How To Find A Job That You Love In 8 Easy Steps

A Guaranteed Method When Looking for a job

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I am going to teach you a super detailed way on how to look for a job step by step and how to find a job that you love. Plus the little hidden tips and tricks that will get you more job options to apply for.  I often get from people that looking for a job is so hard and that there is no good jobs out there. But there are! You just have to know how to look, where to look, and that is what I will teach you. Check out my video down below on how to find a good paying job and don’t forget to subsribe to my channel by clicking here.

The second main issue that I have notice with people when it comes to when looking for a job is that they are not dedidicated enough. You cannot just put in one application a week and hope for the best, which I spoke about in my underemployed post click here to read.Looking for a job is like a part-time job in itself.   Many people I talk to about how fustrated they are looking for a job and when you ask them how many jobs they have actually applied for they tell me they are waiting for a call back from one application that they put in last month.

Which is like a stab in the wind, because plenty of people put in an application and no job is promised to you just because you put in an application.  Therefore, you should always be putting in applications until you get an actual job offer. As many applications as possible and not just sitting there waiting for a call back on an application that you put in on a whim.  I know that sounds a but harsh but if you are going to read my blog expect me to tell you the truth. AND to help you just as much. Which is what I had to explaine to one reader when he sent me an email telling me how harsh I was because he could not find a job.  You can watch me response to him below.

Yes looking for a job is hard but rejection is just part of the application proccess.  That does mean that you just stop. So many people get discouraged when looking for a job because they may not know where to start, they do not get a callback, or they may not be doing it right. Such as issues with their resume (click here) for resume tips or that they are a recent college grads (click here) that can assist you if you are in that situation.  We all have our burdens to bear but I assure you, you can STILL find a job as their are plenty of people who do and you are in luck because I am going to tell you exactly how you can find a job step by step, with these little tips and tricks.  So let’s get into it.

1. How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love ~ Job Search Engines DONE Right

I may not look that old but I remember when you actually had to visit places and search through newspapers to find a job.  But now the internet has made the job searching process ALOT easier for you. To make this easy I suggest using Indeed.  BUT there is a right way to use Indeed and there is the BETTER WAY. I am going to tell you the BESTEST way, that’s right a step above the BETTER WAY. Most people tend to search a term that is very basic and generic and once they have gone through all of those results they are left fustrated by the results.

But that is not a proper job search that is only the begginning, if you can master the right way to do a job search using a search engine you can easily find 20 jobs to apply for in a week, which if you really want a job should be your aim.  Let’t start with the basics.

2. How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love~ Job Search Engine

What you want to do is search for a title. Both a common title and uncommon titles.  Since I am in the mental health field I will show you how using examples from the mental health field but of course you want to apply this to the actualy field you are working it.

First I start with common titles that are in the field. This includes counselor, mental health counselor, professional counselor, therapist or mental health professional etc. You need to come up with 5-10 common titles to search to get the best results.

3. How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love ~ How To Make Job Search Engines Work For You

This of all the common titles that you can go by. I do not care if you are a front desk clerk.  Common titles still include secretary, adminitrative assistant, if you are lost then search Google for similar words.  Look below, just by doing a Google search for similar terms for a secetary.  It really is that easy. Come up with 5-10 (ten is ideal) and search those terms.

How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love

4. How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love ~ When your job search runs deep

The above job search is basic, remember I told you that I was in the mental health field and I came up with 10 words in the mental health field that I search. Those are very basic words that are known within the mental health field. But now you are going to with other words that are perhaps not so known in your field that are still related to mental health professionals.

The way that you will come by these words is while you are searching in Indeed with the orginal search terms you will look within the job description and you may notice words that keep appearing that were not in your orginal search terms.  Make a list of those words and search for those as well.  I am going to go back to the mental health example.  Below in a screen shot where I searched for mental health and I noticed other key terms that are within the field that I can also search for that will yield more search results.

How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love

Notice the highlights, these are new key words that you will now search that you discover from your orginal list.  Once I have searched the jobs on the first list then you use other names that are still used in the field that you may be qualified for they include social worker, case manager, care coordinator, clinical assessor, human services counselor, family, and youth advocate, victim advocate, mental health advocate, mental health consultant, clinician, family advocacy worker, qualified mental health professional, residential counselor, recovery care coordinator, or licensed mental health professional. These are just to name a few. Because the list can go on and on. For this,  once again you need to come up with 5-10 names so that you can get the maximum results. The more the better if you can come up with more than 10 then great!

When I searched adiministrative assistant below is one of the jobs that came up, notice the highlights and once again these are new search terms that you can use that were not in your orginal search that you will use for additional searches.

How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love

Not all jobs call the same professional the same thing, so searching for just a front desk clerk would limit your results. But searching for alternative names for titles that are in your field will give you many more results and all of the qualifications for these alternative jobs are the same or very close. Just the above job is called an assistant to the CEO over just a receptionist.  So notice how using limited words would not have showed these results.

5. How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love ~ Expanding Your Job Search To Tailor You

If you have specialty experience or are looking for a specific population then this will give you more search terms. For example, I have worked with the military population. With that experience, I can pull up additional search terms. Such as Military Life Consultant, Work-life consultant (known in the military),   Wounded Warrior Consultant, Veterans Affairs caseworker, Veteran Health Care Specialist once again these are just to name a few. Another 5-10 terms you want to come up with.  (More if you can)

If you are into marketing but you are not into product marketing but more social media marketing then using a Google search to get other terms that you can put into Indeed to search for jobs. Include the following below.  Once again, search each term individually to get the most search results. And this will get your more results geared toward your focus of internet marketing over general marketing.

How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love

This  tip is not to search titles but rather keywords that may appear in a job description.  The way to do this would be to think of any keywords that would show up in the job description of the job you are looking for and search it.  Going with the mental health example some would be conducting clinical assessments, providing mental health, mental health diagnosis, mental health care coordination, youth and family advocacy, family advocacy program, treatment plans, human behavior, human services, or mental health clinics. And like the above example, you can also get details based on experiences such as military mental health, veteran benefits administration, wounded warrior programs,  or veteran’s health administration, Just to name a few.

If we were to continue on with the social media marketing example here are the words that you should focus on in searching:

How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love

As an additional tidbit you can search a certain degree or programs that only you would be familar or that you have. As the case above.  Also search programs that you are certified in such as Adobe Photoshop or something of the like as in the job description above. All of which should render you more jobs that are different from each other, and remember the more you apply then you are likley actually get a job over just applying for one and waiting.  This is simply math.

6. How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love ~ How To Look For More Jobs Is To Go To The Company Site

Now that you have the basic job search engine out of the way you can expand more. An easy way would just to plug in the company that you want to work for in the search engine and they will show you all the results. In addition, if you see a job that you really like through the search process above, Google the company and then go directly to their website.

For example in the social media example if it is a company like Facebook or Instagram, we know these are tech sites so we KNOW for a fact that they probably have more jobs on their site that are in your niche since that is what the company does.  Just like going to a hospital’s website when you are in the medical field will probably have 80% medical jobs, which gives you more jobs to apply for.

Even though you did a detailed search of jobs through the job search engine. Often times all the jobs from the company do not show up. So once you see a job that fits what you are looking for, going directly to their website and looking up additional job postings though their sites give you a better chance of finding a job that will also fit. You may find one or two jobs through Indeed but going directly to their website and looking at their open positions may allow you to find more jobs that you did not see through the job search through Indeed.

7. How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love ~ Local, State, and Federal

The last type of job search that we will talk about is the government job searches that are through the local, state, and federal level. The local levels include your city or county. In order to find these jobs you will have to Google what your county or city website is and they typically have something on their website that tells you to view their job openings.

Also with local jobs, do not just limit yourself to your current county or city but also include ones that are nearby that you are willing to drive to. Nine-time out of 10 each city and/or county has its own separate website that they list jobs on.  So do not expect to go to your county website and see all of the local government jobs of other countries or cities, each has their own. And you need to visit each one and do a job search there.

The state website is a little different. Going to your state website for jobs, mean that all the jobs are listed for the state.  But these are only state jobs.  Meaning that even though your county or city is in the state, that does not mean it is a state job.  State jobs are separate from county or city jobs in the way they are funded and who you work for.

You can work for the state and the job can be in the city you live in, but that does not make it a city job.  So what I am saying is that even if you applied for a local government job do not think that it was included on the state website and vice versa. They are two separate things. When going to the state website, be sure to select all areas in which you are willing to travel in the state to get the most of out a job search

USAjobs is the hub for all federal jobs.  If you want a federal job then it is simple, just put in your zip code, how far you are willing to travel for example (25 miles or 50 miles) and then search the jobs.  I do not recommend putting in a key word, there are typically not a lot of Federal jobs because people tend to NOT quit those jobs. So I recommend searching for all of them in your area.

8. How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love ~ You Must Remember These Things:

Above are the ways that you should look for a job but if you really want to get one them be sure to do the following:

  • How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love ~ Apply for at least 5 a DAY.  Looking for a job is NOT applying for one job a week. If you want a job and a really good job, know they are competitive and make it your mission to apply for 5 a day. It might start to get hard as it will seem like you applied for them all, but it will make you get more creative in your keywords if you put a 5 job a day limit on yourself. You will find yourself pushing to find more jobs to apply to meet your 5 a day quota. This is at least 25 jobs per week.
  • How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love ~ Apply for things that you somewhat qualify for. The fact of the matter is that it is really hard for one person to meet every single thing mentioned in every job announcement.  When you read the job announcement if you feel that you have the experience or can do the job listed, then apply for the job.  The only thing they can tell you is no.  People have gotten jobs that they have not met all the qualifications for all of the time. Myself included. So do not limit yourself.
  • How To Look For A Job & How To Find A Job That You Love ~ If you are looking for a job then follow the above tips. I promise you that by following these techniques above you will have a job in no time. Remember it is hard work, but any job worth having does require dedication to apply to.

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