What Is A High Value Woman? 10 Ways To Become Her On A Budget

How To Upgrade Yourself, Your Status, & Your Social Standing

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What is a high value woman and how to become her while on a budget? I am going to give you tips on how to upgrade yourself. In the words of Beyonce Partner let me upgrade you. Or better yet you are going to upgrade yourself.  You will become Beyonce, okay so maybe not but I want to teach you to upgrade ever single thing about yourself.

1. What Is A High Value Woman & What Does It Mean To Upgrade Yourself?

If you want to know what is a high value woman and the high value woman traits then know this. It means to upgrade your life, upgrade your appearance, and to upgrade your money, your career, upgrading is living your best life.  What I will not encourage you to do is to go out and spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery or anything crazy like that. I feel you can be upgraded as is and plus y’all know I am cheap. So I will give you some tips on how to upgrade yourself and your lifestyle spending the least amount of money as possible. Also, be sure to check out my video below for for my level up story And subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

2. High Value Woman Traits ~ Upgrade Yourself and Your Appearance

What is a high value woman she is a woman that looks her best. The first thing we are going to do is to focus on upgrading your appearance.  When you think of upgrading yourself you need to first evaluate how you look when you walk out of the house.  Some of the things that you do not want to look like when you walk out of the house is being too provocative.  People should see you as a classy woman (see my blog here on how to be classy over trashy).  People should not mistake you for a stripper, streetwalker, homeless person, or a prostitute. Not trying to be judgemental and also I believe in dressing nice.  Watch my video down below to see examples of what I mean on how to dress.

But look classy nice. Not, I look like a hot mess or like I have no clothes on.  If this often happens to you when you leave the house then you know you have some changes you need to make. Also, I have a free capsule wardrobe ebook that you can get for a year long worth of outfit ideas that are super stylish in case you don’t know where to start. Click here or the picture below.

2. High Value Woman Traits Do Your Hair

You can learn to do your own hair or you can put a wig on your hair.  I do not care how you do it or how you pull it off, but when you leave the house your hair should look done.  Not matted and it should not look like it is flying all over your head. You can look really put together in all other areas of your appearance but if your hair is looking like who did it and what for, you will not look upgraded. I tend to do alot of hair tutorials on my YouTube Channel which you can click here to subscribe to my channel.  Either you can learn to do your own hair which is what I do to save money or you can pay to have someone to do it.  To save money think of going to beauty schools where they will do your hair for cheaper.

Having healthy hair, or having your hair done makes you look put together over all.  If you watch my level up video notice how I looked when my hair looked a hot mess versus when it looks like nice like the picture below.  Enough said. Also, check out my video below for more tips on how to level up.

3. High Value Woman Traits Your Clothes

I am a huge advocate of the thrift store.  If you do not have the budget to go out and buy a lot of expensive clothes, then the thrift store is a great option for you.  If you do not know where to start, don’t worry I got you. Check out my blog on how to find a quality thrift store by clicking here. The clothing you want to focus on getting is finding high quality, sophisticated, and classy looking clothes.

Start a Pinterest Board for inspiration, I have a fashion board which you can look at here that I look for, for inspiration. Do not get thot wear, provocative clothing, or anything of that nature. I also, suggest Stich fix for finding a personal style or getting clothes base on a budget you set, from a personal stylish.  Click here to read my blog on that.

Focus on high-quality brands that will put you on your grown woman status.  This includes Ann Taylor The Loft, Kasper, White House Black Market, Talbots, Express, Vera Wang, and Aldo, just to name few.  And if you think that you are not going to find these things at the thrift store. Think again, I have found all of the brands  I just mentioned at the thrift store.

How To Upgrade Yourself, Your Status, & Your Social Standing

Even if you are thrift store shopping or going out in general, some things that you do not want to have is a holes and or stains on your clothes.  You do not want your clothes to be too tight or too loose, you want them to fit you just right.  Your clothes should not show too much cleavage, nor should it show a camel toe. Also, check out my video below on how to dress classy on a budget.

I am not trying to turn you into a nun, you can still look fly, and be sexy but sexy does not mean that you are showing more skin. No matter what type of style you are trying to do. No matter if it is more conservative or more colorful, you can still upgrade your look.  You can click here to get my free ebook that will teach you to dress high value on a bugdet.  

4. High Value Woman Traits ~ Skin, Feet, Eyebrows, Etc.

I am a makeup fan.  I am not telling you that you have to wear a boatload of makeup, but even putting on minor makeup can make change your appearance a whole lot.  Click here to see my no-makeup makeup look. You can watch my video down below to see my everyday get ready routine that takes under 10 minutes and you can click here to get the beauty bag in the video. 

Do not go overboard with the makeup, despite what YouTubers say having a thousand colors on your eye can make you look clownish and not upgraded. Because most people do not walk out of the house with overkill makeup.

what is a high value woman high value woman traits upgrade yourself

Also, make an effort to take care of your skin.  It is really bad if you are 30 years old and you look 50 years old.  Regular washing, moisturizing, and even face mask can help keep you looking young. You can view my blog on acne safe products as I suffered from bad acne and I was able to clear my skin.

The same goes for your feet.  If you wear open-toe sandals then your toenails need to be trimmed and your toes painted.  Your feet also need to have lotion on them.  Do not get out here having your feet showing and they look like they belong to a bear.  I have a great blog on at home stuff to pamper yourself with which you can click here to read also my blog on how to have an at-home spa day can help you.

You can also check out my video below, which is cheap trick my mother showed me to soften up those feet.

Eyebrows are another small thing that when they are done properly it can change the whole look of your face.  You do not have to pay to have this done you can do it yourself.  Click my blog here on eyebrow tips.  Make sure your eyebrows are arch, trimmed, and you do not have a unibrow because it makes all the difference.

5. What Is A High Value Woman Remember To Upgrade Yourself Professionally

If you desire to upgrade yourself professionally then you want to go for a white color job over a blue color job.  I have worked both. Blue-collar jobs nothing wrong with that, but I enjoy white color jobs way better.  And I enjoy a white collered job over manual labor any day. Even if you are a secretary or an admin assistant you are still working in an office environment.

What working in a white color job will get you is the opportunity to meet people, connections, experience, and the possibility of getting promoted within the company.  There is nothing WRONG with a blue color job, do not misunderstand what I am saying. But since many of them require so much physical work it can be hard to do this long term as in when you get older.

If you want to upgrade yourself go for an office job where you have to dress up and where you have the chance to network with important people that can give you a better job or would be willing to mentor you.  If you do not know where to start then  you can read my blog on the ultimate job search that will get you a good job. That can help you get a better and higher paying job.  Also check out my video down below on why it pays for a woman to have her own and how that gets her bettter relationships.

6. What Is A High Value Woman ~ Upgrade Yourself With Your Education

I have a Ph.D, is that to brag? No, it is not.  It is just stating facts.  I worked very hard for my education, but when you find out that I have a Ph.D. then what do you think about me? That I am smart, educated, and intellectual.  That is what most people think when they hear Ph.D.  Calling me Dr. Reed demands a certain about of respect.

How To Upgrade Yourself, Your Status, & Your Social Standing

Am I saying that you have to get a Ph.D., NO I am not? But having some type of degree even if it is a bachelors can upgrade you.  Or even if you have a certification.  When people ask you about yourself and what you are doing it sounds much better to say hi, I am so and so and I have a certification in event planning, interior design, etc. Then it does to say I don’t have anything. 

what is a high value woman high value woman traits upgrade yourself

This certification may not be a degree because I get it not everyone wants to go to college (see my blog here on alternatives to college) but it still makes you sound like a professional woman.  That you have skills in a certain area that other people don’t have.  And having a degree or specialized certification can also help your employment prospects, get you more money, and as you know this is also a way to upgrade yourself. Remember we talked about working better jobs in which you can meet people, network, make more money. Some type of formal education can help you do that.

7. High Value Woman Traits ~ Finally, Upgrade Yourself and How You Act

I am going to break this section into a few parts.  Because how you act can mean a lot of things.  There is no point in being educated, having a great job, and looking nice if when you talk you sound like you should be on an episode of the Bad Girl’s Club.

How To Upgrade Yourself, Your Status, & Your Social Standing

8. High Value Woman Traits ~ How You Speak

I have written a blog on how to sound smart which you can read here.  You do not have to try to use a bunch of big words that you do not know, because that will just look fake and like you are trying to hard.  But when you speak you should speak in an intellectual way.  And you should be able to talk about a wide range of topics.  Do not be one dimensional and have nothing to add to the conversation because you are not sure what anyone is talking about.  Speak well and educate yourself on worldly events.

Do not go around cursing people out, if you have something to say you need to know how to get your point across without sounding aggressive (see my blog here on assertive communication versus aggressive).  You need to use manners by saying please and thank you.  Those are just a few places to start.  You can check out my video down below where I talk more about this.

9. High Value Woman Traits ~ Your Body Language

When you walk, you do not have to walk like a model.  But you should have an elegant way and great body language (which is over 70% of communication by the way). Also, check out my blog on how to walk in heels.  When you sit in a dress your legs should not be open for all the world to see.  When you speak to people you should look at people in their eye.  Do not walk around popping your gums all the time when you are talking to people.  Do not look closed off.

Whenever you walk into somewhere people are observing you based on your body language.  And if it is giving off the I do not have class body language, I will curse you out, or beat you up then it is not going to matter how you look, because people will look at you as you do not have class.  Because that is what you are presenting.  Body language is 70% of communication.  So it does not always matter how you look because how you present means more.  Also check out my video below on how to be on your grown woman status.

10. High Value Woman Traits ~ Upgrade Yourself In Where You Go

Now that you have all the basics, you need to put these things into practice by going to an upgraded place. This includes a nice happy hour spot, NOT TGIFridays, but an upscale spot where you have to dress up.

There is no need of upgrading yourself if no one can see you, if you cannot meet new friends, dating prospects, networking prospects.  There is no need of looking upgraded in your house and sitting on the couch.

Expose yourself to new places such as a country club and adapt new hobbies.  Believe it or not I have golf clubs and I know how to technically play.  I am not good, but if I needed to go golfing I have my own clubs and I know how to use my clubs and the basics of the game.  Try tennis or going to a nice upscale gym.

Try an upscale restaurant and a lounge over a club or going shopping in an affluent area.  When you decide to do this you will start to observe upgraded people and it will make you self-reflect on how you come across.  You may also meet upgraded people and have friends for a networking opportunity.  Upgrading yourself is only half the battle.  The other part is surrounding yourself with upgraded people.

You can read my blog on how to surround yourself with positive people by clicking here, but as the old saying goes Birds of a Feather Flock Together. So when you meet some good birds that you want to flock with, they have the opportunity to help you out, give you an opportunity, and expose you to better opportunities.

You do not have to be rich, but you must be upgraded and you have to look like someone and act like someone that they want to stick their neck out for.  Even when it comes to jobs and/or opportunities.  It is not about what you know but who you know. And going to nice places can be your key is learning who to get to know.

These are the basic tips on how to upgrade yourself.  It is my hope that each person reading this will be the best version of yourself as possible.

AND if you know someone who could use this information then please feel free to share.


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