The Best Bob Wig With Bangs Ultimate Review

Blunt Cut Bob Wig With Bangs Zury Sis Gaga Wig

Can we talk about this Zury Sis Gaga blunt cut bob wig with bangs THO! I first saw this Zury Sis Gaga through their Instagram page. Even though I saw the wig and liked it through the picture when I received the wig I loved it way more than I thought it would.

This is why I am going to do a full review on it for any of you wanting or looking for an affordable blunt cut bob wig with bangs. This could be a very good option for you. (post contains affiliate links).

The Zury Sis Gaga Wig Review (Click here to buy)

Post contains affiliate Links

First Impressions Of This Blunt Cut Bob Wig With Bangs

Like I said before when I saw the wig I liked it but when I actually took the wig out of the box I loved it. What I loved most about the wig was the hair texture and the blunt cut of the wig. This wig is a synthetic wig but it does not feel like it at all, it feels like human hair.

Blunt Cut Bob Wig With Bangs Zury Sis Gaga Wig Bob Wig With Bangs Review

The hair is full of body. You can start turning, swirling, and rocking your head back and forth, and this hair will go back and forth with you, just like it was real and the hair is not stiff at all. If I had to have a synthetic wig I would much rather have one that has body to it and one that looks and feels like human hair.

Because A. it will save me money and B no one will look at this wig and say that it looks cheap or fake.  Even though it is cheap and fake.  But no one guessed it.

The second key feature to the Zury Sis Gaga wig, the fact that it is a blunt cut bob wig with bangs.  I really love the blunt cut of the wig because it highlights your face and the bangs just gives the wig a different feel over the other blunt cut bob wigs.  Because I am shorter and I have a shorter neck and therefore, bobs are a hit or miss with me and they can look a lot longer than they are meant to look.

Once again this was not the case with the Zury Sis Gaga wig, the cut was perfect.  It was a blunt cut that sat perfectly on my shoulders, and so the bluntness of the wig really got highlighted well because the wig stopped where it was supposed to stop.

Even if you have a longer neck then the bob would just be shorter but the style of the wig will still stand and it won’t look like it doesn’t fit right or something.  That is the benefit of this specific wig is the way the wig is cut.

Bob Wig With Bangs Review ~ Zury Sis Gaga Construction of the Wig

Since this is a blunt cut bob wig with bangs the wig is NOT a lace front wig, and there is really no need for it to be a lace front wig.  The reason being is because this wig has bangs, so you will not see your hairline at all.

This wig has a plan duby closure, meaning it is just a circle that does not show any kind of scalp or anything. The closure was just a circle, nothing fancy. For me, I did not personally mind the closure and I did not feel like it took away from the wig. It actually ensured that the wig lay properly and evenly on the head.

There are the basic combs in the wig for those of you who want them and the wig is heat safe for up to 400F.  I have not tested the heat safeness of the wig but I am pretty sure that this is accurate. I mean why would they lie on the packaging.

Bob Wig With Bangs Review ~ Zury Sis Gaga Color

Now time for the fun part. You can find any blunt cut bob wig with bangs or you can find one that has options.  Even though I am a geek for a lot of different hair colors, I decided to go relatively tame on this wig color. The wig color that I chose was 99J and it was the same color that was displayed on the model card.  As you can see the wig was like a more of a burgundy type color.

You can choose black or a natural black brown BUT you can also choose yellow or something real extra if that is your desire.  The positive thing about this wig is that actually comes in a fair amount of colors.

From tame to extreme. In fact, I was thinking about getting this wig in the other more extravagant colors each color it comes in can give you a different look. Because I did like this wig so much. The other colors that it comes in are listed below.

A Review Of The Zury Sis Gaga Wig, Such A Bomb Blunt Cut Wig

Bob Wig With Bangs Review ~ Zury Sis Gaga Cons

Normally when I do wig reviews I have a list of cons that I did not like about the wig, but when it comes to this wig I really have just one. And that was the way the wig fit on my head.  To me, the wig can be very top-heavy in terms of fit.  I actually had my hair braided down flat when I put the wig on my head. But I felt like the wig made me look a little like a box head.

Blunt Cut Bob Wig With Bangs Zury Sis Gaga Wig Bob Wig With Bangs Review

Bob Wig With Bangs Review ~ Zury Sis Gaga Overall review (click to buy)

If I had to give this wig an overall rating, of course, I would give it a 10 out of 10. I know I had one con about it making me look like a box head at the top, but it was not that serious for me to lower the rating of the wig.

The wig is constructed well, it stays on the head, the color is perfect AND it comes with so many other colors. The hair is synthetic hair but feels more like human hair quality. I promise you the feel of the hair was amazing and the top off was the blunt cut that fell perfectly on my shoulders.

I am so feeling this wig, which is why it gets a perfect rating in my book. Something that is actually hard to do. So if you are looking for a blunt cut bob wig with bangs that is affordable and looks like human hair then I would highly recommend this one.

If you know someone who wants a blunt cut bob wig that is pretty affordable then please feel free to share this post with them.

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