How To Walk In Heels Learn In 6 Easy Steps

Learn To Walk In Heels No Matter How High

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Want to how to walk in heels that is beginner  friendly? Well,  I am here to teach you. I actually did not realize that walking in heels was such a thing for some people except for when I was walking into happy hour with high heels on and I saw another woman leaning on the side of the restaurant to keep herself from falling over.  As I walked by, her friend told her “that is how you need to learn how to walk in heels.” Her mistake was that she had on 6 inch heels without even mastering the 3 inch heels, so of course she was going to have problems.

Heels look great, heels can make your legs look great, and build your calf muscles.  BUT if you do not know how to walk in in heels and you are just stumbling and bumbling all over the place then that takes the sexy out of it.  At that point you just look like a baby dear trying to learn how to walk.

how to walk in heels

BUT fear not, ladies. Walking in heels can come as easy to you as walking in flats, but it takes time and patience.  Don’t think that after reading this blog you can just step into some 6 inch heels having never worn them a day in your life be a master at it.  What learning to walk in heels is about, is progression and training your feet and your balance to get used to the idea of walking in heels.  Before getting into the post you can check out the video below from I’m Haute, in which she will give you the same suggestions I give you and give you a visual on how it is done. The idea is to start small and get your foot used to the idea of heels.

How To Walk In Heels Start Low

Depending on your skill level low can be 3 inches or low can be an inch. It really depends on how much you are use to walking in heels. Like if you have walked in tennis shoes all your life I really would not even start by trying to walk in a 2 inch heel.  You are not used to it, your feet are not use to it and your feet may either hurt, you may trip, or you may just look ungraceful walking.

Step 1: How To Walk In Heels Start here if you have no experience wearing heels whatsoever.

If you are a beginner to wearing heels then start with a very low wedge heel. Having a thicker wedge heel helps you keep your balance. Since the heel is distributed evenly it gives your foot the illusion that it is still on a somewhat level surface.

This step is for the very basic I have never walked in any other shoe than a flat shoe all of my life woman. This shoe should be very easy for you to adjust to and it is literally a little above a flat level surface.  Once you feel comfortable walking in these then move to the next step. I also have a post on the boots that I am wearing in the above picture that are the perfect low heel wedge size. You can click here to read it. 

Step 2: How To Talk In Heels ~ The Short But Bulky Heel

Before wedges were a thing, these are the types of heels that I started off at as a little girl. I am not trying to shame you if you are an adult and don’t know how to walk in heels all I am saying is that these heels are perfect aside from the wedge to get you use to heels.  Click here to get the shoes below. 

They are elevated but they are still thick enough to help you balance your weight and keep you from falling. You could probably go up to three inches in this heel as a beginner and still be okay with looking graceful while walking. As I said because of the heel shape it should not take long for you to adjust and maintain balance.

Step 3:  How To Walk In Heels ~ A low-level skinny heel AKA the kitten heel

How To Walk In Heels

Even though you  may have worn a 3 inch of the heel above, I would still suggest you start off with a low level skinny heel. The reason being is because walking in this heel does require that you know how to balance yourself as there is only a point in the back of the shoes.  Do not let the lowness of the heel fool you. I think I have even tripped myself up a bit at times walking in a lower heel and I know how to walk in heels.

Because no matter if the heel is lower it still requires that you balance. Missteps in even a short heel can cause you to loose your balance and most importantly not look graceful when you are walking.  So doing this step with these heels will help you learn how to keep your balance which is a skill you will need as you progress to high and skinnier heels.

It may also be helpful to watch the video below that will teach you how to walk gracefully.  When it comes to the low wedge and the chunky heel, I feel it is a lot easier to maintain your grace. But as you move to a kitten heel and even higher and skinnier heels you are going to want to know how to maintain your grace while walking which is what the below video will help you with.

Step 4: How To Talk In Heels ~ Higher Wedge Heels

The next step is to move up in heel size but it is much easier to start with a wedge heel that is higher than the heel in step two. It is more difficult for you to be knocked off balance because once again your weight is distributed more evenly over the heel.

But walking in this heel is not super easy, you can still fall, you can still lose your balance, and if you are a beginner I would highly recommend you not start with the higher wedge heel. Just because they look easy, does not mean that they are. In fact, below is an awesome video that will give you feedback on high wedges, how to walk in them, etc.

Step 5: How To Walk In Heels ~ Higher Heels with a flat surface (The Thick Heel)

With a thicker shoe heel, it will take some skill to balance but at this point it should be easier for you to get comfortable. The thicker heel does not provide you as much support as a wedged heel BUT the heel is still flat and it is easier to keep your balance in them. This is the last step, of heel before you are ready to move to the outrageous more stiletto type of heels. I love the tips that the video gives you about walking in heel, especially thick ones so be sure to check it out.

Step 6: How To Walk In Heels ~ The Stiletto

This heel is harder to master, but since you have slowly worked your way up you should have a better sense of balance. Once I made it to this stage I was walking in stilettos on cobblestone like I was on the runway, and nobody could not tell me anything. If you look at my picture below, you should know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE stilettos.  Since I am short, it gives me so much height, it is so feminine, and classy, and I just love the overall look. (Click here to get the outfit below in the picture).

How To Walk In Heels

Stilettos  looks the best to me BUT it is also one of the harder heels to walk in. Since the stiletto heel is high and is thin, you have to learn how to walk and distribute your weight evenly so that you do not fall and trip.  You should practice in the house first to make sure you have your balance and feel comfortable.  Also wear them for only a few hours a day at first.  It will take your feet time to get use to wearing heels for a full eight hours. Check out the video below that will give you great tips on how to do that.

Now that you have read all the information and seen all of the videos then you know that you have all the information you need in order to learn how to walk in heels. As you practice you should no longer be the baby dear a graceful and confidence heel walker, ready to slay your day.

How To Walk In Heels

No matter what style of shoe and no matter what size the heel.  If you know someone who needs help in learning how to walk in heels please feel free to share this information with them.

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