Create A Makeup No Makeup Look In 6 Easy Steps

How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

Welcome to the makeup no makeup look 101 and if you are confused on what  it is exactly, it is exactly what it sounds like. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, if you are going to wear makeup then why would you want to look like you are not wearing make up? Good question, the point is to give you a more natural everyday look that is both quick and easy. And for me personally, I think that it is good for covering up those imperfections in the skin while still looking like you woke up like this!  Even though you know that you didn’t wake up like this. Does that make sense? I hope so.

I will share my tips for the makeup no makeup look. And of course you can feel free to add, take away, or adjust to come up with your own routine that is befitting to you.  Not every no makeup makeup look is the same, so feel free to alter it how you want.  On any given day as you will see even my no makeup, makeup look can vary. You can watch one of my youtube videos below on how I created a makeup no makeup look if you need more of a moving visual representation and don’t forget to click here to follow me. 

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1. Make Up No Make Up Look The Foundation

I will cover the full coverage, medium coverage, and light coverage options. Remember I told you that the point of the makeup no makeup look is to cover up some imperfections so depending on how many imperfections you have, you may want a heavier foundation.  Also check out my blog post on products for acne prone skin if you know this is your skin type to ensure you choose foundation that helps your skin and not makes your acne worse.

2.  Makeup no makeup look ~ How To Create A Full Coverage Look

For myself I go with the full coverage.  For me this is ideal because my skin is not perfect as I have dark spots on some parts of my skin (which have since improved, but I still use full coverage).  Even though I am doing a makeup no makeup look I want my skin to look flawless even though it is less than flawless.  The key to having foundation is for the foundation to look like it is your skin.  I love NYX as a brand, they are reputable, affordable and they have a full coverage foundation that you can buy here.

You can stop here, BUT for me to set my foundation and for more coverage, I add a powder foundation lightly (NOT CAKE) but lightly.  For more coverage add powder such as the L’Oreal True Match powder (click here to buy) or setting powder to  just set the liquid foundation with no additional coverage Ruby Kisses HD Setting power click to buy.  Because the setting powder is just made for setting it does not need to match your skin tone exact because it doesn’t actually add pigmentation but just sets, so the setting powder only comes in three colors light, medium, and dark and thats good enough.

3. Makeup No Makeup Look ~ How to Create Medium To Light Coverage

makeup no makeup look

If you do not require full coverage and want to go lighter then you can feel free to just go with the powder foundation.  Once again Loreal Match foundation is ideal (click here to buy).  You can build the powder foundation or just lightly put it on, depending on how much coverage you feel you need.

3. Makeup No Makeup Look ~ Eyebrows

I have a blog on how to shape your brows you can click here to see it. For the makeup no makeup look, you do not want your brows to be overly done.  The first thing you want to start off on are eyebrows that are already arched or shape how you want them.  Then lightly fill them in with an eyebrow pencil, one that is a little lighter than your natural brow to give it a more natural effect. No need to like overkill, this should legit take you one or two minutes.  If you keep your eyebrowsare kept arched, then just filling them in is just good enough when you are doing the make up no make up look, you do not need to overfill or over do remember NATURAL.

4. Makeup No Makeup Look Eyeshadow

How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

The key to the makeup no makeup look is to get eyeshadow that is easily blendable to your skin tone.  What I like to do is stick to light and darker brown colors, because my skin is brown.  That way the makeup looks more natural.  And any eyeshadows that have the words neutral tones or natural in it are good tones to go with.  Also, if you are a starter then getting small eyeshadows trios (click here) that tell you were to place the eyeshadows (i.e crease, lid, etc. are really helpful)  So before you buy be sure to keep all of these things in mind.

5. Makeup no Makeup Look Apply The Bronzer and Blush

How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

This is one of those things that are optional.  Adding bronzer, gives more of a makeup look, but to me it can just add more of a glow to your skin. BUT you can trick people into thinking that somehow someway that when you step out into the sun your sun glows magically.  Which is why I add it to my look. NOW, now all bronzer are not created equal in terms of effect.  You can have a very toned down bronzer that does give you a very no make up type of feel and looks like you barely have anything on OR you can have bronzer overkill like I have in the above picture.

If you want an option for a light bronzer /natural bronzer, where you can barely tell you have on anything but it is a very light bronzing effect then I recommend. The Rimmel natural Bronzer, which as you can tell from the name is made to look natural, and you can click here to buy.

For a more dramatic option consider the L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics True Match Lumi Bronze It Bronzer For Face And Body (click here).  Which will give you more of the look I have above.

Blush is also optional, but if you choose to add it then of course do not get carried away.  Choose a really light blush or one that blends well into your skin and do not put much on.  It will give you more of a natural glow around the cheek area over a really made up look. I also suggest the True Match Blush, and choosing a lighter color for a natural look (click here to buy).  It is blendable and comes in various colors that way you can get a color that is suited for your skin tone and can blend in to give you a more natural look.

6. Makeup No Makeup Look ~ Lip Color

How To Do A Makeup No Makeup Look In 4 Easy Steps

For lip color you also want to go more natural.  But you can use more of a color variety here.  You can use a neutral tone lip color.  For myself, since I am black I find that a brown lip color works best for my neutral tone as well as a light pink lip color, or even a lip gloss (but lip gloss is something I find I have to keep applying throughout the day).  So I would choose lip stick they have shiny ones if that is what you need just because it lasts longer.  Sticking to pink, natural, or glossy.

These are all of my suggestions for the makeup no makeup look.  Feel free to add and take away as you see fit.  But the key to ensure that it looks more natural and effortless as possible, even though it isn’t.

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