5 Actionable Steps For Letting Go Of A Relationship

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Let’s talk about the art of letting go of a relationship and why it is so important.  One of the biggest things that will hold you back in your romantic journey is holding onto relationships that you know you should not be in, in the first place.  Because the longer you refuse to let go of a relationship the longer you are going to stay away from the actual person you are supposed to be with because you are so busy hanging on to the wrong one. 

1. Letting go of a toxic relationship ~ When It Comes To Letting Go Of Relationships

Letting go of a relationship is never a once size fits all formula.  You may be in a situation where: 

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The reason why I mention all of this because letting go of a relationship does not always mean letting go of a toxic relationship.  I want to illustrate my point. 

2. Letting go of a toxic relationship ~ Case in my point:

I once had a girlfriend who was in a relationship for 5 years where the man did not want to marry her and did not treat her the way she wanted to be treated.  Now here is the kicker, her man did not treat her badly.  He was not abusive, he was not a bad man, but the key was that he was not a good man to her. 

And because my friend refused to let go of this relationship that was on the path to nowhere she stayed in the relationship for far too long and when it finally ended she felt jilted and angry at him because he wasted her time. But see this is where everyone needs to take personal responsibility. Therefore the first step to letting go of a relationship is: 

3. Letting go of a toxic relationship ~ Know That You Should Let Go

I actually want you to watch my video down below on why women stay with cheaters.  Now you may not be with a cheater but one of the points that I said still remains the same.  Some women stay in relationships they should let go of because: 

  • They do not want to start over. 
  • Their finances are tied up with the other person. 
  • Or you may be like my friend hanging on when you should really let go and trying to rationalize why you should stay.  

My point is that in your relationship stop rationalizing why you should stay and trying to come up with excuses how things will turn around or be different and then when they are not, you keep coming up with excuses as to why the relationship is not what you want.  If the relationship is not what you want in any capacity give yourself permission to walk away.  

letting go of a toxic relationship letting for of a relationship

4. Letting Go Of A Toxic Relationship ~ Be Logical Over Emotional

When it comes to relationships we can become so emotional over them that they make us lose all logic and keeps us in situations that make no sense.  Emotions are a strong thing to have.  Because emotions can drive us to be blinded to a situation, to make up our own narrative in a situation, to make excuses for a person, and just to keep us from seeing the truth. 

I want you to watch my video on soul ties where I talk about how being with someone, especially intimately, can cause soul ties. And just know when you mesh yourself with someone emotionally that it is going to mess with your head and make you see things unclear. 

That is why it is important to be logical, write a pro and cons list about your relationship if you have to.  Remind yourself why letting go of this relationship is necessary and repeat that to yourself over and over again.  Because once you do, your logic will kick in and begin to override your emotional connection to a relationship and start to see it in a more logical way and remember why it is best to let go of the connection. 

5. Letting go of a Toxic Relationship ~ Cut Communication

I know that cutting communication is hard but honestly is it probably the best way for you to actually begin letting go of a relationship. I mean think about it, how could you possibly let go of a relationship with a person texting you, calling you, and sitting up in your face all day. 

Know that when it comes to cutting communication no one says it is easy.  It does require willpower.  So you may have to block them from your phone and all social media.  Especially if you cannot reframe yourself from answering the phone or texting back when they contact you. 

letting go of a toxic relationship letting go of a relationship

But the longer that you go without communication, the easier it will get, and the easier it will be to let go of the relationships.  Because when someone is in your space, that emotional connection kicks in.  And it keeps you from thinking logically, but space keeps you seeing the truth of the situation.  It keeps you thinking logically and reminds you why you let go of the relationship in the first place. 

Letting go of a relationship can be hard but there are many times that it is needed.  And I can say for me that once I let go of a relationship and REALLY healed I never regretted it.  So trust that if you feel you need to let go of a relationship. Just remember that you have that feeling for a reason so it is best to just follow through with no regret.  Also consider getting my book for single women Fix It Jesus For Single Women Only, for more tips on being single, getting healing, and living your best single life possible.

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