5 First Date Tips For Women That You Must Follow

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Hello all of my beautiful confident ladies that are looking for some amazing first date tips for women.  You have come to the right place because I have you covered and I am not going to give you some crazy first date tips that tell you to lean 3/4 over the  the table, while tilting your head to the side, and batting your eyes once per half second so that you can exude optimal femininity and attractiveness.  The tips that I am going to give you are completely realistic, will have your date go well, and will make you stand out among all the other dates that he has ever been on. I promise.

The sole purpose of a first date is to get to know one another and to see where you want to interaction to go, if anywhere at all.  Making first date mistakes can put you out of the running for a second date (you can click here to see other first date mistakes). So cheers to a successful dating life, and also consider checking out my video below on how to weed men out on the first date for more tips for the first date. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

1. First Date Tips For Women Tip ~ Tips First Date Don’t Be Desperate

Women can often behave like men are in short supply so that the when they get on a date they are overly desperate, overly flirtatious, over willing to do something desperate to get the man’s attention and try to make him SEE how amazing you will be as his girlfriend. That is an easy way to turn him off and for you to be put in a situation where he will just manipulate you for his own amusement. Not to mention, this type of behavior does not set you apart but rather it is the same exact behavior that other women are doing so you will be exactly like them in his eyes. Men like to find women that are NOT like other women.

Tips First Date What To Do Instead

Be confident. Behave in a way that you can either take him or leave him. DON’T BE RUDE. But behave in a way that you are happy to be around him, happy to be on the date, but behave in a way that you are so confident in yourself because you, yourself have other options, and so you are not going to fall all over yourself and do back flips to make him see your value or know your worth.

This is the energy that you are going to exude. On a first date, you should be trying to get to know each other, not mapping out your future wedding.  In fact, do not talk about one day wanting to get married, do not talk about  you wanting to have kids in the next year, or none of that. Just talk to him like you would a normal everyday person.

Relax and let the conversation flow, finding out the information you want to find out about him without looking like you are playing a game of 21 questions (click here to find out more).  In this way, the roles should reverse and he will be the one to want to try to impression you.

2. First Date Tips For Women Tip ~ Tips First Date Dress To Impress & Wear Just the Right amount of clothes.

The next of the first date tips for women are to look and feel sexy, but do not mistake sexy for not wearing any clothes thinking that this is the way to getting his attention by showing off so much skin that there is nothing left to the imagination. More skin does not equal sexy, it sends the wrong message.  I once dated a guy who told me he went out with a girl who had a freakum dress on.

He told me that he knew what she was about (meaning sex) when she came to his car and from start to finish of the date, that was his mission. To have sex with her not to get to know her because that is what she looked like.   So still look good, but also be modest enough that people are not mistaking you for a prostitute.

And do not wear too much clothes that you look like a nun. In which case, I want to tell you a real life story. I was helping my friend get ready for a date and she wore something that that my grandmother would not even wear. She put on tights, not stalkings, some grandma looking shoes, and a thick and oversize dress.  Her rationale was that she did not want to look too sexy and when a man looked at her she wanted him to see his wife. He is not going to see a wife. He is going to see his grandma.

Have you ever heard that saying that a man wants a woman in the streets but a freak in the sheets.  I AM NOT telling you to go out and do that on the first date, but when a man looks at you on a date that is what he is going to be thinking.  This woman is dressed in a way that she has just enough class BUT she has her own style to the point that she is confident in who she is probably making him think that you are confident in bed too. Because men typically equate most things us women do to how were are bed. If you are at a total lost on what to wear to a date you can check out my suggestions below BUT also you can download my FREE ebook that will always give you suggestions on what to wear for a date as well. Just click here to download for free. 

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Tips First Date ~ Dinner date outfit suggestions:

No matter where you are going try to dress up a bit, even if he takes you to a restaurant that no one else is dressed up and it looks like he did not put in a lot of effort in planning the date. What your outfit will say, if you go out with me again then you need to take me somewhere that matches this outfit. How would it look with you going to a $10 special dinner buffet dressed nice. Notice the outfits are fashionable, cute, feminine, and sexy but not too sexy that it screams that you are easy and not too conservative that you will remind him of his mom. Here is an example of dinner date outfits from my free ebook that you can download here.

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Tips First Date ~ Day Or Casual Date Suggestions

Even if you are going to a day date do not just go in some flip flips looking any kind of way. You are still going on a date and you still want to look cute.  As I said before perception is everything and when you arrive on a date how you are dressed will give the man an idea of the type of woman you are and subconsciously let him know how you want to be treated. If you show up, with your hair all over you head and looking like you just rolled out of bed, then he is going to think “well she does not care about herself why should I?” That is the last impression you want to give.

3. First Date Tips For Women Tip ~ Nothing Sexual

The next set of dirst date tips for women is do not let men tell you that it does not matter if you sleep with them too soon. It does matter.  They are going to be an active participant in sleeping with you, but after the sex they are going to think that you sleep with everyone on the first date.

Then they are going to wonder how many first dates you have been on.  And then they are going to think that you have slept with everyone on the first date.  And then they are going to be turned off. So no matter how hot he is and no matter how turned on you are.  Do not have sex with him. Do not do anything other forms of technically none sex interactions, do not let him feel up your dress, feel down your shirt, and do not let him get away with any overly sex talk toward you. It is just plain disrespectful and he is trying to see how far you are willing to go.

If he does do any of these things do not get mad and go crazy. Just simply put him in his place in a nice respectful way, with a smile on your face.  For example, on my first date a man asked me if I liked oral sex. REALLY. I am saying this to you, but I was thinking in my head that this man does not know me and he talking about putting his mouth on my vagina.

GROSS. But I remained calmed and simply told him that I did not like talking about anything sexual with men I just met, I would like to get to know him first and IF we ever got to that point I think that would be something  perhaps I would be willing to talk about. Which was a lie on my part because I never went out with him again after that as I found his comment rather disturbing.  But I did not get mad, curse him out, or go off. And I emphasized the IF because that means that I was letting him know that him seeing me was not a sure thing which was really code word for ” I am not easy so try again.”  Also check out my video below for more examples of red flags that women do on dates.

4. First Date Tips For Women Tip ~ Show Some Self Control in Drinking And in Food

For the next first date tips for women you probably need to limited the alcohol. I am not saying that you can’t drink. But you must limit your drinking. Drinking too much can make you do and say things that you would not do under any other circumstances, such as sleeping with a man too soon and embarrass yourself and it is a possibility that you can get sick.

No one wants to go out with someone who is sloppy drunk, throwing up, and falling over the place it is just not a good look. And this whole “I am sexy and I know it” persona that we worked so hard on creating with all the other tips will be washed down the drain if he sees you drunk and unable to control what comes out of your mouth and that you cannot stand up straight.

As for food. I AM NOT one of those people that believes you should just order a salad. If they are taking you out to eat then of course eat. BUT don’t act like you have never been anywhere and order an appetizer, two entrees, send the food back because you don’t like it, then order something a different entree off the menu, then a dessert, all the while smacking your lips and saying how the food is so good.

He will just look at you like you have no home training and have never been out on a date before. Remember you are a lady, so be a lady. Do not argue with the waiter, have good eating manners, and don’t tell your date that your kids at home will love this food and ask can you order a goodie bag for them on his dime.  All that says is that you have no manners, no self awareness, and it comes across as being not being classy. This is the first date and none of that leaves a good impression.

5. First Date Tips For Women Tip ~ Talking Too Much & Telling Your Life Story

The last first date tips for women are just talking to much. I am not saying you can never talk, but have some mystery about you and no one needs to know your entire life on the first date. If that is the case, then he is going to feel as if there is no need to get to go on a second date because he already knows who you are.

The point of a first date is to get to know the person you are going on a date with. Not to talk about someone you are no longer with, not to talk about how everything in your life is going to crap, not to talk about how you have abandonment and daddy  issues, and not to reveal your deepest darkest secrets.  Also watch my video down below on how being exclusive makes you more attractive.

On a date you want to paint yourself in the absolute BEST light possible and telling them all the stuff that is wrong with you and is wrong with your life is not the best light. Of course don’t brag. Have a conversation but also do a lot of listening to get to know him. The first date is about you finding out about him.

If you are talking too much or having an emotional breakdown you are not getting to know that person. Also do not be too loud, talk to loud, or laugh too loud. I have personally observed it in other women and it is the opposite of attractive.

These are the 5 first date tips for women that I have for you and I can almost promise that if you implement each and everyone of these tips that your dating life will improve drastically and you will be getting second and even more frequent dates.

If you know a woman that needs to improve their dating life then go ahead and share this blog with her.

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