Beginner Friendly Purple Weave Tutorial Step By Step

In this post I am going to show you how to get this purple weave you see down below. I have been getting so many compliments on my purple ombre weave or better yet quick weave that you know I had to share. And because I am all about doing something super simple and beginner-friendly, legit this is not hard to do at all. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (click here) for more hair looks.

purple ombre weave purple weave

I have a full video on how to do this hair tutorial that you can view below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here. And of course, I am going to walk you step by step on how to do this hairstyle so let’s get into it, shall we. (Post contains affiliate links)

1. Purple Weave ~ What you will need.

Of course, you are going to need actually purple ombre weave. For me personally, I would rather not dye the hair because it is too messy and time-consuming, so I already had this purple ombre weave in my house that I wanted to use. And because this hair is old, of you want to get the exact hair that I have, they only have it in black and you can click here to get it.

But since you came here to learn how to get a purple ombre weave then I have some alternatives for you.

  • You can get a cheaper synthetic option by clicking here.
  • Or you can get a human hair option that is still affordable but more expensive just click here

The actual hair that I am using is a human hair and synthetic hair mix.

Other things that you will need are:

2. Purple Weave Tutorial ~ Parting your hair

For this purple ombre weave hairstyle, I did not use a closer, but I had leave out. So, you are going to want to U-part your hair (it can be a side or center part) and then braid it to keep it out of the way. Next, you are going to want to keep out your edges to cover your weave style when it is done.

3. Purple Weave Tutorial ~ Prep your hair

Since I used glue for this style because it is a lot easier and faster BUT you do want to protect your hair. You can always use this glue to place directly on your hair but from personal experience putting glue on your hair over and over again can damage your hair.

So, to protect your hair you will want to place on the stocking cap and then drench it with the Got2B glue spray. Let it dry, then spray again, let it dry and spray it again. I think I did this around four-time. And you want to wait until it dries fully.

What this does:

Putting on the stocking cap helps protect your hair as the glue will be on the cap and not your hair since the cap is thin and has holes if you use Got2be Glue and let it dry ideally it will keep the glue from coming through the cap and onto your hair which is why it is important for you to let the spray dry fully on your head.

4. Purple Weave Tutorial ~ Putting in Your Purple Ombre Weave

You are going to want to start with the longer hairpieces first. I started with the 16 inches first, and then the 14, and so on and so forth to give it a layered effect. Since we are using glue you want to pre-measure the hair first starting from the back of the head and glue all the way to the top. Once again view my video above to see how to do that as it can be hard to explain in writing.

You will NOT want to glue your purple ombre weave over the U-part because that is where your leave out is going to be.

purple ombre weave purple weave

5. Purple Weave Tutorial ~ Taming Your Leave Out

After you glue in the purple ombre weave you are going to let it dry for a minute because you do not want the hair to slip. And then you cut out the U-part where you leave out is going to be. I am natural so of course, it takes a little bit more to blend my leave out. But most people are going to want to flat iron your hair to blend it with the weave.

purple ombre weave purple weave

The good thing about the purple ombre weave is that having dark roots will make it easier to blend your natural hair with the weave. And make sure you use the edge control you lay it down flat and do the same for your edges and then you are going tie your hair up and let it set so that it lays down flat and that is it.

purple ombre weave purple weave

Purple Weave ~ Bonus Style

You can choose to curl this hair to give it a different look into case you do not like the super straight style. Even with human hair mix, human hair, or some synthetic hair, you can curl the hair and that is what you want to give your style some diversity. Also, click here if you are feeling this black dress I am wearing and don’t forget to follow me on IG for more hair looks, just click here.

purple ombre weave purple weave

Tell me this was not an easy purple ombre weave tutorial that I am sure you can pull off. If you know someone who would like this hairstyle, then share this post with them and for all my budget-friendly fashionistas I have something free for you. It is my stylish capsule wardrobe, where I give you a year-long capsule wardrobe and outfit ideas for work, date night, casual, etc. And it is all super affordable. Just click here or the picture below to get it and it is free.

purple ombre weave tutorial  purple weave

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