Beyonce Inspired Finger Wave Wig You Need In Your Life ASAP

I came across this amazing human hair finger wave wig that I had to share. And the best part about the wig is that it is super affordable. Before we get into the full review of this wig, I have to tell you what inspired me to get this wig.

Honestly, having a short finger wave wig was not on my wish list, that is until I was surfing YouTube one day and saw Beyonce’s haunted video. Where she had on a short blonde finger wave wig and I fell in love with the style.

A Few Reasons Why This Outre Short Finger Wave Wig Is Bomb

So much so that as soon as I watched it I went to go and find a great dupe for her hair. After searching high and low because they are many short finger wave wigs out there, I settled upon this short finger wave human hair wig and I am so glad I did.

Short Finger Wave Wig  First Impressions (Click to Buy)

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A Few Reasons Why This Outre Short Finger Wave Wig Is Bomb

As I said before I got this wig because I saw Beyonce’s has a similar wig and I was really feeling what she had on. I did not get the same color as her so I decided to get it in black (1) color because it fit better with my skin tone.

But in case you are a little bolder in the wig colors that you want to choose something other than black, below are the others that it comes in. As the wig does come in other color options.

When I first took the wig out of the package I was not feeling it as much as I thought I would be. I think it was in shock because it was so short and it did not appear exactly like the picture at first.

The Details

This wig is actually a 100% human hair wig and it is very affordable considering the human hair side of it. As a sidebar, I think that most of the shorter wigs tend to be human hair wigs.  Which is great, it means that you can put heat on it and it will also take the product really well just like any other human hair.

How to style finger wave wig

Maybe I was self- conscious about the shortness of the wig and how it looked, but for the first day or so when I wore this wig I actually put a beanie. To lay the hair down and to make the finger waves pop, I put some curling moose on it by Got 2B Glued Curl Mousse (click here to buy).

Not only did it make the hair lay down but it made the waves pop and it gave me more of the desired look I was looking for. Meaning that wavy look that I saw on the model.

PS do you notice the highlight on my cheek in the above picture, click here to see all of my highlight suggestions for women of color.

I did not have a desire to curl it or anything like that because I did like the finger waves that were already in it. But in case the finger waves did fail over time, I am sure that you can use hair pins (click here to buy) to put the waves back in the hair. And since it is human hair styling this hair with heat or other styling tools should work well for you.

The wig is a lace front wig but I cannot imagine that you try to wear it back or anything like that. The style of the wig does not really make that possible or necessary. The wig also has a lace parting as well, which looks okay.

For the most part, you cannot see the lace parting of the wig, unless someone is just sitting and looking at the top of your hair. The hair around the parting, drowns out a full view of the parting any way.

 The Pros

The obvious pros of the hair are the ones that I mentioned above such as the hair being human hair and the hair being a lace front wig. I also love that once you play with it for a bit the hair does look like it does on the model.

Sometimes when it comes to these wigs out here, the wig on the model will look one way and then when you get the hair, you are wondering if it is even the same wig.

But this one was true to form. I love the look and the lay of the sideburns of the hair, because it has a little curl going on toward the side of the ears that gives it that 1920’s flapper look. Another pro is that when I wore this wig is that although it is short you can make it versatile with a beanie or a scarf or something, giving the wig a more updated and fun look.

A Few Reasons Why This Outre Short Finger Wave Wig Is Bomb


Some of the cons are that the parting space is not perfect, it is drowned out by the rest of the hair. But it is not that big of a deal. Another con is that you really have to determine if you have the right face and or shape head for this wig.

The wig is really tapered in the back and very much so fitted to your head.  I can see this wig going very wrong for someone who does not have the right head and or face shape to pull it off.  The last con is that even though I put the product on it, I wish that the wig was more of a finger wave like the model.

A Few Reasons Why This Outre Short Finger Wave Wig Is Bomb

I had to play with it and put product on it in the front to make it curl up a bit, otherwise, it feels kind of feels flat.  And for this reason, the back of the wig did not really have any finger wave texture at all not like the front of the wig.

Overall Rating Of This Finger Wave Wig (click to buy)

With the above being said, I really would give this wig a 10 out of 10 still. I mean just look at the pictures of the wig, it is super awesome and the look and feel of the wig is great.

Yes, I did have to play with it a little bit out of the packaging but then again, what wig don’t you have to play without of the packaging. I would fully recommend this wig any day.

Plus even though the wig is short you are free to add so many styling options.  Such as a scarf, beanie, hat, or even decorative hair pins to give it a casual or more dressed up look.  And since it is so freakin affordable, I say why not?

PS if you are feeling the tulle skirts below you can buy them by clicking here.  All I did was layer three colored skirts together.   And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more hair tutorial, click here.

finger wave wig human hair

If you know someone who wants this wig but wants an honest review before they buy, then please feel free to share this point with them.


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