Dating #5 Pick sites that geared toward what you want to find.

If you are a Christian and want to find a Christian man, try Christian Mingle.  If you are black and want to find someone who is black, try Black People Meet.  If you are over 50 then try a site that is geared toward people over 50.  Then online dating will be like shooting fish in a barrel if you know most of the fish are like you and are interested in the same things that you are interested in.  You will have better success in getting what you want and meeting the type of men that you want.  Check out my video where I review online dating apps that I tried to see if you could meet good quality men on them.

Tips On Online Dating~  #6 Don’t Let Men Waste Your Time

Now, this is not shocking but there are some men online that just want to waste your time. They do not want to date, they do not want to meet in person, they do not want anything serious they just want a bunch of online text and chat buddies.  Do not try to change a man’s mind.

At the first sign that a man is not interested in the same thing you are interested in, they do not want the same things that you want, or they are not showing the level of interest that you want them to show then just move on to the next.  Do not give a lot of time to men that are just bored and are using online dating as a chatroom or a cure for their boredom.

These are the tips on online dating that will have you not wasting your time and making the most of your online dating experience.  If you know a fellow female that needs help in her online dating game then feel free to share this post with her.

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