Trevor Noah’s Ex Jordyn Taylor Talks Sliding Into DMs

Most recently I had the great chance of talking with Jordyn Taylor about what it is like to date as a successful single woman.  Here is a little quick background on Jordyn Taylor and what makes her the perfect woman to hand out this advice.  To listen to the full interview click the play button below. 

  • She is the ex-girlfriend and was in a 5-year relationship with Trevor Noah. 
  • She is a former singer. 
  • She is a real estate agent and she sells million-dollar homes.

You can watch the full interview down below where Jordyn will talk about: 

  • How to date as a successful single woman. 
  • How to find successful single men. 
  • What she looks for in men. 

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Some of my favorite interview highlights and dating tips & tricks given by Jordyn include the following: 

Finding Someone You Are Compatible With 

As a successful single woman or any single woman that matters you need to find someone, you are compatible with.  Finding a partner is not all about just going for looks or just looking for a man with a good job.  Try to look deeper than that, what are their beliefs, morals, what are they looking for in a partner, and do you fit that description? 

The Importance Of Weeding Men Out On The First Date

I actually have a video below on how to weed men out on the first date.  But as Jordyn Taylor and I discussed, it is better to know during the dating phase if a man is a good fit or not.  And the sooner you can find that out (AKA the first date) the better. Because it keeps you from wasting your time. 

Dating Is Not A Relationship

I actually have a separate blog on how dating is not the same as a relationship.  And you can click here to read it, but so many women get this concept messed up.  If you are dating a man do not get so infatuated that you think you are in a relationship when really you are just dating. 

A Man Needs To Be About Something

As Jordyn Taylor said so beautifully, a man needs to have some sort of intellect happening.  The physical attraction can be there but none of that will matter if you do not actually have a conversation. And most importantly a man can look good on paper (which I have a video on below) but just because they look good on paper does mean they are good for you. 

Online Dating 

One of the better dating tips that Jordyn Taylor had was about online dating.  I have done many online dating reviews (you can watch the video down below on that) but in the interview, she gives tips on how she has success finding men online and letting go of the men who just want to waste her time. 

Sliding Into The DMS

Jordyn speaks about how to slide into someone’s DMS.  It probably helps that she is well known herself so I am not sure how well this will work for the rest of us.  But, Jordyn Taylor gives great tips on exactly how to do this to make sure that you are successful.  And it includes a combination of liking photos, shooting your shot, and waiting for the perfect timing for the man you want to dm to notice you back.  Once again you can watch the full Jordyn Taylor interview, where she talks all things dating below.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here. 

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