Is Stitch Fix Worth It? 5 Reasons Why It Is

I have been using Stitch Fix for a few months now and I wanted to talk answer the question is Stitch Fix worth it? In short, YES I do think so. I think it is a great way to experiment with new ways of finding style. I mean think about it, you have a stylist, dressing you and if you do not like the clothes you can just send the back. You do not have to worry about trying to figure things out on your own or having buyer’s remorse.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It
As you all know I am about leveling up, being classy, and finding your own personal style. I also know that so many people struggle knowing how to even do this or where to even start. I do have a blog on how to find your personal style that you can read here but I think that this is really where Stitch Fix can come in and help you out if you are lost.

I am a pretty stylishly adventurous person but I must even admit that since actually being a part of Stitch Fix it has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and help me try new clothing items that I would not have otherwise done.

Now, before I get into my full Stitch Fix review to answer the question is Stitch Fix Worth It, be sure to check out my video below on how to level up from your ex (but really how to level up period) because I actually did mention Stitch fix in this video and you can click here to get $25 off your fix box. Plus don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here.

1. Is Stitch Fix Worth It ~ But First Stitch Fix What in the World Is It

In case you are confused about what in the world I am even talking about it, Stitch Fix is a subscription service for clothes. At first, it sounded a little odd to me to as in why in the world would I want other people to pick out my clothes. But once I understood it, it was cool. Stitch fix can be good for men, women, children, maternity or any and everyone. You fill out a style profile which I will talk more about below.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It

Is Stitch Fix Worth It PRO: You pick how often you want to receive a box, and when you get the box you choose what clothes you want to keep and you choose which ones you don’t want to keep. Now, if you do not like anything then you send all the clothes back in a pre-postage bag that they give you and if you like one or two things then you keep what you like and send the rest back. If you like all 5 things this is where you will get lucky.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It PRO: Yes, you have to pay for all 5 things but you will get an additional 20% off if you keep all 5 items and with any items you keep Stitch Fix will take away the $25 subscription fee. So even if you keep a $25 shirt then really you are keeping an item for free. You can choose to get a box once a month, once a week, or even two times a week. You can also choose to be styled by the same stylist or a different stylist if you want and you can rate the type of clothes that you like or did not like so that you can get better items in the future now.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It

2. Is Stitch Fix Worth It? Or Better Yet How To Make It Worth It

Stitch fix has been worth it for me because I went into it with an intention. I did not want to go into it with the intention of getting the same ole stuff that I have been wearing getting the same stuff that I already have in my closet. Otherwise, I could just shop for myself. I also did not go into it thinking that I wanted to get all of these luxury brands or that I was going to spend a crazy about of money on clothing items or on unrealistic items that I was not going to wear.

For this reason, you need to set your preference on what you are actually going to wear, your current lifestyle and your current budget. When you sign up, Stitch Fix will ask you all these things. If you know that you are balling on a budget then why in the world are you going to set your price range for over $200 and when you get your box you are mad because everything is overpriced. I selected as cheap as possible for everything but that I am open to boutique stuff. And I also chose the type of stores that I shopped at so they will not send me items from that store they can send me similar more affordable items. (Click my referral link here and get $25 toward your first box)

3. Is Stitch Fix Worth It PRO : You choose what you wear.

I am a working woman and even when I do not work I do tend to dress up. I rarely go to places where I am wearing a cocktail dress so I am not going to set my preferences for that. If you do that is a sure way to end up with things that you do not want or are never going to wear.

Also, if you have a Pinterest board as I do for fashion (Click here) you can link that to your Stitch Fix. If you do not have one I highly suggest that you create one. Because the person styling you is going to look at it. Put items on there that you like or want to try. The key here is that you want to step out of your comfort zone. If you like it great you found something new if not you send it back no money wasted.

4. Is Stitch Fix Worth It? Yes, but make sure you fill out your style profile.

When you fill out the style profile I know it can seem a little obsessive but you need to do it as much as possible. Do it in the beginning. And be honest, do not just like everything just because and try to step outside of the box a bit. In the sense that maybe you may not have worn something like that but you like the outfit or you would be willing to try it.

Give feedback for each item in your Stitch Fix Box. Some of the boxes may be great and some may be off BUT you need to give feedback either way that is the only way that this will start to work. Were the clothes too big? Too expensive? Did the style not work for you?

Was the color off? Whatever it is, give feedback on each box for each item. What you liked and what you disliked that way the items you get can get better and better. Also, you have the option of choosing different stylist or keeping the same one. If you feel like a stylist is really on point then stay with them. Stitch fix has a lot of options with making it work for you.

Come back daily and rate. Okay so maybe daily is too much but when you can try to log in to Stitch fix and rate, it does not take long at all. Each day Stitch fix will give you items from various categories for you to rate to see if you love it or hate it, once again this will help you out to really find good pieces that fit your body type ones that you really want to wear.

5. Is Stitch Fix Worth It PRO ~ My Overall Stitch Fix Review

As far as my Stitch Fix Review I can say that my review has been overall positive. I have gotten some versatile clothing in which I can wear to work and I can wear out and about which is what I normally like. I have also gotten clothing that I probably would not have worn or picked out for myself otherwise.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It
When it came to my first box, it was spot on. I kept everything in the box but then there were other boxes that I chose not to keep. So I understood right off the back that it was a hit or miss. I also understand that just because I said as cheap as possible that this is a subjective term, what one person cheap is, is not another person’s cheap. Meaning that there were times that even though I wanted to keep something I would send it back because $75 for a white t-shirt no matter how cute was just way too expensive.

Also, remember (AND THIS IS IMPORTANT) to try everything on. Something can look so plain and basic and it may even look like you may not like it. But remember, for me Stitch fix is really worthwhile when you want to find a new type of style and you are able to experiment because if you don’t like something you can just send the clothes back. And you have stylish that are able to pick clothes that are unique to you with the understanding that you still want to step out of your comfort zone or have more work clothes or even find clothes that are more flattering to your body type.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It
And if for whatever reason you have a wedding, date, or even coming up you can change your style profile at any time. The date and what you want in your next box so you can have new fashion items. I have changed my profile many times since being on my weight loss. You can also skip a box if you do not want to get one for the next month. So to me, it really is a win, win situation. Once again if Stitch Fix is something that you want to try then go ahead and use my referral link and get your first box $25 toward your first box. 

So, to answer your question is Stitch Fix worth it, yes I personally think so. No matter what budget you are on I think it can help you step out and try something new so even if you try just one box, see how you feel about it.

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Is Stitch Fix Worth It? Or Better Yet How To Make It Worth It. Check out these outfits inspiration for work, summer, blazers, no matter what your budget is learn how To Use Stitch Fix To Help You Find Your Own Personal Style with this in depth review.

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