5 Amazing Prayer Walk Ideas That Will Bless You & Bless Others

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Are you looking for some amazing prayer walk ideas, then do not worry this post has you covered. BUT first. If you are really confused about what a prayer walk even is and why you should be concerned with it. Let me go ahead and break it down for you.

A prayer walk is: is an activity that consists of walking and praying at the same time. It’s done not for the physical benefit but for the spiritual exercise, either publicly functioning also as a demonstration or rally (to let other people know the group is praying), or quietly insight of the subject. For instance, a person or group may be praying for a town or city, and walk the streets of the city while praying, either out loud, or in silence. (source).

Therefore, all a prayer walk really is, is the idea that you are praying and walking. You can determine the purpose, you can determine the reason, you can determine what you are praying about and who you are praying for, you can determine who what where when, or why BUT the only thing you need to be doing is praying and walking. That is it.

Prayer Walk Ideas #1 ~ Walk around and pray for troubled families or individuals.

I am sure that you know someone who is troubled or who has been having a hard time. Perhaps you know someone who has had a hard time, lost a child, is going through a divorce or is just depressed. It could literally be anything. Just simply walk by their house or even their job and pray for them. Often times you can see people are troubled in some way shape or form and of course they are not going to want to tell you all of their business.

So doing a prayer walk for them is a discreet way to pray for them without making a big deal about what they are going through. Especially if they may need some space. So to be clear, you DO NOT need to knock on the door and attempt to pour holy water on them. You do not need to run around making loud noises and speaking in tongues so that everyone in the whole world can hear you. Just walk by and pray, that is it. The point is to pray for someone, not go look all holier than thou and make a spectacle of yourself.

Prayer Walk Ideas ~ #2 Walk around your neighborhood, job, school, or community and pray for its safety. 

Even if nothing is going on in your community, your job, or even your neighborhood.  It is better to be proactive than reactive. With so many crazy things going on in the world and so many mass shootings, there is nothing wrong with doing a prayer walk around your own backyard and just praying for its safety and the safety of the people in it.

You may walk around an elementary school and pray for the student’s safety. But just a general warning, do not do this during school hours or get too close to the school while kids are playing outside.  The last thing you want is for someone to call the cops thinking that you are scoping out the school because you are a kidnapper or something.  But you can do it on the weekends, after the school closes, or even at a safe distance from the school. You can pick a new day to do a new area of your community just praying for its safety.

Prayer Walk Ideas ~  #3 Take a walk in nature and pray for whatever comes to mind.

There is nothing wrong with just going on a walk, talking to God, and praying about whatever comes to mind.  I have a friend that on her daily walks she prays to God. She says that it is the prime time to clear her head and pray for things and/or people that God tells her to specifically pray about. It could be prayers about herself, her family, or even other people.

The best prayers are the ones that come directly from God. Meaning that God is telling you that you need to pray about xy and z.  The best way to get this started is to start walking in a place that you know is relaxing. It can be early in the morning or when you are surrounded by nature. But you really want to create an environment where your mind is calm and you are more open to hearing from God.

Prayer Walk Ideas ~ #4 Prayer walk inside your house.

And why not? There is nothing that says that a prayer walk has to be outside.  You can prayer walk inside your house, especially if it is too cold or if you just want to pray over your house. Your home is where you lay your head and where your family lives. There is nothing wrong with walking around your home, praying, and blessing each part of it.  Praying over your kids, in their room, and praying for them.

Praying for yourself as you walk around in your bedroom or even your marriage.  Do not get so tied up with walking everywhere else that you forget to walk around your own house. As an added bonus you can feel free to turn on gospel music to really get the presence of God flowing through your home. I personally like to use the Amazon Echo, and listen to music throughout my home.  You can click here to buy.

Prayer Walk Ideas ~ # 5 Take a prayer walk where you know people are in need.

You can take a prayer walk around in areas when you know there are homeless people, an area that has a high crime rate, or a high drug usage area. You can pray for the people there, pray for their lives.  Now, remember, I also believe in safety, so your prayer walk may be a prayer drive-by.  You can drive by in your car and pray or can find a safe area and sit in your car and pray as well. Really you have to do what you feel comfortable with and the whole idea is to just send prayers to people in need.

DO NOT feel the need to approach strange people or even drug dealers and lay your hands on them telling them you want to pray for them. If Jesus is leading you to do that then I trust He will protect you. But as a rule of thumb, you are just there to pray. Not to disrupt anyone else’s life or try to condemn people for their lifestyle.

So there you have it, there are all of my prayer walking ideas that pretty much anyone can do. If you know a fellow Christian that may want to implement these ideas then go ahead and share this post with them.

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  1. I have only recently been introduced to prayer walking and think it is such a great idea. I don’t know why I never thought about doing a prayer walk in my house. Thanks for your great suggestions. I’m your neighbor at #FaithFilledFriday. Blessings to you!

  2. I’ve heard of prayer walking in neighborhoods or even down the halls of the church right before Vacation Bible School. But I love your ideas of prayer walking in nature, a prayer picnic, and a prayer drive by! Our communities certainly do need prayer. I hope this idea will catch on and spread across the country!
    Visiting from #FaithFilledFriday

  3. I love your idea of walking around the house and praying in each room. I also love to walk and pray. It’s great for both your physical and spiritual health at the same time. I structure my prayer around a physical exercise routine of warm up, high intensity, low intensity and cool down. With the prayer, I begin by focusing on God, then I talk to him, followed by listening and I finish by asking God to be with me as I go back to my day.

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