6 Very Common Social Media And Dating Mistakes To Avoid

8 Social Media and Dating Mistakes You Should Never Make

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Social media and dating go hand and hand apparently.  Let’s not pretend we did not all hear that song. It goes down in the DM’s. But if you listen to the song he is literally talking about someone sending him vagina in the DM’s which is not a mistake you want to make.

social media and dating social media for dating sliding in the dms

If you want to use social media for dating then I am a person that in whatever way you want to date then go ahead and do you boo. But the down side to making mistakes on social media is that when you put things out there, then it is out there and there is not taking it back.  So cool, you want to date on social media. GREAT, but avoiding making these mistakes. Also, check out my video below for more tips for sliding in the dms subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here.

1. Social Media and Dating Mistake ~ When Dating Social Media For Do Not Do Too Much Too Soon

Sliding in the dms sounds cute then you start doing too much too soon and this is a quick way that will have you with EGG on your face.  You may have just went on a few dates, you may have been chatting to someone online and then you want to go post about how in love you are and how you found the one.  Right out, on your social media. And before you know it, within 3 weeks he no longer wants to see you or worse he just thinks you are crazy because you want to post a relationship on social media that he does not see the same way.

Now you have to go back through all of your social media and remove the pictures, tags, and the comments of you and him together.  And when friends ask you what happen you have to try to avoid their comments and pretend that you do not see them so that you will not be embarrassed.

Oh well, the embarrassment has already occurred.  People can clearly see that you were in a dating situation, got caught up, embarrassed yourself, and now you are trying to back track.  I am not saying that you can NEVER post your relationship on social media. But know that one thing you want to do is don’t be so social media crazed that you just do the most way to soon causing you to regret your decision.

2. When Using Social Media For Dating And Sliding In The Dms ~ JUST Having An Internet Romance

So legit I cannot tell you how many people have started a social media relationship maybe they have not even talked to the person in real life or even went on a date and all of a sudden you are in relationship.

You can use social media for dating but let’s not forget what a real relationship is.  It is one in which you have human interaction with one another and not to be in some imaginary relationship with some self proclaimed prince in another country. Social media and dating only go hand and hand if you are actually dating and if you are seeing each other in real life.  And a relationship is only a relationship if you are actually in one.

Social media can be used for dating but that should not be your MAIN form of communicating and seeing each other.  That is not real.  So do not get so caught up in your head that you make social media relationship into a real one and you have not actually taken the interaction off social media.

3. When Using Social Media For Dating ~ Don’t Stalking Them

Often times when people become friends on social media they turn into a full fledge stalker.  They comment and post under all of his pictures, look into all his past picture to see the reoccuring girl that is in the picture and then want to question them on if that is their girlfriend.

All this does is prove that you have some insecurity issues.  There is nothing wrong with liking and commenting on people’s social media, but there is a such thing as going OVERBOARD. And trying to get to know a man’s past, present, and future…. starting arguments over pictures or arguing in the comment section with other women because you started talking to this person is a bit crazy.  Don’t do that.

The fact of the matter is I caution anyone from becoming friends or following someone too soon on social media. Because as soon as you do it, you start to go into let’s see what I can find mode. You dig 5 years into the past on this Facebook and see what you think was a girlfriend once upon a time ago, and then you go to her Facebook page, stalk her images, and then see her profile picture still has him in it.

Then by this time you are accusing him of cheating on you and still seeing another girl. Unless you have amazing self-control not to stalk OR unless you are like me and you can stalk and keep your mouth shut (we all doing it don’t judge me); stay away from his personal social media all together.

Always remember, social media and dating is just that.  I bet that unless he has called you his girlfriend then expect for him to be sliding into the DMs and attempting to date other people.  So if you just want to became friends on social media and become jealous over what you see when really you are JUST dating, then that is a sure way for your social media and dating venture with this person to come to an end.  You can also check out my video down below for more social media for dating ettiquette.

4. Social Media For Dating Mistake Don’t Tag Him

There are some things that you can tag him such as pictures, but even that is risking it.  The last thing you want to do is to do too much remember tip #1. I think when people start doing the whole dating and social media thing, social media can become such a focus of the relationship that everything MUST be proclaimed in social media.

And social media is cool but it is not real nor it is a determination of if your dating venture will be successful. But let’s go back to the old school dating rules and take things SLOW. So keep the tagging to the minimum if at all.  When he takes you out, you do need to post a status and say: Out with my favorite guy then tag his name.

You also do not need to do a check in or do a story every place you guys go to. You do not have to take a picture and post it to Instagram and Facebook, tagging your location AND him in the process.  If you really are enjoying each other than you do not need to document every waking moment of you two together (see my blog here). Sometimes it is better to live in the moment.

5. When Sliding In The Dms Remember No Drama

Always keep it classy on social media (also click my blog on how to be classy).  No matter if you are newly dating or have been dating for a while NEVER let social media see you become unhinged.  Never talk about your boyfriend cheating on you, dumping you, calling him out on his page for not answering his phone, telling people what he is not doing for you, or getting into an argument with one of his social media friends.

If you have something to say then say it directly to him. There is no need to have your business all over social media. Even though people may not respond to your nonsense, they will be sitting there reading your wall, waiting for the drama to unfold.  And the only person that is left looking like a psycho path is you.

If you are woman enough to date, then be women enough to not be about the drama.  Do not use social media as a platform to air the dirty laundry.  You can also check out my video down below for more tips on how to be on your grown woman status.

6. When Sliding In The Dms ~ Do Not Send Stuff You Will Regret

This is pretty much social media and dating common sense 101. If you are drunk then stay away from social media. Do not go scrolling through Instagram and start DMing random people that you feel like you have a connection with saying something crazy, sending half nude pictures, or going on an incoherant rant in their DM’s about God knows what because you are not in your right mind.

And even if you are not drunk remember to be cautious on what you say and even if it is in a private message nothing is ever private when it comes to social media. Because it is out there forever and if it gets out to other people (which it can) you do not want to be embarassed by what you sent or said to someon OR worst, your nudes they decided to show their friends.

I am all for social media and dating, why not. But do it with common sense and do not do the MOST just because you have found some type of courage because the person is on the other end of your phone/ computer and you cannot see them.  It does not matter, do not make mistakes, or do something you will regret later.  Get it, got it, good.

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