The Ultimate NYX City Sets Review

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Let’s get into the NYX City Sets Review.  When NYX came out with these City Sets I was really excited.  NYX is one of my favorite brands that are affordable and that is high quality. You can also check out my NYX must have make up palettes by clicking here.

In any case when I saw this city sets I knew that I wanted them. I loved the idea that all of the palettes are packaged in as a complete look.  They come with a lip color, eye shadows, a blush, and a highlighter.  All the palettes are themed after a city.  Hence the city sets title. I also love this packaging because it really is ideal for traveling.

You have a complete look with the lip color included in one little bundle. So you can just throw it in a carry on and go someone where without having to worry about packing your eye shadows and lipstick separate.

While I am doing the NYX City Set Review, I am only doing a review on the 5 out of the 10 palettes. These were the only palettes that were on sale at Ulta. I will more than likely purchase the other ones at a later time and do a part two review on the remaining ones. Stay tuned on my Instagram when I typically post the pictures there first.

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Nyx makeup review ~ NYX City Sets Bangkok

Nyx makeup review ~ NYX City Sets

Out of all the NYX city sets that I review, the Bangkok set is my favorite. I like the purple tones and the purple lip color. And although it is purple it is not very overbearing so that it looks clownish. The blush showed up pretty decent, but the highlighter on my skin tone did not show up well.  It was too light for darker skin. However, with that all being said. The lip color was pigmented and the shadows that I used were pigmented as well, which is why it was my favorite look.

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Nyx makeup review ~ NYX City Sets ~ New York

Nyx makeup review ~ NYX City Sets

The New York City Set was also one of my favorites. I felt that the palette gives you more of a night look with the colors and the shadows. This lip color was probably my favorite over all.  The eye shadows were pretty decent as well. Like I said this to me is more of a night time look because of the black that is included in the palette but I still favor this palette some of the other ones in which the eye shadows are less pigmented. The highlight and the blush both showed up pretty well on a darker skin tone.

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Nyx makeup review ~ NYX City Sets  ~  Stockholm

Nyx makeup review ~ NYX City Sets

The Stockholm City set was a decent palette.  The colors were a lot calmer and I tend to like bolder colors. Therefore, this palette was not on my favorite list of colors. The lip color is supposed to be a nude, but on a darker skin tone that can look a little odd.  So I did have to line my lips with a brown pencil to make the lip color go better with my skin. What I did appreciate was the highlighter in this set which was apparent on my skin shade the blush was fairly decent as well.  These colors are just for a more natural every day look over a dramatic look.

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Nyx makeup review ~ NYX City Sets ~ NYX City Review London

Nyx makeup review ~ NYX City Sets

The colors in this palette were very pink to the point that I thought the colors would be too light to show up on my skin.  The Stockholm palette, as I mentioned, was too light for me and it felt like I barely had any make up on.  So I thought the London palette would be the same.  It wasn’t, the colors were light but the pink went really well with my skin tone and so did the lighter shade of lip color.  The lighter lip color could be a hit or miss with darker skin, but it was a hit with me and I did not even have to use lip liner or anything to make it blend.

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Nyx makeup review ~ NYX City Sets ~ Santiago

Nyx makeup review ~ NYX City Sets

This make up palette was the one that I thought I would enjoy the most, but that was not the case. The colors were not terrible but I feel like some of the eyeshadows do not really go well together.  The darker color is like a darker purple and the glitter gold color is like a greenish gold.

Although the colors stand well on their own, together it was hard to make a look. It just looked very mismatched. I also like the red color lip shade but it also does not seem to vibe well with the eye shadows.  The highlighter was not a highlight at all but rather a matte type darker shade. It just looked like matte finishing powder.  And the blush was also not very pigmented and did not show up well on my skin.

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Overall, I like these city sets.  I am really crazy about how they all came out with the exception of Stockholm and Santiago. That palettes were not bad per se but for me they just fell flat for one reason or the other. The Stockholm palette is better used for a more natural day time and on a lighter skin tone. While the Santiago needs more cohesiveness with the colors.  All and all I would buy them again and I cannot wait to get the other city sets.

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