How The Last Shall Be First 6 Reasons To Never Give Up

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I want to bring to you incredible lessons on why the last shall be first. To all of you people our there that feel like you are last, life is passing you by, everyone is moving on, moving up, getting married, finishing college, having children, or buying house and no matter how hard you try it just seems as if life is just passing you by.

This post is for you. Now before I get into this post on how the first will be last and the last shall be first I do want to put a disclaimer out there. If you are the type of person that is just plain lazy not doing anything with your life, not even trying, and then wonder why everyone is doing better than you then this post is NOT for you.  This post is for the people who try and try and try but no matter what they do it just seem to come in last place. If that is you then go ahead and keep reading.

Since I am such a metaphorical human being I thought I would actually give you a complete visual of what I am about to say and to show how the last shall be first.  In the video below there are three women racing. The video depicts two women in a marathon about to hit the finish line. They join hands together in anticipation of crossing the finish line together and then all of a sudden out of a no where a third woman from the back runs past them and crosses the finish line before they do and they are left in complete and under shock.  This is exactly what the last shall be first and the first shall be last is like. And in case you are not getting the video and what I mean, watch the video and then let me go ahead and break it down to you.

The Last Shall Be First Metephorical Video

1.The Last Shall Be First: As Long As There Is A Race You Can Still Win

As you watched the video I bet you thought the two women up front were going to win. They were so close! And even more so the woman who won I bet she could tell how close those women were to the finish line. BUT did she just sit there, slow down, give up, and accept her third place position. NO! She sped up, she ran faster, and she won. My point is as long as there is still a race you can still win. The last shall be first can happen as long as the last keeps running and doesn’t give up.

So what people thought you would not amount to anything (Click here to read my blog on what to do when people bring you down)? So what you worked so hard at your job and they did not want to promote you or give you a raise? So what people think that you have no chance in doing or achieving anything significant? And so what if people look down on you.

If you are reading this blog right now then that means that you are alive and every day that you are alive means the race is not over. You can keep going, you can run faster, work harder and get the life that YOU want so that you are in first.  Haters have always been my motivators (click my blog here) and the more people discount me the more it makes me want to win.

Even though you may be in the back you always have a chance of pulling yourself to the front of the pack, a long as you are still running the race and you  keep yourself in the race. Hard work will pay off eventually (click here to read my blog), you will be first, your position in the race will change, and you have it believe that.

And all the people that laughed at you and thought that you would never get ahead will be standing behind you in the finish line wondering what happened, how you managed to beat them, and now they are losing in the race.  Which brings me to my next point. But first, don’t forget to check out my video below or how to trust God’s plan even when it seems like there isn’t one.  And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

2. The Last Shall Be First: Never Give Up

Often times when you feel like you are last you just want to stop and not do anything and that is the last thing you want to do. If you look at the video, the woman from the back literally came from nowhere. She barely even made it to the finish line before the other two people did.  She could have slowed down, stop running, or just got mad and walked off the track all together.

But she didn’t. And even if she did not cross the finish line before those two women at least she would have been close, and even if she came in 3rd at least she would placed, and even if she did not come in third but she just finished the race at  least she would have finished instead of just walking off.

My point is to never give up. Even if you failed, even if you are in the back, and even if you see no way to catch up.  Keep running and don’t just do a slow jog and a half effort but really give it all you got. Because even in failures and the coming up short you learn lessons. But see you would never know that if you just see that other people are first and you are last and so you just decide to give up.

Giving up and losing hope is a quick way to get you no where.  The first will be last and the last will be first only works if you REALLY truly deserve to be first. If you are really doing everything that you are suppose to do then that is when you will truly be first.  Don’t be a crappy individual doing crappy things and think that you  deserve to be put ahead of people in this thing called life. It does not work that. That would be called entitlment which I have a video on that you can watch below.

3. The First Shall Be Last: Never Get Too Complacent

This is for the lesson for the two women that thought they were going to run across the finish line hand in hand and celebrate. This is a lesson for the people who are first or at least they thought they were going to be first. And it would have been a sweet moment, they slowed down, they held hands, and then someone else came in to steal their blessing. That is because they became complacent.  They thought they were going to win and so they stop paying attention and slowed down, and as a result they slowed down so much that they got passed by someone else.

4. The Last Shall Be First ~ Case in point: Me

I am single and I am not married, I am actually still not married and completely okay with it. But the point is that right in my early 20’s all of my friends got married. They were low key throwing their relationships and marriage in my face especially as they celebrated their anniversaries.

And now I have noticed that many of them have slowed down and they have become complacent while I on the other hand have sped up.  Now I am out here living my best life, I went to school, got three degrees, began a business, and became an author (click here to shop)and they are living the same life that there were in their 20’s.  MARRIAGE IS A BEAUTIFUL thing don’t get me wrong. This is not about that.

This is about my friend throwing their marriages in my face thinking they were first, but as time went by they realized that they slowly faded to last. Because I kept running the race while they just stopped.  While they were in a rush to do everything so early, they forget to take their time and really enjoy life and the season that they were in.

They had more responsibilities in marriage and a husband and so they slowed down their own life because they had so many responsibilities and now many years down the line they have some form of regret. Wishing that they would have lived their life a little bit more and had a chance to work on their dreams but now it is 10 times harder because they have 10 pounds more responsibility they have to carry around that is literally weighing them down.

 An unmarried woman or a virgin concerns herself with the Lord’s work, because she wants to be dedicated both in body and spirit; but a married woman concerns herself with worldly matters, because she wants to please her husband. 1 Corinthians 7:34

first will be last and the last shall be first

5. The Last Shall Be First ~ What’s my point?

Trust the process and do not get envious of where other people are in their lives.  Just because someone is first early in life than you are does not mean that you can never be first. Remember the first two lessons. As long as you keep running and never give up then you have a chance to be first. And more than anything never get too complacent on where you are and just think that your current place is good enough. As long as there are people in front of you, you can keep running.

6. The First Will Be Last & The Last Shall Be First: Win and Not Feel Bad About It

How many of you watched this video and felt bad that the two women getting ready to cross the finish line hand in hand because the win got taken away from them? But when you look at the joy on the third woman’s face how can you not celebrate with her? She worked just as hard, she won fair and square, and she should not feel bad about stealing what they thought would be their moment.

It is okay to stand out (read my post on how to be the exception and not the rule).  You cannot be afraid to show how smart you are and you cannot be afraid to win, just because it may hurt someone else’s feelings. You cannot be afraid to let some of your friends or a relationship go because they may be the same people holding you back. Being afraid to stand out will pull you farther and farther to the back of the pack. It will keep you where you are and you will never move forward.

So if you are smart do not be afraid to show it, if you can run faster do not be afraid to show it, if you know you will get that promotion over your friend; then apply. Do not hold yourself back because you feel bad for other people. When you are pulled to the first position you are the leader and there is no one else in front of you. If you feel bad or are fearful of success for whatever reason, then you belong in the back.

“People in the back just follow whatever the people on the front are doing while the people in the front are the ones who determine the direction.”

So remember, even if you are last you are going to be first if you follow these life lessons.  But you will never be first just sitting there hoping for a chance and you’re not actively doing anything to bring on that change.

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  1. Thank you for sharing for the past year I have been drawn to your blog and read it weekly now as I love the wisdom and life lessons you share.God bless you and yours.

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