3 Reasons Why You Should Be Keeping Your Word No Matter What

How To Build Self Discipline In Keeping Your Word

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When people say that your word is your bond that means that your word should be like gorilla glue. Nothing should break it. There is huge importance in keeping your word. Making promises and not keeping them, lying all the time, or just talking and not following through is one of the WORST things you can do.

Whatever comes out of your mouth should be the truth and if you say that you are going to do something then you should do it otherwise you should not say it. What people fail to realize is your word is one of the most important things you have. If no one can believe you, or trust you then what does that say about you as a person?

Your word is your bond Bible verse

But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ Matthew 5:37

If you can’t do it then don’t say you can. Do not be back and forth with your words. All this Bible verse says its to say what you mean and mean what you say.   I recently had this exact conversation with a friend of mine.  She told me that she often makes promises to people with the BEST of intentions but knows that deep down she cannot follow through but she does not want to say no to hurt their feelings.

And as a result, she ends up NOT following through with the promises. And I was trying to explain to her is that you are hurting people’s feelings anyway and you are damaging your own reputation because you are always saying things and then not doing them is a bad look for her.

the importance of keeping your word

Case in point:

This is a true story of mine. I was planning my son’s birthday party when he was 2. I had to pay for the pay per person, and pay per meal. My friends RSVP’d with the best of intentions I am sure. Only to find out the day of that most of them did NOT show up.

Was I mad? Heck yes. Because instead of them just saying they were not coming, they lied, had me spend my money, and then did not show up.  And even though it may sound harsh I am not their friend anymore.

I really do not take kindly to people making me waste my money for no reason or telling me they are going to do things and don’t do them. This is just one example of the importance of keeping your word and how when you fail to do so it can make people lose money and even make people cut you off because it is easier not to deal with you than it is watching you not following through with things you said you were going to do.

Your word is your bond and if when you speak, people can’t believe you, then you have no credibility. 

the importance of keeping your word

I would have rather them be honest and say they were not coming and kept my money in my pocket instead of spending it on food that they did not show up to eat.  Now think back to the people in your life. We all know that person that makes plans with us but never follows through.

We all know that person that we will never trust with important stuff because although they say that they are going to do something, they always manage to forget.  Do we think that person is a bad person, not necessarily; we just think that person is unreliable.

Their word means nothing to us because they have used their word so freely and they have broken it so freely many and multiple times that when they say something we do not even believe them.  I personally think that if you do not have your word then you do not have much.

#1 Keeping your word ~ Now it is time for some personal reflection.

Really think to yourself what kind of person are you. Now what kind of person are you? Is your word your bond? Or do you make a habit of giving your word and not following through on it? Do you say that you are going to do something but don’t?

And then make excuses as to why you didn’t do it? If so then, I am going to name a few scenarios in which not keeping your word is actually ruining your credibility and your reputation. Words have meaning and words have power, (see my blog here for more on that topic).  And when you do not use your power wisely then you will reap the consequences of that.

I also have a video on the type of woman that God wants you to be. From what you say to what you do. You can watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

#2 Keeping your word and How It Is Related To Your Actions

A common term that people say is that actions speak louder than words.  But I would beg a differ; I would like to think that they go hand and hand.  Because if your words were followed by actions, that is a way that we become a more trustworthy person. Just like if our word is not followed by action that is how people come to distrust us.

Case in point keeping your words even in relationships. 

A situation that I know MOST women can relate to. If you meet a man and he says that he will call you the following day, and does, then that begins to build trust.  On the flip side, if he doesn’t then that begins to build distrust. If a man then calls you a month later and says “hey baby you have been on my mind all this time and I love you.”

Would you believe him? I HOPE not.  Because even though he says one thing what he is saying is NOT matching up to what he is doing. He says he loves you and has been thinking about you BUT you have not heard from him in months.

So if his actions do not match his word then what do you start to believe about it word. I can almost bet, that the next time he says something to you, you would just give him the side-eye because he has a history of being a liar.

This type of behavior is what not-so-good men (at least for you thrive off of). You can always watch my video below for more characteristics of men you should not be with.

Case in point #2

If while in a relationship a man says that he loves you and goes out and cheats on you, then that builds distrust.  Although he did not directly say that he would not cheat on you, it is implied that if someone loves you, then they would not want to hurt you, and since cheated, you feel like he doesn’t love you.  In essence, a broken word always seems like a lie.”

That is one of the importance of keeping a commitment to someone. If someone says they love you, that they are going to look out for you, or if they say something that you expect a certain action from them and they do not follow through.

Then not only is trust lost in them as a person but what they say really holds no weight with you because they never follow through on what they say anyway so why even pay attention to what they are talking about. So not only are words important, but words and showing through your actions are even more important.

#3 The importance of keeping your word ~ Even In Your Career

How you are with your words can determine if you can be a trustworthy employee versus an untrustworthy employee.  If your boss is going to give you a second chance when you mess up versus no second chance.  Whether a boss is going to consider you for a promotion versus no promotion. If a boss gives you a deadline and you commit to doing it, that is the same as your word.

If you miss deadline after deadline, then you are showing yourself as an untrustworthy person. Because all this time you have said: “yes I will meet the deadline, yes I will have my work completed on time.” BUT when the time rolls around you have not done anything. What kind of person does that make you in your boss’s eyes? Certainly not a model employee.

If you have a job, then call in sick a lot of time, then that goes back to your word.  When you take a job, once again the importance of a commitment to do the job to the fullest of your ability, therefore not following through on your commitment and therefore it is like breaking your word. If you are really sick then fine.

the importance of keeping your word

But if you are just calling out, lying, saying your grandma died, or your dog died, and just making up crap so that you won’t have to come to work. You are a liar and people will see you as a liar. Never think that your mouth is so slick that you can just say false things that it will never catch up with you. Or like people will not see you for who you are.

Keeping your words on the job and doing what you said you would do can make a big difference in getting a promotion, getting more opportunities in the workplace, or if people see you as a valuable or flaky employee.

This post can go on and on about the importance of keeping your word and the importance of keeping your commitments. That goes for your career, your friends, your relationships, and even your personal life.

Your words are a representation of you as a person and if when you speak your words mean nothing to people then what does that say about you, what esteem will people value you, or really care about what you have to say.

Your ability to keep your word affects the way others see you.  It affects whether someone is willing to enter into a romantic relationship with you, whether someone is willing to put their neck on the line for you, whether someone is going to give you a promotion, or whether someone will co-sign for you.

As a commitment to yourself, I really want you to practice NOT saying things that you don’t mean even if you are afraid that you will hurt someone’s feelings. I also want you to practice that when you say something that you NEED to follow through no matter what.

This will teach you to be more careful will your word and to think about if you can follow through with something before you start telling people you can.

And if you do not know or you are unsure then just say that. Let your word be your bond, let it be as strong as gorilla glue that shows you are a person of your word.

Not like Elmer’s glue that shows people that within a day or two your word will fade away. Elmer’s glue is for children. Get on your grown woman status and learn how to be decisive in your action and the words you speak.

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