5 Ways You Can Look Fashionable On a Budget

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You can be fashionable on a budget; I mean you really and truly you can. Because I do it all the time.  Not only am I a bit on the frugal side but way back when, when I lost my job (click here to read more about that) I had to literally learn how to shop for clothes on a budget, style myself on a budget, and learn the art of fashion on a budget.

After all, I was still going to job interviews, I was still dating, I was still going places and I did not want to walk around looking all busted and what not.  Imagine me going out on a date not being able to afford anything and looking like a fashion nightmare on a date, I am sure that would convinced a man that I was a stable human being worth seeing again.  Or at least that is how I saw it in my mind.

Therefore, in this post, I am going to give you very simple tips on how to be fashionable on a budget and you can feel free to also get my free eBook about how to create a year-long wardrobe by clicking here.  Which by the way will teach you how to look fashionable on a budget for work, happy hour, and even dates, so that you do not look like a fashion nightmare trying to convince a man that you are a stable human being.  Mild joke.


Anyway, let’s get into it, shall we? (contains affiliate links)

1. Fashion On A Budget ~ Knowing how to be fashionable on a budget comes down to this.

The biggest secret to looking fashionable on a budget is to be able to diversify your wardrobe.  Meaning that if you can buy one item at a very affordable price and you are able to:

  • Wear that item all year round.
  • Pair the items with other items making it look like a different outfit altogether.
  • If the items are mistaken for expensive-looking items when in all actuality you did not spend that much money on it then you have mastered the art of how to dress fashionable on a budget.

To see what I mean you can watch my video below where I transform these summer outfits to fall outfits by making some minor changes.  All outfits all are affordable and all outfits look like completely different outfits by simply making some small changes. Also do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here.

2. Fashion on A Budget Creating a Year-Round Capsule Wardrobe

Once again you can get my free eBook here for more exact steps on how to do this and you can also click my blog here for how to create a capsule wardrobe as well.  But what a capsule wardrobe is, is a wardrobe that stands the test of time, one that you can wear month and month, year after year, without the items going out of style. 

And guess what that means for you? You are spending less money if you can actually wear the items that you have, over and over again, switching them out with other items of clothes and then making it look like a different outfit.  You can view my pictures down below to see exactly what I am talking about.  Here I started off with a long-sleeve black dress (click here to buy) which you can wear on its own and you will still look stylish.

fashionable on a budget fashion on budget

I then added a red faux fur scarf (which you can click here to buy) and red ankle books (which you can click here to buy) and behold you have a new outfit VERY stylish fall outfit by simply adding a red scarf and red boots. 

 Then I added a plaid coat (which you can buy here) over the entire outfit and literally, it gave it an entirely new look that you can wear in the winter.  So, you see from this one little black dress, we have a spring/summer outfit and a fall/winter outfit.  Which really is the key to looking chic on a budget all year round might I add. 

fashionable on a budget

3. Fashionable On A Budget ~ Style Yourself on Budget By Accessorizing

You would not believe how just adding simple accessories can help your whole fashion on a budget dilemma.  Because adding something like a scarf, belt, coverup for example will make your outfit look like different outfits, and to buy accessories are not that expensive. It is much easier to buy accessories to change up your look then it is to buy more clothing items.

Now let us get into a real-life example on how to be stylish on a budget.  Take the picture below. A plain and I do mean plain white shirt and jeans.  This is something that you probably have in your closet if not then you can get the jeans and shirt by clicking the link, but it does not look that fashionable but when you add:

fashionable on a budget jeans  fashion on a budget


That is literally it, you now look fashionable on a budget by making these minor changes. Do not just think about the accessories you add but rather the style, the quality, and the type of accessories you add. You do not want to add an out of style accessories that make you look dated and out of style. Just because you add an accessory does not mean that you are going to look stylish but rather adding the right accessories will help you achieve the right look.

4.  Fashionable On A Budget ~ How to shop for clothes on a budget

I have a couple of blogs on how to shop for clothes on a budget.  You can click here to see my blog on how to stop at the thrift store to look classy, you can also click here to see how to find your own personal style using Stitch fix and how to make it budget-friendly.  Now, to prove my point on how to shop for clothes on a budget I want to tell you a really quick story.  Once I went to a New Year’s Eve Party that was black tie that I have a video on below (just to you can get an idea of how fancy the event was). 

I had a few people coming up to me to compliment me on my outfit which you can see below because I want you to get the full effect of what this outfit looked like.  Literally, one woman told me that my outfit looked so expensive and she wanted to know where I got it from.  Little did she know that the skirt came from Rue 21 while they were going out of business (but you can get a similar one here) and it cost about $5 bucks and the bodysuit came from Forever 21 for $20.  My entire outfit caught the eye of many people in their words telling me how fashionable I looked cost $25.

fashionable on a budget new years fashion on a budget

That is because I knew how to shop for clothes on a budget.  Really it is not about brand names and as you can see it is not even about how much money you spend on an outfit because most people cannot tell anyway unless they are looking at your tags.  What it is about is having an eye for stylish clothing and getting similar clothes the cheapest possible. 

Let us take another outfit choice idea so you can see what I mean:

When you look at this outfit it meets the criteria for being able to wear it all year round.  But most importantly look at the actual pieces because this is the key to looking fashionable on a budget.

fashionable on a budget pancho and shorts fashion on a budget

The shorts (which you can click here to buy) are pattern shorts, black and white.  Having something in black, and white, stripe, polka dot, or traditionally chic patterns can help you look fashionable on a budget because it is about the style and the pattern. And you can get these items almost anywhere.

The poncho (which you can click here to buy) a poncho is something that is timeless.  You can wear this year after year and what makes it look so fashionable is that it is a solid color.  In this case black (which you can always look more fashionable). And when you pair it with other items then it will automatically elevate your look.

Over the knee suede black boots (which you can click here to buy).  Just know that when you choose suede boots, they are always going to look fashionable.  In fact, if you choose a solid boot color for example the ones that you have seen in this post (red, black, or pink) and even if you add suede on that then you are going to look fashionable on a budget.  When it comes to shoes, choose something solid, a fabric that looks more expensive even if it is not, and choose boots. For some reason, boots just automatically look fashionable.  

For added flair just like the tip above remember to accessorize.  In this case, I added fishnet stockings (which you can click here to buy) simply because this adds a fashionable and chic factor. Adding a touch of something unique and different (but not too much like a 3-foot hat with a bird on top) but rather something minor, unique and different, can help you look fashionable on a budget very cheaply, if that’s even a word. 

When you look at all the items that I have I could have gotten them from Michael Kors or Target, who knows.  The brand is not visible, BUT the items are versatile and when you put them together in the right way is what gives you that fashionable look. And no one will be able to tell you did it on a budget.  

So I really hoped that these tips helped you AND all of these items in the pictures above came from my free ebook that will teach you how to make a year-long capsule wardrobe that will keep you stylish on a budget all year round so click here in order to download it 100% free.


year long capsule wardrobe

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