Say No To The Single Mom Struggle ~ 3 Tips To Fix Your Life

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Single moms stop settling for mediocrity and don’t give in to the single mom struggle stereotype.  Because you do not deserve a sub-par life.  Often times as a single mom there are so many judgments thrown at you about the struggles of a single mom, telling you that you are lucky to get what you can get because you are a single mom after all. Or maybe in the back of your head as a single mom, you buy into the single mom struggle narrative and think this is how life is supposed to be.  Why try to get a better job or even go to college?

“You have kids that will be too much just.  Do not aspire to have your dream home or to travel. You have kids woman that is too much. Just stay where you are, settle at the job that you are at, struggle financially, after all that is what single moms do, right?”

WRONG! That is so WRONG. You know what all these words are equal to mediocrity, struggle, and you living under what God intended you to be.

BUT it is a great thing you have me, another single mom that refused to give into the single mom struggle narrative.  Because I am here to tell you otherwise AND show you otherwise.  You can watch my video below on my single mom level up story because seeing is believing and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

1. Say No To The Single Mom Struggle By Shifting Your Mindset

As a single mother, you should never settle for less than what you deserve and really the only person that can determine what you deserve is you.  If you are stuck in the poverty mindset (read my blog here) and think that living in a tiny place, living paycheck to paycheck is what you deserve then that is all you are going to get and that is all you will aspire to be.

First, you need to know what you deserve AND who you are, as I wrote in a previous blog (click here). If you are a daughter of a King (AKA God) then that makes you a princess. Single mom or no, no one cannot tell me that I am not royalty and since my father is a king THEREFORE I feel I deserve the life of a princess. As grand of a thought that this may seem, it has not failed me and it is a reminder that I was not put on this Earth just to be without. YES, we do have to work for it, but thinking that you deserve it is the first step.

The Bible teaches us that whatever a man thinks in his heart so is he (Proverbs 23:7). Meaning that if you think that you deserve less because of your situation then that is what you get. And if you keep making excuses because you are a single mother, then that is what you will become.  Figure out what you deserve, do not blame anyone else for your situation (click and read my blog here). And once you know what you deserve in your career, lifestyle, relationship, and your home; fix your mind upon these things believe that you can have them, work to have them, and they will come to pass.  Also check out my video below about being a daughter of a king.

2. Say No To Single Mom Struggle ~ It is Not Meant For You To Struggle In a Relationship

As I mentioned before, just because you are a single mother facing single mom struggles does not mean you have to suffer from single mother syndrome (read my blog here) and take whatever Tom, Dick, or Harry that shows you attention because you somehow think that no one is going to want to be with a single mother.  If that is the type of energy that you put out that is what you will get (remember tip #1).  There are so many men out there that prey on the unsuspecting single mothers with low self-esteem, just waiting to take advantage of their desperation.

As a single mother despite the struggles of a single mom, I feel that your standards should be even higher when it comes to relationships.  I spoke about this in my when to introduce your boyfriend to your children’s blog (click here to read) or you can watch my video below.

At the end of the day, you are a single mother with children. One of the single mom struggles is that you cannot afford to bring any man around your kids.   Any man that has psychological problems, wants to verbally abuse their mother, or has no interest what so ever in your children but their only interest has sex with you (click here to read my blog on how to be celibate as a single mother) is not a man you should be wasting your time on.  That is the last thing that you want around your children and the last example that you want to show them.

So when you think about what you deserve in a relationship as a single mother, then know that what you deserve is a good man that wants to be there for you and your children, and does not see your children or you being a single mother as a hindrance but rather something that makes you a better person (click here to read my blog on the benefits of being a single mother).

You deserve a man that helps you, not hurts you or expects you to provide for them in the same way that you provide for your kids.  I think so many times as single mothers we just think we must take whatever relationship comes our way even though it is not the BEST relationship. Says who? There are good men out there that want to elevate your status as a single mom and not bring you down or cause you more stress.

3. Say No To The Single Mom Struggle In Your Career

There are so many aspects of how women become single mothers and there are so many struggles of a single mom.  Some single mothers have children really young and never have a chance for their career to take off, some single mothers are single mothers after a divorce and find themselves having to enter the workforce again after being a stay at home mom, or their husbands were the primary breadwinner and now they need to make more money, or whatever the case may be.

Apart of the struggles of a single mom is that often times single moms may find themselves not having the skills to get a good job, not having the time to go back to school, or do not feel equipped to enter the workforce due to lack of experience. But no matter what your age is and your experience level then know that you should never settle for less than what you deserve in a career.

I do not care if you never worked a day in your life and you have aspirations to make 6 figures as a single mom you can do it. You can click here for my post on how to search for a job. That is all it takes is a decision and the hardwork to go behind it.  Also check out my video down below on how to hustle as a single mom and make more money for now and in the future.

Therefore, stop settling for mediocrity and stop thinking that you have to be apart of the single mom struggle. Say to yourself that you will make no more excuses and come up with a plan for you to step into the life, career, money, and even the relationship that you deserve.

If you know someone who could use this information then feel free to share this post with them.

If you know someone who could use this information then feel free to share this post with them.

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