The Best Synthetic Wig on Amazon Only $50

Amazon synthetic wigs

Amazon synthetic wigs can be a hit or a miss, but I indeed found a hit when I came across this one. And to me is the best synthetic wig on Amazon. I like it so much that I even thought about getting more than one color.  The feel of the wig is fantastic, the texture of the wig is fantastic, and the price of the wig is fantastic.

I do have to give credit where credit is due and say that I first heard about this wig through a video on YouTube. At first, I did not click on the wig because her hair was blond but I really did love the color of the wig. I like a lot of different colors, but I have not gotten into blonde. You can check out her video below.

Once I clicked on the wig on Amazon, I saw that they had different colors and wanted to try it out.  The color I ended up getting was BL950 which was pretty much a dark purple color. In any case, I am going to go into why I feel that this wig is one of the best Amazon synthetic wigs for the price.

Best Synthetic Wig on Amazon ~ First Impression (click to buy)Amazon synthetic wigs Best Synthetic Wig on Amazon

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When I got the wig, I was impressed because I really did like the packaging. It was cute, and it even came with some false eyelashes which were awesome. Because I got free stuff. And anytime I get free stuff I get happy.  When I pulled out the wig, it did not disappoint. The feel of the wig was very silky, almost human hair feeling.

There was lace on the wig and some long baby hairs.  The baby hair that was on the wig, in my opinion, gave the wig a more realistic feel.  The baby hair was longer than need be so you will have to cut them.  The wig was $50, so I will just say that I really did feel like I got my money’s worth with the quality of the wig and the price.

Amazon synthetic wigs

Best Synthetic Wig on Amazon ~wig color

The color that I got was, but it was not what was expected. Below is the color of the wig as it was supposed to be advertised on the site so you can clearly see that the wig I got was NOT the same color as the picture. My hair was a lot lighter.

Which is one of my main grips about Amazon wigs? Sometimes they do not use the actual images of their wigs which can make it hard to determine if the wig is worth the buy. I have certainly had some horror stories. But this wig was NOT one of them. Even though it did agitate me a bit because I expected the wig to be darker than what I received, I did still like the wig.

Amazon synthetic wigs

Amazon synthetic wigs ~ Specs

This wig is about 22 inches.  I am short, so the wig looks a lot longer on me then it would on a taller person, but it is a pretty long wig.  The lace is 13×6 and it does not have a pre part. Which I like, you can freely part it in multiple places on your head, and it will look realistic.

Amazon synthetic wigs

The hair is made of 100% kanekalon Futura and can be styled with curling irons and other heat tools up to 377˚F. I personally did not use the heat on this wig. I just did not feel like it needed it, it was already so shiny, and it felt so lovely already that I did not feel like it needed it.  The wig does boast that it is tangle-free.

t is not, it is a long synthetic wig so it does tangle. But it did not tangle so bad that it looked like a matted mess on my head. You can easily comb the hair out with your fingers or comb as it gets tangle throughout the day. Also, the hair did not shed.  The wig also has combs in it that I personally did not use. I just used the straps on the inside of the wig to secure it to my head and that worked fine enough for me.

Best Synthetic Wig on Amazon – Colors

Below are a collage of other colors that the wig comes in. By looking at the reviews on their page, I can clearly see that their blonde hair is their hottest wig on both black and white women.  When looking at the pictures, you can clearly see that the people in the picture are not wearing the actual wig. But just look at the pictures for a reference on the color that the wig will probably come in. But keep in mind that even my purple wig was not exact.

Amazon synthetic wigs

Best Synthetic Wig on Amazon – Overall Review

Why I think this is the best synthetic wig on amazon is because depsite the cons I will still give this wig a 10 out of 10. It is a really nice wig, and I absolutely love it. Some of the cons as I mentioned are that the color is not exact, I personally would NOT rely on using the combs for the wig to stay on your head, and the combs do not look secure to me, and the fact that the hair does tangle a bit.

The pros are the feel of the hair, it really does feel human. The fact that the part is a free part and the wig already comes with baby hairs that are also a plus and contribute to help to make the hair look realistic.  All and all I plan on getting this wig again in another color that is how much I loved it.Amazon synthetic wigs Best Synthetic Wig on Amazon

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