6 Celebrities Who Waited Until Marriage To Have Sex

In this post, I am going to give you celebrities who waited until marriage. I want to debunk the whole idea that women have to give it up for a man to marry them or to want them. In my experience, it has been the opposite.  As someone who is celibate until marriage (after having sex might I add) I can say that no man has ever walked away from me once they have found that I was not having sex.

Most of the time it just makes them try harder and when they discover I am serious then they walk away but it is no love lost because that was the only thing they wanted anyway and I would have rather found that out now then have sex with them and find that out later.

I am convinced that any man who truly loves you, intends to marry you, and sees you in the future for a long term relationship will not be deterred about waiting until marriage to have sex with you and more importantly it is a way to protect yourself, your heart, and to determine who is and is not serious about you.

So here are 6 waiting until marriage stories from celebrities who waited until marriage to have sex. And these people are highly attractive (which means it was not easy) coupled with the pressures of Hollywood. All of which means that if they can do it then you can do it, let’s get into it shall we?

Celebrities who waited until marriage #1, Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin

According to Ashley’s book, she had an expansive history with destructive dating and using sex as a way to get men to like her. An issue that started at 16.

When I started dating at 16. My first boyfriend and I were together for three months, until he said, I have to break up with you because you won’t have sex with me. And I’m afraid you’re going to be as fat as my mom. Thus started a pattern of going out with anyone who thought I was hot; I lost my virginity to a guy I barely knew because he gave me compliments like, Ashley, you look really pretty today, or, I like when you wear your hair like that.

(The next day he ignored me in school. When I left Nebraska to start my modeling career in New York City, my dates followed a similar pattern: A guy took me out, then we had sex, then I wouldn’t hear from him again.

How many of you can relate to Ashley getting into the mindset that a man will leave if you don’t have sex with him when the reality of the situation was that he was going to leave anyway? Hence, the guy she did have sex with turned around and ignored her the next day. Don’t let men use sex as a swinging pendulum over your head that determines their love for you. Sex is not going to prevent a man from leaving if he wants to.

This pattern of men continued for Ashley throughout her early 20’s who was “mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive. It was not until she decided to refrain from having sex until she was married, that she found the right one. Her now-husband Justin Ervin she met at church.

What Ashley says about not having sex before marriage:

Something that it did for us was build up our friendship, and it also built up our trust and communication, Graham explained about remaining abstinent. Of course we were sexually attracted to each other; we would make out heavily. All those things were there. I wasn’t worried about, What’s sex gonna be like with him? It was more, Do I trust him? Is he someone I want to be with for the rest of my life?’ (source)

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What we can learn from Ashley:

Having sex with men will not get them to marry you and it will not even get them to love you. But it will damage you in the process because of the soul ties you are creating. A man is going to do what he wants to do even if you have sex with him. Sex is not going to change how a man feels about you.

Celebrities who waited until marriage #2 Russel Wilson and Ciara

As a single mom myself, when I saw this interview that Ciara had talked about Russel Wilson it literally almost brought me to tears and I am not even the crying type of person. But even if you are a single mom wanting to wait until marriage you have the right to do that and there is a man out there that will respect that right.

What I love about this relationship is that Russel is a devout Christian and he was the one to take the lead in the relationship in terms of wanting to wait until marriage to have sex. According to Ciara

“I have to give credit to my husband for sharing those views,” said. “It’s awesome how it all worked out. We women think with our hearts and with our minds. When we see a guy, we envision what he’s like and whether this could be something special. Guys see us from an exterior point of view”that’s something I learned along the way as a woman…You shouldn’t feel like you have to give your body away to get someone to like you.” (source

Which you can also see that Russel spoke about in the video below:

What we can learn from Ciara:

There are four major takeaways that women need to take away from Ciara.

  • It was a little over a year when the couple was married from when they first began dating. To all you women out there dating for YEARS on end then you should try celibacy. If a man cannot get sex from you it makes it a lot harder to drag your relationship on for years without either marrying you or letting you go. Thus leading you to NOT waste your time.
  • As a single mom, you need to get a man who loves both you and your child.

Celebrities who waited until marriage #3 Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

I know Justin Bieber has had his issues. But he has always proclaimed to be Christian even when he was down out and doing the absolute MOST. And as a Christian, we have all fallen short, all sinned, and none of us is perfect.  Justin has admitted to having issues and addictions with sex. But just because you are promiscuous does not mean that you cannot be celibate or that you always have to be that way. According to Justin Bieber:

God doesn’t ask us not to have sex for him because he wants rules and stuff, Bieber elaborated. He’s like, I’m trying to protect you from hurt and pain. I think sex can cause a lot of pain. Sometimes people have sex because they don’t feel good enough. Because they lack self-worth. Women do that, and guys do that. I wanted to rededicate myself to God in that way because I felt it was better for the condition of my soul (source

What we can learn from Justin:

Sometimes we have to go through these bad lessons to get to the good lessons so that we can appreciate the good even more because we have seen the bad. And sometimes we would not learn the good lessons unless we went through the bad. And we all have the right to fall and get back up, just because we fall down does not mean that we have to stay there and that God does not have a good partner in store for you.

Celebrities who waited until marriage #4 Tamara Mowry And Adam Housley

Tamara is an interesting story in the sense that she remained a virgin until she was 29 years old. She had sex once with her boyfriend at the time and soon to be husband and was completely convicted by it. According to Tamara:

“Sometimes when you do something that you know maybe you shouldn’t have done, it’s hard to move on,” she said. “I have a very long story about what I needed to forgive myself about. You guys all know that I made a pact to myself to stay a virgin before I got married and I tried for a very very very long time.” “I waited until I was 29; however, I had made that pack with myself and with God, so it messed me up.” (source)

You can view the video below to see Tamara and her thoughts on having sex once and then rededicated herself.

What we can learn from Tamara:

What I have to admire about Tamara is that she was willing to follow God’s desires over her own desires. She had sex once, she messed up, she got convicted right away and she went back to not having sex. That takes a lot of strength to not have sex after you have already done it. Especially after her and her boyfriend at the time (now husband broke up for a short period). Many women would have resorted to sex strategies to win the man back.

But Tamara didn’t, she chose religion over her man and chose to do the right thing according to her conviction by God no matter if that meant she was going to lose her man or not. Her committing to God is what was important first and foremost, her now-husband Adam did end up coming back and they ultimately got married. This time she did not have to bend her values and waited until they got married to have sex.

Celebrities who waited until marriage #5 Adrienne Bailon and Isreal Houghton

Both are Christian and Isreal is a gospel singer, which is why it is not shocking to understand why they chose their celibacy journey. BUT what I love about this couple is that they verbalized that sex within the context of marriage means that you can be as wild and free as you want. Which is something that I even have a YouTube video on, which you can watch below? And click here to subscribe to my channel.

When it comes to their wedding night. Houghton reveals that he walked into his honeymoon suite with his bride and was amazed at the scene because his wife had adorned the walls with photos from a boudoir shoot she’d done for her husband.

When I opened the door, I walked in and I saw these gigantic portraits all over the suite of this beautiful woman, um… not wearing much at all! he said.

What we can learn from Adrianne:

That sex within the context of marriage does not have to be boring and it is not going to suck. You can make it as high key or even low key as you want.

According to Adrianne “Just because you only had sex with one person doesn’t mean you’re not a freak, and I think that that’s a good thing,” she says. “I think people think that you could only be a freak by doing it with a bunch of people. You can be a freak and just be a freak with one person. That is beautiful and dope,” (source

And I agree, we need to get this thought that when you get married and you end your celibacy that you are destined to have some boring sex life with no passion in it and you just have to lay there in missionary position being bored out of your mind because you are just with one person. That is not true.

Celebrities who waited until marriage #6 Devon Frankin and Meagan Good

Even though I listed this couple last, they are probably one of the most popular couples right now for waiting to have sex because of the many books that he has written called the Wait among other things, which I wrote a full review on here.

According to Meagan Good about the benefits of Celibacy:

What we learned in the process was, because we weren’t being intimate in that way, we were able to see each other for who we are, she says. We were able to spend our time getting connected emotionally, spiritually. Being able to assess, Can I spend a lifetime with you?

Some of the past issues Megan said she struggled with was being in relationships solely because they started as being sexual and therefore lacking the discernment and the ability to see who the person was because the physical aspects of the relationship outweigh the actual person. And when that happens she says:

You become physically dependent upon that person, she says. You make excuses. You’re OK with stuff you wouldn’t be OK with long-term. Judgment can become so clouded, Meagan adds, that a couple can end up staying in a relationship for quite a while before figuring out that it’s not meant to be. (source

What We Can Learn From Their Relationships.

Below are some of the books that they have regarding their relationship and the lessons learned.

What we can learn from them is that without sex you get to know someone on a deeper level which will help you determine if they are the person for you, without being blinded by lust.

Now that you have read these 6 celebrities who waited until marriage and heard their personal stories I hope that this encourages you to either become celibate, stay celibate, and to get this notion out of your head that you will never settle down with anyone if you don’t have sex with hem. Because all of the above women finally settled down with the man they chose NOT to have sex with and the men they did have sex with in the past are nowhere to be found.

If you know someone who needs to read this post then share this post with them. And don’t forget to check out my book specifically for Christian single women which you can click here to buy .

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