5 Ways You Are Graced For Purpose & How To Get It

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I find that so many people struggle to figure out what their purpose is in their life.  But the key to understanding what you are supposed to be doing in your life is realizing that you are graced for purpose.  Which all that really means is that you are graced with your purpose.   Before we get into how to figure out what purpose you are graced for let’s break down exactly what it means to be graced.  I remember hearing the word “being graced’ for something in church without understanding exactly what in the world it meant and why God was giving it to me in regards to my purpose.  

The definition of being graced is: do honor or credit to (someone or something) by one’s presence.

Let me put it a different way.  Have you ever heard the phrase the path of least resistance? Well it is kind of like that when we are graced for purpose.  That means that because we are gifted or meant to do something that God will help us in the process to achieve it because it is a calling specifically for us. 

1. You Are Graced For Purpose  Because You have talents

The key to understanding being graced for your purpose is that you need to pay attention to YOUR purpose.  I have written a blog before about how to find your God given talents which you can click here to read.  But when you read the parable of the talents it states the following: 

For it is just like a man who was about to take a journey, and he called his servants together and entrusted them with his possessions. To one he gave five talents, to another, two, and to another, one, each according to his own ability; and then he went on his journey.  The one who had received the five talents went at once and traded with them, and he [made a profit and] gained five more.  Likewise the one who had two [made a profit and] gained two more.  But the one who had received the one went and dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money. Matthew 25: 14-18

One of the key phrases that I want you to think about in this phrase is according to their own ability. I have a video below in which explains the parable more that you can watch below. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here

2. What graced for purpose is NOT

The reason why I started off with those Bible verses is because you need to realized what it is and what it is not.  Meaning that being graced for purpose is not looking at someone else’s purpose, seeing that they are successful at it, and trying to copy them.  Remember you are graced for YOUR purpose not someone else’s purpose. Thinking that being an exact replica of them will ensure your success.  NO.  Because they are them and you are you if God wanted you to do what they were doing then he would have made you them.  But since he did not make you them then that means you have a purpose of your own. 

Most people get frustrated like this trying to go after and be like what someone else, thinking that is they follow them then they will become successful at it.  It is important not to play the comparison game.  When you look at the parable of the talents God gave each person different talents.  Some with more talents and some with less talents, but it is still up to each person to use their talents that was given to them in order to go after their purpose and when you use your talents, not someone else’s, that is when God will provide grace for your purpose because you are literally going after your purpose. The one you were put on this Earth for. 

3. Graced For Purpose Case In Point

To show you what I mean, I want to get into some real life examples.  The first is Madam CJ Walker, she was a first generation free slave that ended up building name for herself in the hair care market and by the end of her lifetime she lived in a house next to Rockefeller.  I actually have a video on her and also used her as an example of how God graced her for her own purpose and this is the reason why she succeeded you can watch that video below. 

Another example, is Tyler Perry.  I mean really think about it, Tyler first started doing Christian based plays all while dressing up as the character Madea.  Fast forward some years later and he is a billionaire and he did this by NOT following the mainstream formula of doing things.  This is because God gave him a gift in a certain area, told him how to do it, graced him with purpose and all Tyler Perry had to do was to go after the call.  Knowing that he would be successful because this is what God called him to do. 

graced for purpose

Now imagine if Tyler was trying to be like Spike Lee or Stephan Spielberg he would have hardly been in the same position because he would have been trying to copy their success instead of creating his own way to his success using his specific talents that literally allowed him to become successful in a path that was created for him.  And that is what graced for purpose means. 

4. Graced For Purpose Find Your Purpose

How to find your purpose.  Now that you get that you are graced for purpose when you dig into to what your purpose is, you may be saying to yourself “okay Sophia I get your message but how do I figure out what my purpose is?”  To that I invite you to watch my video on exactly how to find your God given purpose and make money at it below where I talk about that. 

But in a nutshell you need to think about what you love to do.  Don’t think about if it will be successful or not or tell yourself that your dreams or too dumb or that you can never make money doing xyz.  That is why I gave the examples above because I am sure they thought the same thing BUT yet they became successful at it because no one else was doing it, so do not let doubt hold you back. 

Think about what you can do for hours on end and you just get enjoyment out of. It can be making jewelry, singing, or you can be like me. Writing.  I kept a journal for over a decade before I finally realized that part of my purpose was writing hence this blog you find yourself at today. 

Apart of being graced for purpose is knowing that God is giving you the okay to go after the natural talents that HE placed in you just like the parable of the talents.  Once you figure out exactly what those talents are without being rooted in fear about going after them or thinking it will never work.  That is when your mind will become open and God will start to tell you how He plans to grace you for your purpose. 

Now it is important to note that even though you are graced for purpose that it does not mean that everything will just fall into place.  Tyler Perry faced set backs and so did Madam CJ Walker.  But the main thing you need to realize when getting to your graced for purpose goals, is that just because God graced you for it does not mean it will be a cake walk.

And even in those moments of set backs or disappointments God intends to bring a learning experience or something out of it so that you can do your purpose better.  The point of knowing that you are graced for purpose is that knowing that when you start to fulfill your God given desires that it will happen for you and to not give up. 

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