Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken ~ 5 Ways To Be Confident In Being You

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In this post I am going to teach you why it is important to be yourself, everyone else is taken. Did you know that you are you? It may seem like common sense but really think about this. You are you and no matter what you do, what you change, how much you don’t like yourself you are still going to be you and there is nothing that you can do about it.

You can change the way you look, how you act, and other things about yourself but you will still be you. There is no getting away from yourself and you are going to be you forever.  So if you are you and that will always be the case, why are so many people trying to be like someone else? When being you is literally the easiest thing you can do. All you have to do is just exist.

Here's Why You Should Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken

Be yourself everyone else is taken and know that when you try to be like someone else you will fail because you are not like them and no matter how much you try you are just going to be a cheaper knock-off version of them.  Because no matter how much you try to be someone different you won’t succeed because they are a master at being them and you are a master at being you.

And any deviations of that is just you being a cheaper knock-off version of them, that is kind of like them but not quite.  You see, it is easy to be yourself because that is what comes naturally to you. While it is hard work to be someone else because you have to work at it and it is NOT something that comes naturally to you.  You may also want to check out my video on how to be more confident and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel here by clicking here. 

1. Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken ~ Accepting Yourself As Is

NOT the real Kim and Kylie. But look-alikes

As I was scrolling through Instagram the other day I was met with a BUNCH of faces that looked the same. Like literally most of the makeup gurus I came in contact with looked like a Kim K or a Kylie Jenner.  And although I am not against plastic surgery you have to ask yourself are you getting plastic surgery to run away from who you are or to look like someone else? And if so, that is a problem. It becomes less about what you look like and more about the fact that you are not happy with who you are and so you think that some doctor is going to come and fix it.

Case in point Micheal Jackson.

I loved Michael by the way, but we cannot deny that he had a complex with his appearance.  For example, when he was younger Micheal felt that he had a wide set nose and as we all know Michael continued to get work done on his nose time and time again. It did not matter how pinched or small his nose was he just kept doing stuff with it because HE had a complex about his nose.

All of the other talents that he had got overshadowed by what was going on with his nose and his overall appearance. And no matter what Micheal got done to himself he just kept getting more and more done because he did not like what he looked like, he did not many of his black features, and so it became this unrealistic complex that he just did anything to himself plastic surgery wise because low key he did not like the features that he was born with.

Micheal Jackson before and after

Be Yourself Everyone Else It Taken ~ What’s my point

Micheal Jackson was one of kind and there will never be another one of him. Instead of him focusing on what he did bring to the table, a lot of his legacy turned into what was going on with his nose, what was going on with his skin, and how much he was changing his appearance.

Until Michael just hid away into obscurity most days. That is because Micheal was not okay with accepting himself and was just really bent on being and looking like someone else. When really what he had to offer was unlike anyone else and he should have put a lot of his attention on that. We were not made to be clones of one another.  We were not all made to look like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, or Beyonce, and in the end why would you want to. There is already them and instead of trying to be them why not just accept yourself as is and try to be good at being you.

2. Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken ~ Stop Comparing Yourself

Be yourself everyone else is taken but for most people, it is only natural to compare yourself to others (see my blog here). We are living in the days of social media and Photoshop.  Scrolling through people’s Instagram and Facebook feeds can leave one feeling depressed.  It leaves you with an unrealistic perception of reality because most people only post what they want you to see on social media not what their life really is (click to see my blog here).

As a result, you are always trying to attain a life that belongs to someone else or get what you think someone else has. You must understand that the more that we covet other people’s lives, the more we are moving away from our own life.  What is meant for them is for them and what is meant for you is for you.

But if you are so focused on who they are and trying to turn yourself into them, then that means you are not focused on yourself and you are going to miss out on a wonderful life that is uniquely yours because you are trying to chase and be someone else. Ask yourself, do you think that low of yourself that you do not feel that what you have to offer is sufficient?  I think the biggest thing that you can rob the world and yourself of is the unique set of characteristics and talents that only you bring to the table.

3. Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken ~ You Bring Something To The Table 

  • Be yourself everyone else is taken and You Can Contribute Something To The World That No One Else Can.  But you will never find out what that is if you are too busy imitating someone else. “

The reason why you are not like someone else is that you are you and not them. If you really focus on being yourself instead of on trying to be someone else, you will learn that what you have to offer can be just as equally awesome or even better. Because what you have to offer is only something that you can do. I highly encourage you to read my blog on the women who decided to accept their own flaws (click here to read).

quotes Learn to be yourself because everyone else is taken. Be your own kind of beautiful. Be Yourself because an original because an original is worth more than a copy

In it, I talk about the famous beauty guru Shalom Blac who got burnt as a child and still to this day has burn scars on her face and body. Her earlier video went viral and she showed how she used makeup to cover her scars.  This was something that only SHE could bring to the table due to her unique experiences in life. She did not try to reject what she had gone through in her appearance, instead, she embraced it and uses it to help others.

What’s my point

My point is that when you fully accept who you are as a person then you may be able to find out who you are and what you have to offer. But that can only come when start embracing yourself, your flaws, and even the things that you think are wrong with you or you don’t like about yourself. Who knows? The same things that you reject could be the same things that make you stand out to other people.

5. Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken ~ You Were Meant To Be Unique Embrace It

Some people never reach that mind frame in understanding that you were meant to stand out. Some people want to do the opposite and blend in instead of understanding how truly awesome it is for no one in the world to be exactly like you. If you knew that you were like this precious gem that is one of kind, why be busy trying to change your uniqueness and conform to someone that is not you?

Trying to be like all of the other gems that are a dime a dozen. Robbing yourself of your own life, a life that could have made you 10 times happier because it is uniquely yours. In the end, it takes A LOT of work to try to be someone else.

  • “Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken and Being yourself is the easiest and most natural thing you can do. Because the only thing it requires you to do is to just exist. “

You know how to be yourself because it is the person that you were born as.  There is no trying involved. Who cares what other people are doing, what they look like, or even what they think. If you listen to other people in regards to what you should be doing, then you will be living out their dream and not your own.  Be yourself everyone else is taken.  Be happy being yourself, and feel comfortable being yourself.

Stop comparing yourself to what other people look like, what they do, and their bodies. Stop trying to tear down what is uniquely yours and transform it into what you see someone else has. If God wanted us all to be the same then He would have made us this way. Instead, He saw fit to give you your own face, your own personality, your own gifts, your own talents, and even your own fingerprints.

“If God, thought so much as to make you into this creature that is unlike any other then think the same thing of yourself and become a creature unlike any other. Instead of conforming to the world have the world conform to you. “

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