A Super Easy Passion Twist Rubber Band Method Tutorial

So I have been getting so many compliments on passion twist using the rubber band method that you know I had to give you the step by step on how to do it. Most people do not know that it is the rubber band method which takes half the time or less than regular braids or twist method and it can last just as long. I have done a blog post on the rubber band method on braids which you can click here to read but I also am loving the twist. If you want to see how the passion twist rubber band method was used via video, then check out my tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

What you will need. (Affiliate link)

Passion Twist (click here).
If you click this Amazon link, then it literally has everything you need. It has all of the packs of the hair that you need, rubber bands, crochet needle, and it comes with some jewelry although I added my own.

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Step 1: Of the Passion Twist Rubber Band Method Parting Your Hair

The first thing that you want to do is part your hair. For me I used squares but for rubber bands method I have also used triangle parts before. You can use whatever parts you want to do use and parts are about an inch to an inch and a half. Then you simply want to apply the edge tamper and it is also helpful to use the edge brush to lay down the hair and then apply the rubber band. But do not get too tight with the rubber band because you will have to put the crochet needle under the rubber bands later on in order to apply the passion twist.

Step 2. Apply The Crochet

I recommended that you part all your hair put them in rubber bands first before going into the crochet. And once that is done, the packaged hair that I used was pre-sectioned. I used two of these sections for one twist and I still had about a pack and a half of hair left.

You want to slide the needle under the rubber band. And hook in the hair. 

And pull hair through making sure that you have two even sides to prepare for the twist.

Step 3. Twist

Since there is no need to dip the hair, you do have to prep the hair to keep it from unraveling. So, you do want to pull and fluff out the hair, that way it will give the hair some volume and it will also keep the hair from unraveling.

You want to make sure to apply some edge tamer to your actual natural hair so that you can keep your hair attached to the twist without showing. Then you want to fluff out the hair.

And last, you just two strand twist the hair and that is it. Once again, I recommend finishing up all of the passion twists before actually adding the jewelry.

Step 4. Add The Jewelry

What I chose to do is to add a lot of hair jewelry, I will leave this up to you on how much you want to add. Of course, you do not want to put something on every passion twist because that is overkill but choose a select few passion twist and apply the jewelry or string.

Step 5: Tame Those Edges

Use the same edge tamer and brush to do something to your edges. I personally do not like putting my edges into the rubber bands because it will put tension on the hair and snatch the hair out, so why not just lay them down in a decorative way.  Problem solved. 

The finished product, and viola that it is super simple right. And it is beginner-friendly I promise.

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