7 Ways To Easily Attract Single Christian Men

How To Attract a Godly Man

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As a single Chrisitan woman I am sure you want to attract single Christian men.  The question on so many Christian single women’s minds is how to attract a Godly man? If you are wondering the answer to this question then you have come to the right place. Not only will I tell you how to attract a Godly man but you can leave it up to me to be 100% real with you on things you may be doing to push a Godly man away.  In this post I am going to talk about.

  • What single Christian men look for in Christian women.  
  • How to meet a godly man. 
  • How to attract a godly man. 

1. Where Christian Women Go Wrong When Attracting Single Christian Men

So many Christian women find themselves single and wanting a Godly man to come to seek them out. AND SO many Christian women feel hopeless and like they will be single forever when they cannot seem to find a Godly man. Or worse when a man pretends to be a Godly man only to find out that he is a fake and he just wants to get in your pants, and there is nothing Godly about him. Been there done that, and I have a video on it that you can watch below. Also, subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

Being in situations such as these can be discouraging. But, there are Godly men out there and do not get into this negative thinking pattern thinking Godly men don’t exist and you are going to be lonely forever. The more you think like that the more your fear will come reality.

What I always feared has happened to me. What I dreaded has come true. Job 3:25

Instead of fearing what is not going to happen and possibly allowing your fear to come into fruition. Decide to change YOU. Change your thinking and the way you come across so that it increases your chances of attracting a Godly man.

Also be sure to check out my video below, for additional tips on this topic, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

2. How to attract a Godly Man FIRST Go Where Single Christian Men Go

If you want to know how to meet Christian men then know this. A Godly man is probably not going to be in the middle of a twerking club throwing his loose change at half-naked women. So if this is where you are going to meet men then stop.  I know this is an extreme example, but whatever environment you go out in think to yourself, is this where a Godly man would hang out?  The best most common sense tips on how to meet Christian men is to go where they go (which you can watch in my video down below).

To increase your chances of finding a Godly man you need to go where the Godly men are. Some of the places that you can consider is meeting someone at Church and other faith-based activities. I have to put this out there and tell you to PLEASE do not go to church to troll every man that you see and try to make them your husband.

3. How To Meet Single Christian Men Case In Point Ruth

You are going to go to church to get closer to God, not to find a man.  But putting yourself in a church will also be putting yourself in a position to be noticed by a good man. Kind of like how Ruth put herself in the field of Boaz to be noticed by him.

Let me go to the fields and pick up the leftover grain behind anyone in whose eyes I find favor. Ruth 2:2

Ruth put herself in a position to find favor and in a position for Boaz to find her. Therefore, do not go chasing a man down at church and embarrassing yourself. Remember he who finds a wife finds a good thing (click here to read my blog). Not she who chasing down a husband.  You can watch my video down below for more tips for Ruth and how to meet a godly man by seeing how she did it.

4. How To Meet Christian Men Where To Go

Other options include joining a Christian single’s group or even going to a single’s ministry at a church. Often time’s churches will have a single ministry or Bible study at the church specifically for singles that you can attend. That way you know that each person is there for a common goal. If there are none at your church then find a church near you that does have one. Because so many do.

A third option for meeting Godly men include sites such as Meetup and joining Christian specific Meetups or even Christian single Meetups. If you really want to give online dating a go, then you can try a specific online dating site such as Christian Mingle. Also check out my blog for successful online dating tips.

And I have a video below for Christian women who want to date online.  You can meet a man online BUT once again the way you put yourself out there online does determine if you will attract a Godly man or if you will attract a man that just wants to hook up.

Last but not least, a great place to bump into Godly men is to increase your attendance at Bible study, volunteer for church events, and volunteer for charity or philanthropy events. A Godly man is way more likely to be in places such where good deeds are being done. I also encourage you to read my blog on places where good men hang out (click to read).

5. How To Meet Good Single Christian Men Remember To Be a Godly Woman

Now, I am going to be really honest. If you are looking for a Godly man then you need to be a Godly woman. A lot of times what throws men off about women is that they proclaim to be so Godly but then when they are on a date with a man they try to sleep with them or come on a date with half of their body parts hanging out.

What about says that you are a Godly woman? You may try to tell me that I am slut-shaming you and you can wear what you want to wear, and I am going to tell you that you can, but don’t expect to attract a Godly man. I am all for looking nice and attractive. But if you are letting it all hang out is he going to see his future wife? Do you think that him seeing you like that is going to make him want to bring you home to his mom? NO!

He is going to classify you like every otherworldly woman that he sees that does not know how to cover up.  If you are not putting yourself out to be a Godly woman then you are not going to attract a Godly man. You have to be what you attract (click my blog here).

Remember likes it says in Proverbs 31 a good wife that a Godly man is looking for is worth more than rubies, which is the opposite of common.  So if you are doing, behaving, and dressing like every other woman that he has met that is ungodly then that is how he will classify you.  You can check out my video below on how men classify women to get a better idea of what I am talking about.

Also, you can check out my blog on tips to consider when you are dating while Christian (click here to read). So you can have tips on how you need to act on a date with a Godly man.

6. Attract Single Chrisitan Men By Honoring Your Temple

I wrote a blog about how to take care of your appearance as a Christian woman and it not being sinful. But looking nice is not about being vain.  It is about showing a man that you honor your temple and that if he steps to you he must honor it too.  Just because you are a Christian woman does not give you the right to just let yourself go and walk around looking any kind of way.  Also watch my video down below on the imporance of honoring your temple.

I know so many women do not want to hear this, BUT I HAVE to keep it real with you. A man (even a Godly man) needs to be attracted to your outside first before he gets to know your inside. It can be really hard for a man to want to approach you or get to know you if he is not physically attracted to you. Even if he is a Godly man. Just like I am sure you want to be attracted to the man you end up with. It goes both ways.

Therefore pay attention to how you walk out of the house and how you look. Pay attention to how you go to church and to the above events that I mentioned.  Dressing attractive does not mean being overly sexy or wearing something too revealing, you are sending the wrong message.

What I am telling you to do is to act like a queen to get your king (see my blog here). Even Esther went through beauty treatments for a while year before being brought before the king.

Before a young woman’s turn came to go in to King Xerxes, she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments prescribed for the women, six months with oil of myrrh and six with perfumes and cosmetics. Esther 2:12

Therefore you do need to put some effort into your appearance and try to leave the house looking your best. Doing this will increase your chances of being approached by a Godly man.  Check out my video below where I talk about an easy 10 minute get ready with me routine and click here to get my beauty bag featured in the video.

If you are just lost in the fashion department then don’t worry I got you.  You can get my free ebook that will teach you how to make a fashionable capsule wardrobe that is Christian woman-friendly and will also have you looking fly.  With example on what to wear on a date.  Just click here or the picture below.

7. How to attract a Godly Man FINALLY Know What To Look For

When it comes to single Christian men, how many times as women do we pass up a Godly man because he does not come in the package that we want him to come in? I used to be so guilty of being very superficial when I dated men. If he did not have a six-pack then he was eliminated from my list.

But in the end, those abs were not going to last forever, but his character and his love for the Lord was what was going to help make a relationship.  So what I am saying to you? Women are open to a Godly man no matter what package he is in. I also have a video on this, in which I spoke about Rachel and Leah the two wives of Jacob.  Jacob loved Rachel more because she was more beautiful BUT overall Leah was a better wife. But he was too blind to see it.  Watch my video below.

I am NOT telling you to get with someone you are not attracted to, I am telling you to look a little deeper when looking for a Godly man and not just on the outside. Also, check out my blog on how to spot the real Boaz, so you know what traits of a Godly man to look for.

There you have it folks, my tips on how to attract Godly man and I hope that they were able to help you out. Now before you move on from this post there are a few reminders I have for you.

Also, check out my book for single women “Fix It Jesus For Single Women Only” by clicking here or get the first few chapters free by clicking here.

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  1. Hey! I’m a single Momma of 4 kids and pregnant with #5. My baby daddy walked off and left us to go chase after other women. This wasn’t anything new, sadly because he’s done this so many times in the past. I was raised in a Christian home with my Daddy, Pappaw’s, Uncles, and Cousin’s being Preachers. I ran across your page one day and I started watching your VLOGS. They have helped me more than you would know. I need your advice… My baby daddy hasn’t come to see the kids since back in January when he knew he could come see them every weekend. He hasn’t even talked to me to see how they’re doing in over 2 months. Facebook Messenger was the only say that I could contact him if it was an emergency about the kids but now he has blocked me 🙄 If he was to unblock me and message me, would it be horrible if I just didn’t respond? We’ve never been to court over anything and he doesn’t pay me child support or help in anyway. He never has. The last I heard, he was dating a girl YEARS younger than him, covered in tattoos and wild as a buck – drinking, smoking weed, dope… all that and pretending to be a Daddy to her baby boy…..

    • Thanks for watching my channel. I can do a video on your question, but give me a few weeks and I will give advice there.

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