Easy Beginner Friendly Short Quick Weave Tutorial (Step By Step)

In this post, I am going to tell you how to get this short quick weave that is a pixie cut using a 27 piece hair weave. The tutorial I am going to show you is relatively beginner friendly or it is as beginner friendly as it is going to get.

To prove my point, this was actually my first time doing this pixie cut quick weave and it came out fine. It was not super easy and it did require some time and some effort, but don’t let that fool you. Even though you may have to put in a good amount of time to get the desired style if you take your time I am confident that this is something you can do as well as I pretty much nailed it on the first try. As always I am making this style super affordable. The hair is human hair, but it is an affordable quality human hair that you can both curl and style.

So the first thing is let’s get into what you will need for this short quick weave (affiliate links below):

27 Piece Hair Weave~ below are some options that you can use for 27 piece hair weave. You can choose to use the entire pack for your style if you want it to be a true pixie cut. However, I chose to only use the 27 piece hair weave for the back of the hair and use a different color for the top which created more of a mushroom cut. The reason why I did this is that I wanted the top part of my hair a little longer and I wanted the top part of my hair to be a different color. You have the option to do as you see fit based on the type of pixie cut you want to achieve.

Short quick weave ~ An additional pack of human hair (optional) ~ I am going to recommend the Outre Velvet Brazilian 100% Remi Human Hair Weave (click here to buy) as it comes in multiple colors so that you can make your hair look more unique if that is what you want to do. I recommend getting the shortest length of hair. Since you are going to cut it short anyway there is no need to get 20 something inch long hair.

A 6 or 8 inch will do just fine. This is cheap human hair and is not known for the best quality, but wearing the hair short decreases the chances of the hair getting tangled. You really do not need the best quality hair for a shorter look in my opinion. Not unless you want to.

  • Black stocking caps (Click here to buy). I used this over the thicker caps that you use to make a wig because they are very thin. You do not want to use a thick cap because it would make the still look lumpier. When doing a shorter style, especially one that is tapered to the head you want it to look at flat and as seamless as possible.
  • Hair razor (click here to buy) ~ something that I highly recommend especially for beginners. It makes it a lot easier to cut with these and not make mistakes.
  • Dye brush (click to buy) (optional). This will help apply the mold gel and protective shield. But you can also just use your hands.

Video tutorial.

Here is my one minute Instagram video below (click here to follow me on Instagram for more hair tutorials). I know one minute is not a long amount of time to really tell what is going on but don’t worry I am going to explain each step to you down below.

1. Short Quick Weave ~ Prep and protect your hair.

short quick weave

The idea of a quick weave is that it is supposed to be quick which means that you use glue over a sew in because the glue is a lot quicker. But the downside of glue is that even though it is safe to get on your hair you still do not want it on your hair as it can be super difficult to get out.

So you need to mold your hair down with the mold gel as flat as possible. Using a circle (as if you were going to wear your hair in a wrap) or laying it flat back. Do whatever it is you need to do in order to get the hair as flat to your head as possible using the gel. Once you have done that sit under the dryer until it hardens.

Once it is dry, put the protective shield over your hair with the brush and once again sit under the dryer. Once that is complete you are going to place the cap over your head and add another layer of protective shield over the cap and sit under the dryer. I know it sounds like a lot and it is. But is it is not a hard process (just time consuming) and it is needed so that your hair is protected from the glue. Since I did not include this process in detail in my actual video, just watch this video below that showcases how to do the entire process in case you have any questions.

2. Short Quick Weave ~ Start Laying pieces

With the 27 piece quick weave you are going to start to lay the shortest pieces at the back. Just pre-measure each piece starting from the back of the head moving up. Creating a U shape, which can be seen from my video. You can choose to use the entire 27 piece for your entire head if you want to or you can switch out and change hair as I did. If this is the case, you are going to stop placing the 27 piece quick weave at the middle of the back of your head and replace it with the new hair.

short quick weave

Then you are going to use whatever color hair you want to use and start going in a circle around the head creating a bang (you can see this from my video). Keep going around the head until the hole at the top gets smaller and smaller. You should have received a closure in your 27 piece quick weave. Use that closure to seal the top of your quick weave, using the glue.

short quick weave

3. Short Quick Weave ~ Cut

short quick weave

To start off just cut the obvious long parts of your hair such as the bangs and then the sides of your hair. But do not cut them too short because you don’t want to mess up. Then get the razor and gently glide the razor down the back of your head and down the sides of your head.

short quick weave

Using a razor is a natural way to blend the hair and to give it a tapered look. As long as you are just gliding the razor down the hair and not hacking into it then you should be fine. Just take your time. Once you finish cutting just use your flat iron to curl the hair as desired and that is it. You can also use some gel in the back to help lay the hair down.

short quick weave

4. Short Quick Weave ~ Creating a short quick weave final look.

This is my final look but remember that you can cut, tapper, and use whatever color it is that you want to look at that will give you a different feel. Also, notice that it looks pretty natural. And if you have done your real hair right and got it as flat to your head as possible then the short hair should look natural as well and not lumpy. This is a much better way then actually cutting your hair and although it all may look intimidating it is not really trust me just try it.

short quick weave

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